Good Hints for Pleasure Health and Happy Life

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76. A pack for dry sin yogurt 1 tblpsn Multani mitti powder 1 tblspn mint powder 1 tsp. Splash multani mitti and mint powder in yogurt for thirty minutes. At that point blend them ell by beating. Apply it on the face for 15 minutes and abandon it to dry. At the point when gotten wash dry with Luke warm water.

77. A pack fr sleek skin potato juice 1 tsp multani mitti 1 tsp. loan both the fixings together and apply it on the face, lave till it dries. At that point wash off with Luke warm water. Flush of at long last with coldwater.

78. A pack for all kind of skin Egg white 1 egg, nectar 1tsp, yogurt 2 tsp. beat the egg and yogurt, nectar to it. Blend well apply glue permit to dry, wash off with Luke warm water. Flush of with chilly water.

79. Douse Tuar dhal or Bengal gram dhal for 1-2 hours, pound it with a spot of turmeric, include few drops of lemon squeeze and include 2 tablespoons of drain, influence a glue to apply it over the face and abandon it till dry, from there on wash off with tepid water, it leaves your face smooth and delicate.

80. The working ladies' and undergrads dependably need to meander in the sun the endure the issue of skin tan, to dispose of this apply crude potato juice.

81. Take a ready papaya rub over the face which is useful for your skin it causes you to evacuate of pimples, scars and clogged pores. Back rub week after week once. You can even back rub with its mash r simply apply over the mash leave till get and wash dry.

82. To dispose of wrinkles blend gram flour with curds and apply it over the face leave for 15 minutes and afterward wash off.

83. A face pack of ground potato blended wt nectar is useful for al skin composes, while applying leave the eye forehead zone and apply to you confront.

84. Those with slick skin confront the issue of zits the adage; they should blend gram flour with curds and apply to the influenced region when it will be dry piece of it with your fingertips to dispose of the issue.

85. Blend one teaspoon of nectar with ?? tsp of rice flour and rub everywhere throughout the face, particularly on the jaw and nose which extraordinarily evacuates the dark and in addition white heads.

86. To set up a decent bat scour at home blend dried orange peel powder 1tblsp, sandalwood powder, more full's earth all in equivalent amounts utilize it to expel of the dead skin over the body.

87. Apply sandalwood glue blended with rose water over the face for 15 days once in any event to get an incredible sparkle over your skin.

88. Pound a banana with teaspoon of drain and apply the glue on the face.

89. Mesh delicate cucumber press out its juice and add approach amount of drain to it and apply over the dim patches it makes your patches to brighten.

90. Blend rise to amounts of olive oil and vinegar and apply over the tanned territory which will expel the tan supernaturally.

91. Blend egg yolk with almond oil and apply to the face leave for 15 minutes and ten wash off.

92. Blend lemon juice and cucumber juice apply over the face and wash after I will be dry.

93. Cut a tomato into half rub over the face frequently to get delicate skin and brightful gleam.

94. In the event that your vibe extremely drained and your face looks dull app0ly cucumber squeeze over the skin and leave for 15 minutes to get gleam over you confront.


White sparkling teeth are the principle part of the grin, a grin with yellow teeth looks revolting. A lovely grin can influence many perk up, a grinning face to can keep such a significant number of stresses far away.

95. Legitimate teeth care is critical must deal with the teeth, brush teeth two times every day particularly morning as you wake up and night before you go to bed.

96. At whatever point you eat desserts, drink hot and chilly beverages, eat chocolates make certain that you wash and swish your mouth with water as to keep up the teeth quality.

97. Week after week once apply salt and brush your teeth which helps in expelling the yellowness over the teeth.

98. Counsel your dental specialist on the off chance that you confront any issue with respect to the teeth or gums don't disregard them as they may additionally prompt huge issues.

99. Dried lemon peels plunged in salt rubbed over the teeth can give great sparkling to the teeth.

100. Apply clove oil over the tooth where you have torment, never put pins, adheres in the teeth to clean them it s a negative behavior pattern

101. Great calcium nourishments are vital for toot care drain, eggs; curds can give calcium to the teeth. Alongside that phosphorus, Vitamin C and D are basic, citrus natural products can give them.

102. Biting gives great exercise to the teeth so nibble th leafy foods they make your teeth solid.

103. Blend salt and cooking soft drink and rub over the teeth for expelling yellowness, do this each 15 days once.

104. Keep your tongue clean utilize tongue cleaner day by day, brush your teeth appropriately upside, down ward, back and front additionally to expel of the torment over the teeth.

105. For moment alleviation from toothache squeeze turmeric over the spot precisely.

106. Eat a little bit of carrot after each supper to evacuate out nourishment particles struck all over.

107. Bubble guava leaves in water and strain into jug use as mouth wash.

108. When you drink tea and espresso anything hot instantly swish as it makes the sparkle over the teeth the polish to bluntness.

109. Blend asafetida, dry ginger, salt and rub over where you have agony, or crush tulsi leaves in pepper powder and keep over the place of torment to get quick help.


Quiet lips may dodge numerous issues however grinning lips will tackle numerous issues so continue grinning dependably.

110. For delicate lips apply a blend of lime juice, glycerin, rose water blended in equivalent amounts.

111. Consistently apply new cream over the lips for delicate and solid shade of the lips.

112. Applying new coriander juice to the lips day by day can change the shade of the stained lips.

113. Before you apply lipstick make certain that there are no splits on the lips as lipstick connected to broke lips don't look great.

114. Continuously pick the lipstick appropriate to your face shading alongside your dress as to much hard hues may ruin your aggregate look and face excellence, apply gently to demonstrate lack of bias.

115. Utilize marked lipsticks and don't ruin your lips by utilizing shoddy quality items and make sure that the lipstick you use in not very numerous years old change to new one at any rate yearly once.

116. The nutrient C, E and An is useful for smooth lips this can be acquired from tomatoes, Carrot, sweet potato, cabbage, green peas, drain, new vegetables, grows are essential, so a fair eating routine is ideal.

117. Kneading each day with beetroot piece to the lips will give the lips pink shading which makes your lip look extremely excellent.


Apply fenugreek powder blended with drain to the lips to evacuate splits and affordability.

119. Establishment connected softly over the lips and further applying lipstick will remain longer.

Moving HOUSE

A significant number of the general population lead the life of middlemen and they gt exchanges frequently they confront the issue of moving the house. Indeed, even the individuals who remain in leased houses have the hazard to change house, the moving can be effortlessly done whenever arranged superbly accurately. It s not certain that we may remain at one place from the birth time till our life end so moving from place to put and from city t city or house to house all include a similar procedure for moving.

120. The minute you choose to move the house or leave the city initially set up a rundown of things you need to convey with you and which you need to send through transport show them out independently.

121. As you choose to move begin gathering the container boxes, sacks for pressing ought to be done flawlessly without making any harm the materials or things inside.

122. No less than 10-15 days before you should get ready pressing of the things effectively as you need to pack quickly in criticalness work may not be done palatably.

123. Pressing of the things must be done effectively keep kitchen things in a crate independently and eating things independently and on the case stamp with a strong marker as itchen, eating as and when you move to the new place you may not confront the issue to look you can without much of a stretch setup kitchen things in kitchen basically.

124. Glass and artistic product, TV ought to be stuffed precisely and stamp on the crate maneuver carefully.

125. When you have chosen to move keep in mind to illuminate your most needed people and relatives about the moving and give them your contact address.

126. Make sure that you have cleared every one of the bills and contribution relating to the house and not the slightest bit you are because of any ne.

127. Instruction of your youngsters is vital so always remember to see great school or school and the methods your kids need to go to their place of study. On the off chance that you are moving from that place better you gather the TC (Transfer Certificate) from the school or school.

128. Any way don't put every one of the archives, charges, authentications, essential securities, papers in the vehicle make a different pack of them and convey them by hand.

129. Same thing applies for money, adornments, while going out look every one of the spaces for 2 times and affirm that you have not forgotten any things.

130. Keep the garments in the whelp hogs as they are subsequent to moving you can set them flawlessly after you set up the aggregate house.

131. It is smarter to pack the books in isolated boxes instead of clubbing with others.

132. Keep the vehicle receipts superbly for wellbeing and when you stack up the materials in the truck or lorry and when you endeavor to empty them advise the laborers to do them securely as your resources must not be ruined.

133. Before you move to the new house make a few arrangements for your benefit there before you reach to remain there as you ought not confront any issue in the wake of moving there.

134. Handle your home hold materials to a referred to individual for of transport as

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