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Belize is an autonomous nation in the western piece of Central America. The nation was once known as British Honduras and was stayed as UK abroad state for quite a long time. The nation is wealthy in marine species, conventions, and biological community. The way of life and conventions of the nation are different as it was a state. Circumscribing nations of Belize incorporate Mexico towards the North and Guatemala towards the South. The nation has great relations with all its neighboring nations yet at the same time has some regional debate with Guatemala. This is the reason Guatemala didn't remember it at the season of its freedom. Ruler Elizbeth goes about as "leader of the state" as Belize is a Commonwealth part.

The nation is wealthy in antiquated history and many remains particularly "pyramids" can be found in the nation. Additionally, the nation is celebrated in light of the fact that it is the place for "Maya human advancement". It is evaluated that toward the starting some seeker and poachers bunch settled in the territory around 2500 BC. Likewise, they were amazing in cultivating and known numerous methods like developing corn, beans, squash, and so forth. Maya human progress started to prosper and spread around. At the point when the Spanish touched base in the territory out of the blue, the zone of Belize was three Maya human advancement's areas. The zone was found by Spaniards in 1506 and announced it a Spanish state. In any case, they didn't appropriately settle because of absence of legitimate supplies, assets, and risky neighborhood clans. The zone was first settled by privateers known as "Baymen". They thought about this zone as protected paradise to trap Spanish boats. The British began their provincial guideline in 1862. Amid the World War 2, Belize contributed essentially by giving men and partaking in war endeavors. In 1961, the constitution of Belize was recharged by the British and enabled it to self-administer. In any case, the endeavor for full autonomy was dispensed with because of Guatemala guarantee of the region. Belize was at last conceded freedom on 21 September 1981.

Despite the fact that Belize is a little nation, yet it has best and interesting marine life, untamed life and verdure fauna. The Northern piece of the nation is for the most part level and secured with thick woods. Furthermore, Southern part is set apart by low elevation mountains. Belize has a one of a kind and secured untamed life and marine life. There are more than 500 species found in the nation. Additionally, it is one of the main nations on the planet that has formally ensured its marine life, natural life, and biological system. Over 60% of the zone of Belize is secured by backwoods and deforestation rate is to a great degree low. Likewise, Belize gives assurance to its natural life and there are various uncommon species that can be found in untamed life stops and saves.

Belize has a little and private composed economy that is for the most part subject to oil and oil based goods. Different areas incorporate the travel industry, agribusiness, and administrations division. Banana generation is a standout amongst the most critical agrarian item and records for relatively 16% of its fares. Other rural things incorporate citrus, sugar, and so forth a standout amongst the most enhancing monetary areas is Tourism. The nation has safeguarded its excellence, backwoods, natural life and marine life. Likewise, there are around 127 islands. There various enacts accessible for visitors like Scuba jumping, drifting, investigating wildernesses and reefs, and so forth. Most quantities of the visitors originate from the USA. The nation still faces appropriate monetary advancement and is an incredible test for the administration. Additionally, the work costs are high and accessibility is short.

The official dialect of the nation is English and is utilized for all instructive and authority purposes. English significance is because of long haul British occupation. Likewise, Spanish please the second number in instruction and thought about vital after English. Likewise, to due its assorted culture and socioeconomics, various different dialects are additionally talked. The statics are as per the following: English 63%, Spanish 56%, and Belizean Creole 44.6%. Likewise, there are various other neighborhood and indigoes dialects.

The most prevailing religions of the nation are Roman Catholics and Protestants representing 40.1% and 31.8% separately. There is additionally a little minority of different religious gatherings like Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, and Hindus. Muslims came here in the sixteenth century as slaves. Hindu religion individuals came as migrants from India.

Probably the most major issues looked by Belize are financial precariousness, high wrongdoing rate, medicate supplies, joblessness and HIV/AIDS. The nation has thick backwoods which are a sheltered place for street pharmacists and dealers and the nation goes about as an entryway to providing medications to Mexico and rest of North USA and Canada.

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