Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra, otherwise called the third eye chakra or the forehead chakra is the 6th essential chakra of the human body. It is otherwise called the Inner Eye Chakra or the 6th chakra. It is known as the third eye chakra in light of the fact that it sees the truth of Self by opening the eye of information.

This chakra is emblematically spoken to as a Lotus with two petals and is the isolating line between human awareness (recognition, lucidity and knowledge) and the perfect. The vitality conferred by this chakra permits clear idea, self reflection and profound mindfulness. Ajna chakra is indicated by the shading indigo, and its mantra is OM

Ajna Chakra area

Ajna chakra area is between the eyebrows, somewhat over the extension of the nose. It is additionally said to be situated behind the eyes and amidst the head. Generally, ladies wear a bindi and men apply tilak in the brow to actuate or symbolize the chakra.

Organs and Diseases Associated with Ajna Chakra

The principle organs administered by the Ajna chakra are eyes, ears, nose, cerebrum and sensory system. The elements of the pituitary and pineal organs are likewise administered by this chakra.

A portion of the physical issues related with an imbalanced Ajna Chakra are visit cerebral pains, sinus and vision issues. Different issues incorporate obstinacy, high temper and bad dreams.

Issues Caused by a Closed or Imbalanced Ajna Chakra

Overactive Ajna Chakra:

An overactive Ajna chakra results in overactive creative ability, a long way from the real world. In light of this a man with an overactive Ajna chakra lives in a dreamland and is habitually disturbed by bad dreams. Individuals have inconveniences remembering a memory of occasions, and have an inflexible outlook. Such individuals are effectively diverted, influenced by tension, and have a judgmental and unsympathetic mentality.

Underactive Ajna Chakra:

A man with an underactive or dormant Ajna chakra will for the most part have a poor memory, learning issues and think that its hard to picture and envision things. He/she needs instinct, ends up obtuse towards others, and lives trying to claim ignorance. At times individuals close this chakra to shield them from repulsive recollections.

Advantages of a Balanced Ajna Chakra

Those with a reasonable Ajna chakra are alluring and natural. Through their tranquility they see things obviously and acknowledge others without getting judgmental. They understand the importance of life by speculation emblematically. At the point when the third eye chakra is balance individuals think that its simple to recall and translate their fantasies, and have a decent memory.

Ajna Chakra Opening

Ajna chakra opening should be possible by shutting the eyes and concentrating on positive musings of your life including profession, connections, joy, and so on that you imagine for yourself.

While ruminating, make utilization of fundamental oils of marjoram, celestial root, patchouli, and so on. This a type of fragrance based treatment for the third eye chakra Purple or indigo shaded gemstones like Amethyst, Sodalite, and Azurite balance the Ajna chakra.

Roll out improvements in the home according to Vastu Aura Energy and spotlight on the study of bearings.

Have a receptive outlook to acknowledge astonishingly and imagine its straightforwardness.

Devour sustenance things wealthy in Omega-3 unsaturated fats and proteins to enhance the cerebrum's discernment capacity. A portion of the sustenances to expend are as per the following: strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, greasy fishes (salmon), and so on.


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