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Is it accurate to say that you are frightened of the decimation of the world on the 'Doomsday' only 24 hours away? All things considered, simply unwind in light of the fact that city researchers have joined the theme, with NASA, that the earth will exist as it seems to be, for at any rate the following 300 billion years. The researchers of 'Achievement Science Society' - a city-based researchers' discussion - announced at a press meet on Wednesday that 'Doomsday' is only a fantasy and devastation of the world is talk made by swindlers to fulfill business purposes.

The researchers collectively concurred that because of changes in the structures of circles, diverse planets like Mars may crash into the Earth quite a while from now, which may influence the earth.

"There is no reason for this hypothesis. It's only a crazy talk. Individuals who are spreading it need ordinary people to trust it so they can pick up benefit out of it," Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee, leader of Breakthrough Science Society said on Wednesday.

Researchers affirmed that few phony spiritualists and crystal gazers are scattering this gossip with the goal that they can offer their items like Astro rings, stones et cetera. "These individuals are twisting a logical reality as a pseudo-science matter," Mukherjee included.

"We have heard bits of gossip asserting that this world will reach an end on December 21 as a tremendous quake will destroy the world. In any case, as per science, no seismic tremor can demolish the whole world. In spite of the fact that its effect can be felt around the world," Bengal Engineering and Science University educator Pradip Roy said at the occasion refering to the occurrence of Sumatra wave in 2004.

"Individuals are mistaking crystal gazing for cosmology. That is the reason they are effortlessly trusting this reality and getting frightened," Roy said. He said the cancelation of antiquated creature species, for example, dinosaur was caused because of accident down of comets on the Earth. However, as per the ongoing NASA estimations, none of the present comets surfacing on the space can crash on to the Earth's surface causing the everlasting annihilation of the planet.

From beginning we are plainly affirming that "NOTHING BAD" happens to our earTh now. The purported celestial prophets are stating and threatening general society saying that 21st December 2012 is the latest day to our Earth, in view of some unmerited articulations, numerous news stations are attempting to broadcast their ridiculous materials and getting open preoccupation, these days this is the interesting issue, on the off chance that anyone met at roads, first they will talk about on "DoomsDAY". Our good fortunes is Tsunami came in the year 2004, by shot in the event that it occurred on 21st December 2012, at that point these phony crystal gazers will have a decent chance and raise their voice and get more business and expressing that because of their Yantra and Mantra nothing happens to India which was given awful outcomes to different nations, similar to that and they may state numerous new things that a typical man can without much of a stretch drop into their net and lose their well deserved cash. Know Vastu Aura Energy guests, don't trust these false individuals. Nothing terrible occurs on 21st December 2012. You will see the 22nd December 2012. Be set up to appreciate this coming January first, 2013. Try not to stop your arrangements for first January 2013.

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