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This is an astounding fortuitous event of the prasad offering to Baba. We had gone to visit Baba sanctuary from Toronto, Canada to New York on the friendly welcome of Ardent Devotee and world renowned growth Surgeon Dr.Noori Dattatreya, who built up Baba sanctuary in New York of his well deserved self assets, I had offered Peda to Shirdi Saibaba in Long Islands , New York when I Had been with my family on the event of my oldest girl birthday, Seen the contributions on the lips of Him at Toronto Home. Furthermore, we offered Baba Moti Boondi Ladoo on Krishna Janmastami on Aug.26,2005 at my place in Toronto, Canada additionally Baba Partake our advertising. Also, Blessed with Udi on it.....Baba had showed Udi when Veena Didi had come to favor my new home In Toronto,Canada on the lap,hands and foot of His golden calf which was Surprisingly displayed to my little girl on the eve of our new home from Shirdi by her companion Is it a Blessing of Baba appearance of Udi to Veena Didi at her place in New Delhi,India or a riddle supernatural occurrence of Baba by and by on the Baba Idol at her place. Amid Sai Amrit Vani petitions... At the point when Veena Didi by and by visited to Bless the couple on Feb.15,2009, in Hyderabad, Baba has favored with Udi on the Photo Frame of Him on the Mandap when put By Veena Didi.....prior function began....witnessed by Visitors of the wedding....My oldest little girl has come back to Toronto, Canada after marriage to seek after her vocation and life partner participated in Toronto, Canada The Immigration papers were conveyed to him on Gurupoornima day with no inquiries. Genuine Faith and Prayers of Divine Veena Didi never Fails.... May Baba dependably Protect and keep on showering his Blessings on SAI Devotees. Ravinder Thota - Canada.

Presently begin with your experience, you may send your experience beneath shape, or you may compose email to us, our email is info@vastuauraenergy.com , please share this connection with your companions and relatives, they may post on the off chance that they have encounters. What precisely we are looking from this connection, now a days people are excessively occupied with correspondence like Cellphones and not intrigued to save time to poojas or otherworldly social occasions. TV ruined our general public. Presently the greater part of the occupants don't prefer to peruse news paper additionally, this is a direct result of T.V. Come and join, again we need to reestablish the previous days (adorable days) and show what level of superpowers.

It would be ideal if you read Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy Miracles PDF File , this is PDF document, it might set aside some opportunity to download record.

I have two girls ( multi year old and multi year old) and for couple of months me and spouse were feeling minimal irritated about my little multi year little girl's health.She is moving toward 2 yrs in month of October. By GOD's beauty is exceptionally dynamic and fun loving. She was having hack issue for just about 20-25 days now and we have been to specialist couple of times yet every so often it is going here and there. We are extremely confounded what to do and afterward we sent email to supplication help and Rajaram sir reacted to us and since I lived in NJ he requesting that I call and talk with him. He let me know whether I place mrithika in water and serenade Rayaru's Nama for x measure of times and provide for my little girl she will be restored. In any case, I disclosed to him I didn't have mrithika and he revealed to me he couldn't give it either as he was not able contact me, anyway he revealed to me Guru Raghavendra will fix your little girl and requesting that I do a similar thing he had recommended without the mrithika and he disclosed to me he will appeal to God for my girl. We gave our little girl the sacred water following day as Rajaram Sir had recommended, she promptly turned out to be okay and began playing pleasantly and has not had this issue from that point forward. My true on account of Rajaram Sir and Guru Raghavendra for helping my little girl. Om Sri Raghavendraya Namah - Balaji - New Jersey - United States Of America.

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dentally saw your site www.vastuauraenergy.com. I am a modest fan of Sri Guru Raghavendra since 1978 and from that point forward I have encountered numerous supernatural occurrences - one of them is as per the following: I was jobless in 2002 for one entire year - no activity - no cash - advance mounting to 5 lacs and even I couldn't pay premium NOR I have paid my EMI on lodging credit for 1 year. Ordinarily bank will send updates and make a move against defaulters - however because of master's elegance - I didn't get any letter in regards to non-installment of EMI. In any case, this changed in 2003 Jan - I got a call for meeting and date was settled - earlier day I appealed to Lord Raghavendra that If at all I am your aficionado and on the off chance that you demonstrate that you are still there to help, tomorrow is the meeting and I ought to get arrangement arrange before 4 pm that day. Well the meeting went so fine and I just couldn't trust I addressed them myself. OH...what a marvel I got oral and composed affirmation through email that I have been effective, compensation was settled and arrangement letter got at 3 pm - a hour prior to I had settled the due date 4 pm - OH..MY GOD...even following 10 years I can't overlook this..while composing this and at whatever point I think about this my eyes are brimming with tears.. Our Lord will never let down his fans - demonstrated past anyone's questions. Bichale Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya...Sri Raghavendra Theertha Gurubyo Namah - Prasad - Bangalore - Karnataka State - India.

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