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New York is one of the most technologically advanced states in the world and home to numerous renowned personalities. Alone the New York is nothing less than a marvel. But today, the life of the citizens is miserable due to tough routines and hard work hours.

People have no peace nor time for their families. This is making their life worse. These situations can be simply handled by following some easy steps as per "Vastu Shastra", many of you have heard about this earlier, some of may not.

Vastu is an ancient science discovered around centuries back and is serving the people since. Initially, it was bounded only to India and some Asian countries, but now it is used all over the world because of the technology revolution.

In addition, we have high incoming messages from people and are really interested or happy after using it. The bulk of information on our website where one can have the detailed insights. Also, you can check our "Vastu Tips" and in case of queries, you can consult our "Vastu Consultant", we are ready to help you on your home purchases.

Most of the people in New York live in Flats. It is our recommendation that one must read our content related to flats so that your living place may be protected from bad omens and you may live peacefully and happy.

As New York is the busiest place, many were lives in the Apartment flats. Also, for people Living in Homes, we have also published huge content which cover Kitchen, bathrooms, Bedroom, living rooms, garages, etc. You can also find some useful information below:

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Checkup this below non-directional links information. The information on Skewed plots are important, one should know before buying the inclined homes. Below links helps them to take the decision while they plan to Buy home.

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Knowing the advancements and development in the state, many of Vastu Pandits are planning to visit the state and promote Vaastu science.

Many residents living in New Jersey and working in New York, this may be like daily traveling from Pune to Mumbai.

There was one vastu consultant in New Jersey rendering Vastu Services In New York, suddenly he migrated to California, and start services as a vastu consultant in San Jose and thinking that he may prosper there.

We feel sad that he left New Jersey, later we got the clear information that when he could not prosper because of his lack of knowledge and experience and did not deliver appropriate vastu services to the clientele, while we sympathized for his living conditions we strongly object to peddling false services and proclaimed them vastu and thus debase the vastu science itself.

He was a charlatan, beware of such imposters. While in our other consultancies, we heard that he used to collect huge money in the name of Yantras and Mantras and pretend as vastu expert in New York, after strong warning by some of the respected clients in New York and later they are ready to lodge a police complaint, by knowing this information, he vacated New Jersey and start his consultancy services at California.

We observed many of our Indians in the New York City metropolitan region were planned for monthly Powwow, we may observe regularly North American Indian ceremony involving feasting, dancing and singing and meeting or conference for discussion, especially among colleagues or friends. Many NRI's from Brooklyn are continuously participating in the powwows.

There are many Indian Associations in New York which are functioning properly and serving when there may be natural calamities, its the reason, US people like Indians and they are still having very good tolerance on our Indian communities.

Indeed Americans likes Indians very well in USA, Indians are doing many social services in USA. They come first when there is any nature disturbances and natural disorders. Great service notion. Thanks to the Indian diaspora.

New York [NY] State Overview:

New York, precisely the "New York State" is an American state located in the Northeastern part of the country. The state is fourth most populous state of the country and its population is centralized with 40% of the people living in the New York city alone and 40% living on the long island.

The state is mainly famous for its world-class city "New York" and is home to one of the biggest business industries, trade and is regarded as the business hub of all over the world. Moreover, the city is home to the "United Nations Headquarters" and the city is full of a high-rise building and technological marvels.

The "Statue of Liberty" which is a symbol of US freedom and democracy is also located near the New York City. Furthermore, the state has high literacy rate and some of the world???s best educational institutions including New York University, Cornell University, and Columbia University are located in the state.

The New York state, similar to the other US states was home to numerous Native American tribes before the arrival of colonists. The most famous of them were Iroquois, Algonquin, Wampanoag, and Lenape. They had their own controlled areas and often fought each other.

These tribes were mostly dependent on hunting, fishing, and farming (corn, etc.). The region was first discovered by Giovanni da Verrazano (an Italian explorer serving for French) in 1524.

Later many other French and Dutch expeditions arrived in the region and built forts and outposts. The Native tribes in the start resisted and many skirmishes were fought, but the Europeans had superior weaponry and soon the Natives retreated inland.

Some of these natives also maintained active trade with the Europeans. By the 17th century, the Dutch had proper control of the region and constructed forts, outposts, colonies, etc. to maintain their presence but tragically, they were soon defeated by British in second Anglo-Dutch War with losing the territories of New York.

Although, they captured the region later but was ceded to British again after the "Treaty of Westminster". By the end of 17th century, British policies and laws were difficult for the locals to accept and call for independence started. Soon, one after another colony voted for independence and the struggle started followed by "American Revolutionary War".

The state of "New York" has also the honor of being one of 13 founding colonies of the United States. Many decisive battles were also fought in the New York territories. Also, during the times of "American Civil War", New York gave support (soldiers, supplies, etc.) towards the Union army and about 53,000 New Yorker soldiers died in the War.

On 11 September 2001, two commercial planes hit the "7 World Trade Center" in New York, resulting in complete destruction of building and loss of 2,753 people. This was one of the darkest moment in the history of New York state and city.

In terms of area, New York is the 27th largest state in the USA and around 13.6% of its total area is covered by water. The geographic features of the state include meadows, forests, lakes, farms, rivers, and mountains.

In addition, there are numerous state parks and two major forest reserves. The bordering states of New York include Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts towards the East, Pennsylvania and New Jersey towards the South, and, Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec towards the North.

The Atlantic Ocean touches the state towards the Northeast while the lakes (Lake Erie and Lake Ontario) lies towards its Northwest.

The New York State has a third largest economy in the United States having only behind California and Texas. New York City is one of the main reason behind such a tremendous economy as it is home to largest stock exchanges in the world, world trade centers, large IT and business companies, etc. Also, the largest companies in the world had permanents offices in New York.

The state is leading in every sector, either it is related to manufacturing, technology, IT, transport, finance, baking, industry, food processing, etc. Due to fertile lands, farms and abundant water, agriculture also plays a significant role in the state???s economy, and large masses of land are reserved for the purpose.

Agricultural products include dairy, cattle, apples, cabbages, potatoes, beets, viniculture, onions, maple syrup, cherry, plum, peach, oats, barley, soybeans, blueberries, sweet corn, peas, carrots, squash, cucumber and numerous other vegetables.

The inhabitants of the state are composed of the following racial groups: White, African Americans, African Indians, Asians and Others. American English is the most widely spoken language. Other languages include Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French and Italian.

Christianity is the largest religion in the state and is further divided into numerous sects, while the unaffiliated group is the second largest groups that account for approx. 27% of the total population. Other minority religions include Islam, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists.

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