Vastu Shastra Help to Prevent Mental Tensions, Worries and Tortures

Most of the tensions which we are facing are human made and the other side may be as per Horoscope or God's decision or our bizarre decisions on Vastu or erratic construction. The volatile minds always creating problems. Eccentric thoughts always troubling the humans. Be careful when taking future decisions.

This Vastu Shastra is one of the best known source to humans make their lives more comfortable. When inhabitants ready to go for Vaastu then they are highly recommended to approach one of the vastu expert in the industry. The experienced vastu pandit will finds the exact cause for all the problems.

Now a days this word mental tension is very common, we can find the person with no money, but we cannot find anyone without mental tensions. Due to erratic development of all fields with management defects, less knowledge, vision fails etc will cause for unplanned progress. In our life also we are facing so much of troubles with some unwanted decisions. With wrong vastu or erratic structures also troubling us with all of our wrong decisions, some times this may lead unnecessary headaches, tensions, tortures, miserable life, pains etc.

In vastu shastra, there is way to have good solutions for this mental tortures. At our house we should not construct any dais at Eshan (Northeast) corner, this may lead headaches, unnecessary damages etc. Some paths or ways or doors may cause mental tensions. Now we will observe those with some images .

See this image, the main door at house is towards Agneya (southeast) door towards East side, this will cause unnecessary mental tensions, tortures, headaches, galatas, quarrels etc. Better to change the main door towards east eshan (Northeast) side or Northeast door towards East, then maximum of your problems will solve and you will enjoy the goodness fruits of life . For mental tensions not only this door, there are several things at house or at vastu shastra will leads mental tensions.

Another reason for Mental tension :

In this image you may find this extension of Northwest towards North direction, this may cause for mental tortures, and also some other bad qualities that this is not the right place to discuss all those things. At your house if you may find this type of vastu erratic construction, then please first approach one expert vastu consultant and made alterations, then you will enjoy the real fruits of vastu shastra. Otherwise, it may lead to more tensions if time passes year after year. Nowadays everybody needs peace, yes its common word for people and countries.

Another reason for Mental Worry :

In some properties, there may be a chance in the extension of the site towards Northwest-north. In such cases also it may lead to mental tensions or worries, it may include court litigation and other issues, but now we are in mental tension link, so we are discussing only on worries. In this image, the site is extended towards the Northern northwest.

Please note that we are attempting to publish some information on this subject, here if there is northern Northwest increases means, there are many other side effects or maybe some tortures to the residents also observed. But we have shown only some qualities of a site.

Please carefully observe the directions of the images first. Otherwise there may be a chance for confusion.

In this image there is a Southeast extension for the compound wall and the house is towards Southeast corner of the plot inside, this is also a reason for the mental tensions. There are many other effects due to this, but our discussion is on mental tensions.

Before doing any alterations, it is better to approach one expert and best vastu consultant for good results.

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