Five Elements of Vastu Shastra

Vastu-Five Elements ( Pancha Bhoota or Pancha Maha-Bhoota ) of Vastu Shastra Fire (Agni – अग्नि ), Earth (Prithvi – पृथ्वी ), Water (Jal/Apas – जल ), Air (Vayu – वायु ), Space (Akash – आकाश)

As indicated by Vastu, (or vaastu or vasthu) shastra, there are five fundamental components in the entire world/universe. They are the Earth, Water, Air, Fire (Heat and Light) and Sky(Cosmic). Vastu is a Cosmic Science of adjusting these components in the best possible extents for agreement.

Vasthu remains in Earth. Earth relies upon water-water is adjusted by Agni (Fire), Agni is controlled via air (either). Air developments are conceivable in Akasha (sky). Likewise the Purusha – living creatures. The body (earth) relies upon the water. Substance in the body adjusted by the Agni (fire). Agni-warm is controlled by the air. Breathing which is conceivable just on the off chance that we are having space (Aakash) inside the human body.

Fire Element – Vastu Shastra

Fire, together with Water, Earth, Wind, and space is one of the five known essential Elements, which speak to the substance of the world.

A physical appearance of flame can improve the situation you what the sun itself improves the situation the entire world – it gives you light and warmth and can serve you as a warmth source to cook upon. It is additionally an indiscreet and a perilous component, that can seethe and abruptly burst.

Fire can give wings of fearlessness, empathy and, additionally dedication.

It is viewed as the power consuming inside us, giving us an iron self control to go for our objectives, offering to us the energy for doing it with all of yourself, bringing about the respect and opportunity to do it without double-crossing and with an open face.

Fire is the transformer, changing over the vitality of different items into different structures: warm, light, fiery debris, and smoke.

The Buddha characterized the Fire component as "that by which one is warmed, ages, and is expended, and that by which what is eaten … gets totally processed." as it were, the Fire component inside is digestion. It's our vitality.

Water Element – Vastu Shastra

People are not separate from nature but rather associated with earth as a piece of an interconnected snare of life. The component of nature go about in general to make and look after vitality — the power of life. A vitality effective condition pulls in numerous advantages and more positive chances.

Water component is one of the most grounded component of Vastu Shastra. Water is the thing that gives life on our planet. Without it, we would not exist. Water is the quintessence of life. Water has dependably been synonymous with power and power.

Amid old occasions, water has been utilized as a basic arrangement by the rulers by putting their royal residences close waterways. On the off chance that you take a gander at world's most capital urban areas today, they are either situated close to the water or have substantial streams or lakes adjacent. Greater part of sea side and lake-side properties are normally more costly.

Water close house

Waterbody close to the house or business premises is an appropriate situation since it keeps the vitality streaming and keeps it from being "bolted." Its genuine substance talks about development and the stream of life. It welcomes everybody to move and twist and not to remain unbending or to battle. Running and streaming water can empower the individuals who come into contact with it to acknowledge nonstop change and not to battle pointlessly throughout everyday life. Streaming water can ease strains and permit the vibrations of the existence power to enter us and sustain our quality.

Water-a wellspring of life

On the off chance that appropriately connected, the water component can improve things significantly. Water introduced into a misguided course may have the turn around impact on you and the occupants of your premises.

The impacts of a water body in a house are astounding. Our bodies and mind welcome the cooling impact of the water.

Wellsprings of Water component in Vastu Shastra:-

A stream



Swimming pool,

drinking fountain,


Fish Tank,

Water Pot (Mangal Kalasha)

A cascade painting or any workmanship speaking to water

Earth Element – Vastu Shastra

The earth component is spoken to by anything produced using soil or stone. Objects of dirt, earthenware, block and cement have the vibration of the earth. Gem bunch likewise has a place with the earth components. Anything made of earth for the most part yellow, orange or dark colored in shading speaks to the earth component.

Southwest territory means earth component which demonstrates greatness. Main room in the house, Master lodge in the Office and Heavy hardware in the manufacturing plant are profoundly prescribed to utilize south-west zone. It rather gives greater strength and controlling forces.

Wind Element-Vastu Shastra

Wind component is situated in the north-west zone. The Air or Vayu is indispensable for our survival. Our feeling of sound, contact, and feel are identified with Air. All correspondence, organizing energies can be enhanced if the breeze component has all vastu consistence.

As indicated by vastu, manors, window, entryway and, likewise ventilation impacts the breeze component benefits.

Space Element-Vastu Shastra

space component is identified with the middle bit or the brahmasthan.

Brahmasthan, a space vital to any premises is the calmest and astronomically associated place. A Brahmasthan is the core of the house, and it ought to dependably be left open and free of hindering articles. It is additionally best if this part is available to the sky with the goal that premises have an advantage of room component as per vastu shastra.

You can see yards in the focal point of Ancient Indian homes and Indian sanctuary plan; the first precedents of Vastu Shastra disallows the genuine utilization of the brahmasthan. While structuring the house or office, don't put columns, staircase, toilets, kitchen and, additionally any substantial articles at the inside. Indeed, even on account of manufacturing plants no overwhelming machines or merchandise to be set at the focal point of the unit. It might result in the lessened creation and also heap up of the dead stock.

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