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Vastu for Money: Many residents asking "How to Earn Money With Vastu Shastra Help", "Is it possible to Earn Money by doing Vastu Corrections", "Can we get cash with vastu help", "Is money flow will be heavier if we do vastu corrections" with the changing times and the changing values, money today has acquired the greatest importance. Now a human being is judged by his financial status not by seeing his moral values, also, in the changing scenario, man finds it difficult to get on in life without sufficient enough money. A few people who suddenly become rich by a stroke of luck, fortune. By observing people craving for the luck and money, part of business people in the market selling goods stated that "lucky items".

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Most of the people in the world continuously searching for the money (this is natural), striving for the money, many were interested in the importunate cash flow into their homes, assay attempts may be successful or may not be the success. Money, money it is very important for the human beings to live comfortably in this world. By having importance to the money folk tries many ways how to earn money in an easy way, for everything we cannot blame people or society because money is the decisive part of our life. Its the reason regularly many calling us and asking about "Vastu for Money", let us discuss on this subject, is this vastu shastra helps to earn more money, is there any chance to earn extra money with the help of Vastu Shastra. But for the majority, it is an endless struggle. In sheer helplessness or hopelessness, people search for overcoming their problems relating to the money. Quite often people who took become to Vaastu seemed to have found astounding results. Residents who look for the results which may be immediate and positive. Small changes or modifications in the house may bring prosperity. There is a possibility of earning money source increases when we follow the vastu shastra. When dealing with money matters, we found some ways to improve opportunities in earning more revenue. Just as a testing purpose, if there is a heavy mountain or heavy buildings towards South then money flow may be heavier to the homes. Few points were published here. We have more plans to promote many vastu hints and guidelines for the heavy money flow into the homes.

1. The South direction altitude or elevation of South must be kept properly. Should be planned perfectly.

2. Open (Create) one door at North East of North side of the house may also improve the money flow.

3. The opening of the Northeast-east door also brings money with the name.

4. Having an appropriately measured water storage sump at Northeast is also providing peace with money.

5. Keeping heavy stored items towards South, Southwest also indicates positivity of bringing money.

6. Slanting portico towards North also indicates good earnings.

7. Regarding Street Focus there are some important focuses for the money flow.

8. When there is an Apartment at Southside then money stay more time at homes.

9. West direction apartment helps to have stamina in building good money.

10. Southwest side heavy structures and large buildings always helps to have more money.

11. Earning money is easy nowadays at the same time has to face hectic competition too.

12. If there is heavy open space towards North brings more money to the home.

13. Lesser space towards South direction keeps money to stay more time at home.

14. Air flow into the home is too important, please double check frequent air flow is passing/running in your home or not. If there is no air flow observed in the home, they cannot get good oxygen, when good oxygen is not available, automatically brain will become struck, can't able to get new thoughts, good ideas, particularly innovation thoughts may not be generated, health will also become damaged. Once everything is experienced then can't concentrate on money earnings. Slowly brain will become sticky to only a few things which are too objectionable for a bright career, the bad thoughts may generate, jealousy may starts, it may harm your development. By knowing this, please arrange necessary windows, the opening of the new good vastu doors etc to welcome good air into your dream home. Again we are informing you air circulation is too important in our homes. Fresh air should come into home frequently.

15. Keep Dhanalakshmi entering into home photo at inside of the house main door top, here is GruhaLakshmi Entering into house link which has all good info with images too.

16. Always we should check the ways how Maa Lakshmi has to enter into the home, we should not wear torn clothing, keeping the withered flowers, dust formation, unorganized furniture/items may prevent Goddess mother Lakshmi entering the house.

There are many other vastu tips are available, out of them these above few tips of Vaastu may double the chances of bringing a considerable amount of change in one's financial position. Doing practicals at the homes by reading some notes and content from websites or vastu books is not at all advisable. This is not a frame of luck. It may hurt one's future if there is any mistake was happens. We are recollected one instance in Hyderabad, once we visited one property in Hyderabad at Nacharam, there we are conducting vastu consultancy program, meanwhile, some people came and asked about the working capabilities of vastu shastra. Leads to argument and finally, they insisted us to check one home vastu as he is the richest person, while we are moving to that house, we found it is a very worst house by seeing from a very far distance. They are all laughed on us, because that resident is the richest person. Once we reached that home, there we all found that one board was hanged at the entrance of that home gate, that is bank notice, "House was seized and came for the auction", all of them stunned by seeing that board. 4 months back they visited that home and discussed with the owner for . Suddenly after seeing that notice board, no one has voice. Our policy is not to publish anybody name directly here. Otherwise we have to publish the entire scene of that day with the evidences like photos and complete name and information of that home to all of our website visitors. We should not be spoiled the reputation of anybody in the society, already they suffered from debts and other loans, again we should not be a headache for them by publishing their story. The main cause for that home is, the entire South direction totally open place approximately one kilometer.

This animated image shows, a person rounding the home, further we also observed there is a gap in between the house and compound wall. Generally this is auspicious method of constructing the home in a compound premises. With this provided gap entire house gets ventilation, particularly air flow from all four directions. Not only vastu shastra consultant recommendations but many engineers and scientists insisted residents to have more airflow from all directions then the bacteria or virus never stays at home, fresh air has to enter into home, which generally brings good health to the residents. Its clear that if there is no air flow in a home then commonly we may found residents may suffers with health disorders and mental strain. Good air always protect humans from health disorders. Not only in the name of Vastu shastra residents may plan for the good ventilation to the homes, this is the best idea. One should not forget about fresh air flow to the home and natural lighting. Here rounding the home means, we are treating the home as "Gruhaalayam", (Gruha + Aalayam = Gruhaalayam) this only one word is enough, how we should respect our home. Our living property is nothing but a temple of stay. As usual always the home should be built very near to the Southwest direction of the plot, construct the compound wall to the entire site, this is common rule. In some countries there is no compound wall, at that moment, no need to worry.

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