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Nagaland is a state in Republic of India. It is situated in the Northeast of the nation. Nagaland is associated with the province of Assam toward the West, Arunachal Pradesh toward the North, Manipur toward the South and Republic of Myanmar toward the East. The capital of Nagaland is Kohima city, and the biggest city of this Nagaland state is Dimapur city. It is one of the littlest state in India having a region of 16,579 square kilometers (6,401 sq mi). The number of inhabitants in the state is 1,980,602 according to the 2011 Indian Census. Nagaland is one the Indian states where the populace is generally Christian. In the aggregate populace Christianity involves 88%.

After the freedom of India in 1947, the zone remained a piece of the region of Assam. on first December 1963, the excellent North-Eastern precipitous province of Nagaland appeared. Nagaland has a to a great extent storm atmosphere with high stickiness levels. Around one-6th of Nagaland is secured by tropical and sub-tropical evergreen woodlands including palms, bamboo, rattan and in addition timber and mahogany timberlands.

Territory of Nagaland has 11 regulatory locale. They are Dimapur, Kiphire, Kohima, Longleng, Mokokchung, Mon, Peren, Phek, Tuensang, Wokha and Zunheboto. Each region is going by a region justice or an appointee official. Delegate Commissioner has a place with Indian Administrative Service and is straightforwardly selected by the Central Government. The sacred head of state is Governor, who is the delegate of the President of India. The Legislative Assembly of Nagaland (Vidhan Sabha) is the genuine official and administrative body of the state. The 60-part Vidhan Sabha ??? every chosen individual from lawmaking body ??? frames the administration official and is driven by the Chief Minister. In contrast to most states in India, Nagaland has been allowed an incredible level of state self-sufficiency, and also uncommon forces and self-sufficiency for Naga clans to direct their very own issues.

The number of inhabitants in the territory of Nagaland is about two million individuals. Dimapur is the most crowded area of Nagaland having 379,769 individuals. Naga individuals shape most of the populace. Their populace is 1.8 million. In 1967, the Nagaland Assembly broadcasted English as the official dialect of Nagaland and it is the mechanism for training in Nagaland. Other than English, Nagamese is broadly talked in the state. Proficiency rate in the state is 80%.

Agribusiness is the pillar of Nagaland. Almost 70% of the aggregate populace of the state is occupied with cultivating exercises. Porch and jhum development are the two techniques by which crops are developed in the territory of Nagaland. Nagaland has numerous spots of traveler intrigues that draw in guests consistently. A portion of the outstanding visitor goals of Nagaland are: Japfu Peak, World War II Cemetery, Kohima Village, Nagaland State Museum, Naga Hills and Nagaland Zoological Park

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