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Massachusetts (MA) Overview:

Massachusetts, truly the "Region of Massachusetts" is a province of United States of America situated in the Northeastern piece of the nation.

The state is a standout amongst the most crowded states in the district (New England) and the number of inhabitants in the state is predominantly unified.

The circumscribing conditions of Massachusetts incorporate New York towards the West, New Hampshire and Vermont towards the North, and, Connecticut and Rhode Island towards the South. The Atlantic Ocean lies towards its east.

The state has numerous distinctions and contributed much towards the way of life, upsets, and legislative issues of the United States. Numerous vital developments including abolitionist, balance, and visionary were begun in the state. Additionally, numerous eminent political identities including the "Kennedy" and "Adams" hailed from Massachusetts.

Today, the state is driving in the divisions of the biotechnology, designing, assembling, fund, and exchange. The state has likewise the respect of being home to the absolute best Higher Educational establishments on the planet like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Harvard Law School.

The state is named after the Massachusetts clan which lived in the region before the entry of Europeans.

Prior to colonization, the district of current Massachusetts was occupied by various Native American clans e.g. Wampanoag, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pocomtuc, Mahican, and Massachusetts. These individuals were following their own conventions, culture and were generally reliant on cultivating (corn, squash, and so forth.), chasing and angling.

The main province in the locale was built up by the religious travelers bound from England in 1820. These individuals were not unreservedly permitted to pursue their religious convictions so they settled in this locale to make a perfect province as per their convictions.

As the time passed, various other individuals arrived and various provinces were made in various parts of the state. These individuals additionally conveyed various sicknesses like smallpox, measles, and flu and the nearby populace (Native Americans) had no insusceptible to these around then.

Relatively 90% of the nearby populace kicked the bucket from these illnesses. Amid the seasons of "American Revolutionary War", the state assumed a key job in demonstrating genuine and moral help. Many key figures e.g. lawmakers and officers of that war hailed from Massachusetts.

In the nineteenth century, the state was quickly modernized and numerous ventures were built in the state and Massachusetts turned into a pioneer in the American Industrial Revolution.

Amid the season of "Extraordinary Depression", the Industrial segment confronted a few mishaps. Additionally, amid World War 2, the Industries of the state gave noteworthy material to the Army to keep up the war endeavors.

The province of Massachusetts lies in the New England area and is the seventh littlest state in the USA. The state albeit little highlights various land and geological highlights. A portion of the highlights incorporate mountains, fields, streams, and timberlands.

Around 62% of the state's region is secured by timberlands. Amid eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, woods were cleared on substantial scale and from which natural life was additionally irritated. Today, reforestation endeavors are made by the experts and numerous creatures are returning.

A portion of the normal creatures of the state incorporate since a long time ago followed ducks, coyotes, mountain bears, White-followed deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, and so on.

After the autonomy, the economy of the state was profoundly subject to farming, angling, and so on yet amid the nineteenth century, the state was exceptionally industrialized and one of the biggest enterprises of USA is situated in the state giving the main part of yield.

By the beginning of twentieth century, mechanical division promptly declined and today Services is the biggest and ward segment of the economy supported by on, biotechnology, data innovation, fund, social insurance, the travel industry, and resistance.

Twelve of the "Fortune 500" organizations are likewise situated in Massachusetts, Liberty Mutual, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, TJX Companies, EMC Corporation, Raytheon, Staples Inc., Global Partners, Thermo Fisher Scientific, State Street Corporation, Biogen, Eversource Energy, and Boston Scientific.

Horticulture additionally assumes a huge job in the economy and a portion of the major rural items incorporate cranberries, sweet corn, and apples. The travel industry is one of the quickest developing monetary segments of the state.

American English is the most usually talked dialect of the state. Different dialects additionally exist because of various moral gatherings and some of them include: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, and so on.

The religious information isn't gathered by the United States. This is the reason that the correct religious figures are obscure however it is evaluated that Christianity is the biggest religious gathering present in the state.

New England

The North-East area of USA is called New England. Perhaps the early settlers from England and subsequently Europe have come and settled here first (towards the end of 17th Century). In fact the tyranny and oppression by the King of England (When he had to defy the Pope whose word was the order for all the European Kings and the King of England for his personal reasons was opposing this and he laid the foundation for gaining freedom from the Pope. He ordered the Bible to be translated into English and this is called authorized Saint James Version. The Protestant church was born thus) against the Catholics caused the migration from England and later Europe. It is for this reason that majority of Americans are Catholics.

There are six states in USA which are called New England. These are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Islands.

This area predates the American Revolution by over a century. It played a prominent role in fervent intellectual, cultural and political thought and Civil Rights Movements. During the 20th Century the manufacturing industry started shifting to South & West of USA when this region started losing its sheen. Yet it is the center of Science and Technology, Education and Scientific Research, Financial Services and Armament Manufacture etc.

This are developed quite fast and became an important contributor to the US economy and even thinking. It is interesting to note that several political families, (much like Indian), such as Kennedys are from this region. Education being an important component of human endeavor was a prominent factor here. Some of the institutes such as Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School are Institutes sought after from all over the world.

We now will discuss the individual states of these North-Eastern region. CONNECTICUT

In USA it has the highest per capita income. As per 2010 census, human development index is over .95. To its east Rhode Island, to the North East Massachusetts to the west is New York and to the South is Long Island. Hartford is the capital. To the North-East of the state is Canada. Its most populous city is Bridge Port. The state gets its name from river Connecticut, which literally bisects the state.

The first settlers were Dutch from Europe who established a small settlement called Fort Hoop in Hartford at the confluence of Rivers Park and Connecticut. This was one of the 13 colonies that rejected British rule on them in 1662. This state is called otherwise as Constitution State. The initiative of this state in shaping the federal structure of USA is well recognized. Its population in 2016 was estimated at over 3.5 million. The capital city of Bridge Port has a population of only 0.15 million. The GOP of the state in 2012 was over $ 229 Billion.

Finance and insurance is the largest industry. Next comes real estates. Lockheed Martin ??? a subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft is the largest industry. Pratt & Whitney manufacture jet engines here.

Massachusetts: - Its official name is Common Wealth of Massachusetts. This is the most popular state in the New England region of North-Eastern USA. To its east is Atlantic Ocean, to its South are Connecticut and Rhode Island. To its North are New Hampshire and Vermont and to its West is New York. It draws its name after one of the tribes that inhabit in its east. Its capital is Boston.

The influence of this region on American History is indeed phenomenal. In the late 18th Century, the march towards liberty lead in Boston lead to the American revolution. It is the first state in USA to recognize same-gender marriages. It is home to many political families of which Adams and Kennedys are too well known. Harvard University in Cambridge as also Harvard Law School are leading institutes attracting students from all over the globe. MIT ??? Massachusetts Institute of Technology also in Cambridge is the place to where every aspiring student in pursuit of higher education in engineering looks forward to.

This state was a prime mover for establishing a state free from British Rule. It was one of the early states along with Vermont that abolished slavery in USA. Alexander Graham Bell, the man who made people to talk to each other (coolly even when they are far away from each other and perhaps hate too) by means of telephone was from this state. Its present population is estimated at about 7 million.

VERMONT Also called green mountain state, a hilly state. To its South-East Massachusetts to its East is New Hampshire, to its West is New York and to its North is Canada. Its area is about 25000 sq. kms. Capital is Montpellier. Population 0.6 million.

During the American Civil War Vermont was an independent state. Notably New York resisted Vermont joining in the Federal Structure of USA. However after 10 years, in 1791 this state paid a sum of $ 30,000 and then became a part of Federal USA.

The state is known for its granite and marble stones. Maple sugar and maple syrup are popular products.

NEW HAMPSHIRE The nickname of the state is Granite State. To its South is Massachusetts to the West Vermont to its East are Maine & Atlantic Ocean and to its North is Canada population 1.3 million. Area about 24,000 sq. Km.

This state gets its name from English County Hampshire. Its Capital City is Concord with a Population of over 42000. The Largest City in New Hampshire is Manchester with a population of 0.11 Million.

One of the First state to vote for a declaration of Independence was New Hampshire. In 1905, the Russo-Japanese war ended with a declaration in Ports month in New Hampshire. Manufacturing is the principal activity. Electrical and industrial machinery, textile & paper and pulp machinery, stone and clay products, dairy and poultry are main industries.

MAINE To its South & East is the Atlantic Ocean, to its North & North-East are New Brunswick & Canada to its North-West is Quebec of Canada. Its capital city is Augusta. Area of Maine is approximately 80,000 sq. meters. and a population of 1.2 million. Portland is the largest city with about 67,000 population.

RHODE ISLAND Smallest state in USA. The capital city is Providence. This state is otherwise called Ocean State. Its area is about 3,000 sq. kms. The population of Providence is 178,000.

This state is well known for its participation in Freedom struggle. Manufacture of jewelry, electronics, metal and plastic products and ship building are prominent industries.

Though this state was the front line state in fighting for freedom. It refused to join the American Civil War.

ILLINOIS To its East is Indiana. To its North-East is Michigan. To its North is Wisconsin. To its West is Iowa. To its South-West is Missouri. To its South-East is Kentucky.

It was the French to come first to this area in 1673, when peace treaty was concluded ending Anglo-French Wars. On conclusion of this war France ceded this area to Britain. In 1880 it became a state in USA. Its population is nearly 13 Million. Area about 145000 sq. km. It is also called Prairie State as also land of Lincon. In 1860 Abraham Lincon was elected president of USA. He was from Illinois. He ceaselessly worked for abolishing slavery for no nation could survive with such a social structure. Anti-Slavery was a principal component of his thought and rule.

In 1871, a huge fire in a barn devastated over 18,000 buildings and over a lac of people render homeless. Nearly 250 people perished in this fire.

In 1886 workers protested for limiting working period to be 8 hours in a day. In the mele eight officers were killed and over 50 injured. It all started when an unknown person threw a bomb. On suspicion, eight people were convicted. To this day this is referred to a miscarriage of justice.

The state of Illinois has largest bituminous coal reserves in USA. During the mid-19th Century, industrial activity pulled a lot of workforce to this place from around the globe.

Al Capone, the famous bootlegger, and gangster was from Chicago which is the capital of Illinois.

OHIO To its North is Canada. Michigan to its North-West. Pennsylvania to its East and Indiana to the West. To it's South-East is West Virginia and Kentucky in the South. This state is in the mid-western region of USA having an area of over 112000 sq. km. This state is nestled in the heart of Great Lakes Region. The beaches of the Lake Erie and the banks of river Ohio are great attractions. Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland are 3 large cities. The capital of Ohio is Columbus. The state of a population of over 11 million.

Unlike normal flags its flag is not a rectangle. It is a trapezium. The 13 states near the center represent the original 13 states in USA and the extra 4 states represent that it is the 17th state admitted into USA.

Ohio state gave USA ??? 7 presidents to date. 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 27th & 29th.

Major rivers are Ohio River, Cuyahoga, Miami, Maumee, Muskegon, Scioto & Sandusky.

Ohio State is otherwise called Buckeye State.

Machine tools and manufacturing is a major industry. The Worlds first billionaire John D. Rockefeller was from this state.

Earlier it was a French colony. It became a British Colony in 1754 after the end of Anglo-French war.

It is the 3rd Industrial Manufacturing (Nationwide ranking) prominent industries being machine tools, aviation jet engines auto parts, office machines, domestic white goods such as refrigerators etc.

Its agricultural production include soya bean, corn, oats and wheat. Horticultural products like apples, peaches, grapes, strawberries are popular. Dairy farming and sheep rearing is a significant contributor to the GDP.

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