Electricity Polls and Vastu Shastra

One power survey or current survey is at Northeast corner of a house, is this power survey is aggravating the house according to vastu shastra. Indeed or No....read the beneath issue and watch the underneath pictures..

Here the power survey or current survey came at southeast corner of a house, this is take note of an awful one, nothing terrible happens to the house according to vastu shastra.

If you don't mind watch this picture, here the power survey or current survey came into upper east corner, however the building is too huge than the power survey, so it can't influence anything to the working, here we need to watch such a large number of things in vastu shastra that the quality and structure of the building is likewise particularly essential while computing such huge numbers of things. In the event that the structure is little then this power survey may influences to the property, else it may not demonstrating any impact on that property. More quality greater security is seen in vastu shastra. So when you are building properties it is smarter to counsel a vastu master for your future security and quiet living.

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