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House Vastu Shastra : Now a days people generally checking for house vastu when they want to buy or lease or rent etc. Many residents are finding for Best Vastu consultants for buying houses like in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore city, even in USA also lots are moving only through Vaastu consultancy recommendations. Where ever we do businesses and getting pains in earning money to survive, but everybody requires peace in the house. Unfortunately, somebody has missed peace in the home, it is too painful. Here Vasthu helps residents to bless with peace if they construct their houses according to principles.

Everyone is expecting development in their business, office or any field,Vastu Shastrawill helps a lot here. We will discuss how to get development with the help of Vaasthu shastra. A house is not just a house to live in. It is an extension of our mental space and a reflection of our personality. Just as our aesthetic taste influences its design, decor and maintenance, similarly it too influences our moods, thoughts, bio-energy, behavior, personal and social life, recognition, professional success, in fact, each part of our life is deeply intertwined with our home.

The shape of the site is equally important. The square and rectangle are considered perfect shapes in which to dwell. Irregular shapes of any kind are to be best avoided unless they extend towards the north-east. Triangular shapes are best avoided at all costs - triangles are associated with Agni / fire so its influences should be avoided. Vertical triangular forms that arise from the square base are dynamic and powerful structures and good for business but not as homes. Circular shapes correspond to water and will cause restlessness, so they are ideal for activities like sports. The site should be flat. A property with a hill on the north-east is not good as it will block sunlight and prosperity. Natural water nearby is auspicious, it is better it flows towards east or North. Buildings near burial grounds, sites where a murder has occurred or buildings formerly used as brothels should be avoided. Buildings overshadowed by larger structures like a tower or large tree should be avoided. Locations near factories and industrial sites are not positive. Vastu Shastra principles are too easy to follow once we know them with one expert Vastu Shilpi. Shortly we are going to publish vastu shastra on Marriage halls/function halls. Some of the marriage halls are built with Air conditioners, at this moment, we will discuss on where to keep the AC machines and how to get the cooling system what is the best way to get into function hall etc.

This is the square-shaped plot, auspicious. All corners has exact dimensions. Generally, these type of plots have more vastu power than other shaped plots, except plots, which may have Northeast extension. There are lots of unshaped plots or sites which should be avoided, except NE extension ones. In Pracheena vastu (old literature) this plot is said to be the best one out of other shaped properties. In India getting this shape is easy, but in most of the other countries, exact square plots availability is not so easy. For example, if you may search exact square properties in USA, it's hard to find such exact square shaped. Having availability of the best one we have to choose. In some areas there may not be the availability of 90?? plots, in some areas plots may have 70?? or 110 ??, in such cases also the plot does not lose its auspiciousness, that may be the reason elders said about this plot is good.

This plot is a rectangular plot. Please observe 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers in this image, 1 and 3 have one measurement and the same measurement would have 2 and 4. And remaining 1 and 2, the remaining 3 and 4 have the same measurement. Some say that this may not be the good property. If the plot is 90?? then this would be auspicious when compare with square plots. Only in certain cases like plot does has 90?? at that time only this may become lost auspiciousness or extending its auspiciousness. When residents require to buy rectangular plots then they may better to show that sites with one Vastu Consultant and then only has to take the decision to buy or leave it.

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