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Madhya Pradesh, ordinarily known as "MP" is an Indian state situated in focal piece of the nation. Focal = Madhya. Because of its area amidst India, it is frequently called as "Heart of India", "Midsection catch of India" and so forth. Regarding territory, the state is second biggest province of India with covering a zone of 305,252 km2. Regarding populace, the state is fifth-biggest with approx. 75 million occupants. Flanking states incorporate Rajasthan towards the Northwest, towards the South bearing Maharashtra state, towards the West Gujarat state, Chhattisgarh towards the Southeast and Uttar Pradesh towards the Northeast. The capital of MP is Bhopal and the biggest city in the state is Indore. The state is wealthy in mineral assets and numerous uncommon minerals including gold, precious stone, and copper. A huge piece of the state is likewise secured by thick woods.

The region of current Madhya Pradesh was the core of antiquated Hindu human advancement, culture, religion, and customs. Likewise, the territory was home to one of the most established human advancements and individuals. Archeological proof like stone instruments, earthenware sketches, give in works of art found and uncovered in the zone goes back to 30,000 BCE. Amid the Medieval time in the thirteenth century, the zone tumbled to the control of Delhi Sultanate. After it crumple the neighborhood and territorial forces rose and the region was separated. Once more, amid the rule of Mughal realm, the zone was possessed by Mughal lord "Akbar". After the passing of Mughal ruler "Aurangzeb," the Mughal realm began to decay and losing its regions. Marathas profited this chance and took control of a large portion of the MP. Lamentably, it was past the point of no return and the British previously had their a dependable balance in the zone. There were various wars battled among Britain and Marathas known as Anglo-Maratha Wars. After the annihilation of Marathas in third Anglo-Maratha Wars, the British were the sole occupiers of the entire India and every one of the states including Madhya Pradesh turned out to be regal conditions of British India.

The physical highlights of the state incorporate thick woods, streams, scenes, levels, Doabs, slopes, and fields. The state has likewise rich social legacy and this is the reason number of nearby and outside vacationer, students of history and archeologists are keen on the state. As the state is the core of Hindu religion and culture, various antiquated sanctuaries stays of old civic establishments and posts can be seen all through the state. Around 30% of the territory is secured by woods. Likewise, the state has the most number of untamed life stops and holds.

Before 2003 the economy of Madhya Pradesh was in poor condition yet endeavors by government and experts had enhanced the state of the economy and is presently extraordinary compared to other performing economies of India. The main division of the economy is administrations area. Horticulture area likewise assumes a critical job in the economy. The major monetary items are Soybeans, Grams, Oilseeds, Pulses and Food Grains. The modern division of the state is all around created and various Industries like cotton, material, tobacco, composts, synthetic concoctions, and so on dynamic. Likewise, the state has six statute Factories and give various arms to Indian Army.

As indicated by 2011 registration, most of the general population of MP pursue Hinduism and represented 90.89% of the aggregate populace. Minority religions incorporate Islam 6.57%, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sikhism. Various dialects are talked everywhere throughout the state, however the official dialect of the state is Hindi. Likewise, Hindi is talked by most of the occupants. Other basic religional lanuguages are Telugu, Bhilodi, Gondi, Korku, and Nihali.

Madhya Pradesh has one of a kind and wonderful culture. The state is popular for its society, music, and customs. Various old sanctuaries and remains are discovered everywhere throughout the express, some of which are announced as world legacy site by UNESCO.

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