Vastu Shastra Tips to prevent Road and Train Accidents and also accidents related to fires

Expert Vastu Consultant for frequent Accidents & fire, We offer Online and Site Visit Vastu Consultation for Accidents and Fire in your workplace or life. In our day to day life we come across many people who says they or someone close are subjected to frequent accidents or fire in their life or at work place, industries etc. The problem is genuine and must not be taken lightly, the corrections be it as per vastu or astro-vastu, it should be implemented immediately. Do follow one of the case study mentioned in the end of the article.

Vastu Shastra Remedies and Analyses for frequent Accidents and Fires:

Street Accidents happen when the (Southeast) and (Southwest) have wrong vastu elements, unwanted structures etc. If you are continuosly experiencing accidents, fire and other related accidents that do check for problems in South East and South West area of your property for self analyses. Many a times a combition of errors in vastu and astrology may also be the reason for repeated accidents. Consult a problem vastu expert who is mastery in this field.

Some Key Errors in Vastu that leds to Accidents and Fires:

Some key factors which are observed and corrected and as a result of which accidents have stopped., Example Too Much Red in Extended South East, Both North East and South East area has problems, South West Entry etc are some of the key factors which leds to accident and fires.

Industrial Case Study on parameters that leds to Accidents and Fires:

After Lockdown of 2020 ended, we were contacted by a a big Industrial House for Advance vastu analyses of a Industrial Unit based in Gujarat and was completely destroyed by fire accident and the lose was of more then 300+ crores. Our chief Vastu Expert and the team visited the site and studied the the completely destroyed factory and found that the major reason or the fault that triggered fire was due to vastu defect in South East and the area between North East and East.

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