Aura Scanner Training

Aura Scanner Training

We are leading Aura Scanner and Scanning providers in India, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and across the nation. Aura Scanner Training and Handling details provided by us will give you complete understanding on the working function of Aura Scanner and its application in checking compatibility, geopathy stress line detections etc.

AURA SCANNER is a Very effective Diagnostic Tool for Therapists / Consultants. It SCANS Energies, Aura, Frequencies of Living & Non-living Beings. It is very easy to handle & very much portable. Discovered by the Swiss scientist Mr. Richard R. Ernst, Aura Scanner works on the principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) theory. All living and non-living objects have their own frequencies which can be scanned using aura scanner.


1) Handling and Understanding Functioning of Aura Scanner
2) Detecting Geopathic Stress Lines using Aura Scanner
3) Seven Chakras Scanning
4) NAVRATNA Compatibility
5) POSITIVITY of the property be it house/plot etc
6) Color COMPATIBILITY & Person to Person Compatibility

Aura Scanner and Scanning Training will be provided by the trainer having experience of more the 10+ Years in Aura Scanner Handling.
Aura Scanner Training Duration - 2 - 2.5 Hours and 1 Hour for doubts and Q & A.
Aura Scanner Training Charges - Rs. 5550/- for Online
Contact For Group Training:
Aura Scanner Training in Mumbai is conducted in our office or at the location of the group in Mumbai with complete personal training.
Personalised Aura Scanner Training to GROUP of minimum 10 people in Pune, Nashik, Delhi etc is also provided.

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