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Antigua and Barbuda is a free nation, that lies in the locale of "Americas". The nation is an island nation and is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The nation is comprised of various islands and the fundamental islands or home islands are "Antigua" and "Barbuda". The nation was found by Columbus and its name was given by him not long after disclosure. The nation affects British homesteaders age on dialect and culture. In September 2017, Hurricane Irma devastated over 95% of the Barbuda's framework.

Archeological proof and dating demonstrate that the Islands were first possessed around 3100 BC. The general population of that time were known as Ciboney. They were later supplanted by Arawak individuals who moved by Columbian area. They presented numerous yields like corn, potatoes, tobacco, and cotton. In spite of the fact that the island was first found by Spanish, it was not colonized by them because of absence of assets. Afterward, it was possessed by UK who kept up changeless states here. Britain managed the islands from 1632 to 1981. Nearly, the majority of the neighborhood populace was constrained into subjection and pitiful to state every one of them kicked the bucket because of unforgiving conditions, mental and physical pressure, and illnesses. The nation got its autonomy in 1981 and is an individual from Commonwealth and Queen Elizbeth going about as Head of the state.

The nation is relatively highlighted with marshes, the nation has various shorelines, shorelines, and coral reefs. The biggest island in the nation is Antigua. The nation' geology has been affected much because of limestone and earth arrangements. The nation is only a visitor paradise, it includes various warm shorelines, tidal ponds, coral reefs, traveler resorts and recreational focuses. Any individual who visits the lovely nation will most likely recall it for a lifetime.

The nation's economy is for the most part subject to the travel industry. As made reference to before, there are various vacationer resorts and spots, so it is a position of extraordinary enthusiasm for voyagers. Also, the travel industry represents half of the aggregate total national output. Half of the sightseers originate from the USA. Farming in the nation is constrained because of a deficiency of land and water supply. Likewise, there is a deficiency of work and wages are high. The horticulture supply is the main attach to neighborhood deals. There is a decrease in vacationer movement in the nation since 2000 and the administration is in trouble. This is the principle reason the nation is broadening its economy and pushing for different segments.

The official dialect of the nation is English. English dialect and culture have a solid impact over the nation because of its long haul provincial standard. Most of the nearby populace is Christian which represents 77% of the aggregate populace. Be that as it may, there are various Christian categories further. Different religions incorporate Islam, Rastafari, and so on. The way of life of the nation is a blend of West African and British societies. Because of number of African slaves brought here, with this African culture likewise created. There is a yearly custom, that is only for the purpose, to commend the retention of servitude.

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