Vastu Shastra North Compound Gates:

Here the Compound wall gate came into Northwest corner towards North direction,this leads to mental tortures, strain, saint feelings, credits, court cases, enemies, quarrels in between ladies at house, differences between wife and husband etc etc may happen.

This compound wall gate is at North direction, exactly this gate came into North direction. We can observe at so many areas. This gate is not bad one. You can simply have it, but there is another good gate for North direction, to know more details for that please see the below picture.

In this picture the compound wall gate came into North Eshan (Northeast) direction, here we are discussing only compound wall gates, we are not talking about house doors. So concentrate on the compound wall gate, This gate is the best and suitable gate for the house compound. This gate leads you good income, mental peace, standard life, etc etc. If your house compound gate is at another side of North direction then consult one experienced vastu consultant, take suggestions from him and do accordingly, you will enjoy the real life. All the best.

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