Vastu Shastra for Palace, Kings, Zamindars, Castle, Bungalow

In antiquated occasions, amid the times of our ancestor period there are numerous royal residences and homes, Zamindar Bungalows, Mansion, Fortress, Castle, Edifice, Manors, King Domicile, Royal Residences, and so forth in our close-by territories. It was additionally called 'Rajagruha'. Some of such property structures worked with 100% Vastu Shastra standards.

In such castle, on the off chance that we keep one wanderer or bum or drifter he progresses toward becoming lord. Presumably those royal residences might be worked with the proposals from Vastu Pandit.

A few royal residences were not worked with Vasthu standards, those have demolished and vanished. In any case, there are numerous lords (past) living in urban communities or capital urban areas of numerous states in the event that we see and caught wind of their history, consequently hearts will be substantial and getting torments.

Everyone ought to acknowledge changes either in political or natural or day and age. Time is consistently evolving. Rulers move toward becoming killjoy and poor person move toward becoming rulers. We need to acknowledge the destiny or Time. Destiny is the most great on this planet.

We thought to distribute one book on Vaastu for King's royal residences, we collected huge information on mansions. We adjusted different royal residences in India and wish to distribute the book.

A few reasons wound up our idea to distribute that book. Since now it's not attainable to assemble any Kings royal residence, so we may not get any more requests for the Palace Vastu books.

Further, the book may not be utilized for anyone but to enhance the scholarly information. Be that as it may, we picked up plenitude colleague by adjusting every one of these Royalties fortifications and castles. Further, we got a shot in our life to meet with numerous then Kings.

We met with crowning liturgy rulers too who vanquished and stifled. Because of God for giving such offer to meet then Kings.

We met a few before rulers and Maharajas with incredible endeavors. We assembled numerous some time ago lords in Delhi city, Mumbai city.

In that adventure we met one Maharaja in Delhi, who is to this point ruler of one kingdom in Rajasthan state, he is the main going before Maharaja who declared that don't distribute any Vasthu Book on Palaces, he unmistakably proposed us, not to go for distributing book, in light of the fact that there is no market for the book these days.

To recall him, and in the wake of watching our work on Vaasthu, he proffers one wellspring pen which is foreign made from England in the year 1899. That pen was utilized by his granddad in his seniority, it's a wellspring pen.

We got the data from a partner that, her Majesty associate has prescribed that wellspring pen introduction to us. Much obliged to You so much, Madam.

While in our solicitations no one was permitted to take their photographs, we never squeeze them any longer. We regard their protection, it's the reason we didn't make reference to their names and their stronghold names as well.

We visited Mysore royal residence a few times. We visited royal residences in Jaipur. We visited Gwalior fortification. We visited Jodhpur stronghold. We visited Dubai stronghold as well (What we consider Dubai fortress, there is nothing in Dubai post? its nothing, it might be much the same as a little vehicle stopping zone, we may stop a few lorries there, indeed, that considerably littler fortress in Dubai, however it has sand dividers). We visited Bahrain stronghold.

Visited Kollapur royal residence, visited Gooty fortification, visited Hampi Sri Krishnadevaraya kingdom ordinarily. What's more, we visited these underneath posts (Below we blended castles and fortifications)

Bangalore fortress
Vizianagaram Fort
Bobbili Fort - Vizianagaram area
Konda Reddy Fort - (Konda Reddy Buruju) Kurnool area
Adoni Fort - Kurnool area
Gurramkonda Fort
kuppam fortress
Purana Qila/Tomargarh
Red Fort
Salimgarh Fort
Siri Fort
Tughlaqabad Fort
Feroz Shah Kotla
Adilabad Fort
Aguada Fort
Bellary Fort
Bidar Fort
Bijapur Fort
Chitradurga Fort
Gulbarga Fort
Raichur Fort
Agra Fort
Rayadurg Fort
Kalyandurg Fort
Allahabad Fort
Fatehpur Sikri
Bhongir Fort
Gadwal Fort
Warangal Fort
Khammam Fort
Golkonda Fort
Nizamabad Fort
Devarakonda Fort
All posts in Jaipur
Jodhpur Fort

Today many longing for owning a radiant castle. They are set up to direct in the entirety of their cash into the development of their fantasy house or a chateau house.

Yet, regularly some of them disregard the another essential part of this development, i.e., Vaastu. Little deviations from the customary methodologies of Vaastu bring us parcel of anguish and stress.

Subsequently it is important to reach one encountered Vastu Expert even first and foremost and do in like manner. This may bring bliss and prosperous.

In old occasions, maybe our dads and progenitors may have seen delegated Heads/Kings/ruler/Sultan/Baron in the royal residence, or, in other words, as "RAJAGRUHA".

The present age can just observer the royal residence yet hard to owning it or develop. The royal residence implies having all the great characteristics in a house i.e., developing a house with 100 % Vastu. In these developments even a hobo progresses toward becoming lord.

A huge number and trillions everywhere throughout the world imagining to have an astounding, excellent and superb castle.

Shockingly they use to put their center cash on development of such castle without watching the logical marvels of development and simply seeing energy.

Thusly, they lost their center cash as well as lost their valuable vivacity and products of delight. Subsequently the antiquated Rushis precious stone plainly prompted in an insightful way about the Vaastu. In the event that this vastu, the famous logical methodology pursues, the KING turns into the EMPEROR.

The Sovereignty supports for all time and consistently enduring. So it is fitting the Millionaires to carefully finish the Vaastu an accomplished Vastu Expert.

It doesn't imply that minor monitory limit serves the reason however when it is utilized mutually with vaasthu, at that point just the flourishing comes and the fantasies will move toward becoming appeared.

We met some then Kings and heard mind blowing things of their past life. It is awful to have that agonies without having extravagances and now numerous rulers doesn't have such offices and facilities, some of them are battling for their every day uses, in their long time past days their relatives or older folks appreciated part in an extravagance way and now in present life Kings doesn't have such state or fortune to make an amazing most, they can't fill in as a typical man in the general public, they may not turn out with void hands, they should demonstrate their respect when they come into society to go to any social gatherings or capacities.

Numerous lords are presently offering their old and significant stuff into market covertly for their vocation. How difficult it is. In the event that their properties vastu is great, they may not seenthis wretchedness circumstances.

Anyway, at present, there is no such method to do changes since they don't have adequate cash for the rectifications and their properties are likewise not in a situation to do amendments or the greater part of the properties are possessed by Government of India.

On the off chance that any King is prepared to do changes to their royal residences, we are prepared to do offer our best administrations. Days are passing and their castles are losing guidelines. Early repairs may limits atleast some kind of cynicism.

Surroundings assumes a fundamental job on royal residences. On the off chance that there is any stream at South or West side of such castle then the riches and thriving vestiges. Presently numerous rulers settled in Delhi (Heavy Settlers), Hyderabad, Jaipur (Heavy Settlers), Mumbai (Heavy Settlers), Pune or Poona, Nagpur ( Very Less Settlers ) , London (Good Settlers), United States of America (Many Settlers), Switzerland (Very Less Settlers), Australia (Less Settlers), this might be normal to settle in different nations, since they may not live in their conceived spots. For some different reasons likewise many moved to urban zones by leaving their antiquated structures.

In the event that there is chance to do adjustments then some imperative focuses to be Noted for Then Monarch Families:

1. Ensure that there ought to be no water bodies at West, Southwest and South bearings.

2. On the off chance that there is water body towards East, Northeast and North at that point at any expense don't close them. Additionally clear all the residue and shape in that channels.

3. Endeavor to make greatest however much as could reasonably be expected open space towards East course, this brings long time past days back once more. Your statement progress toward becoming request for all.

4. Possess the Southwest piece of castle, if you don't mind see there ought not all that much open space towards Southwest or West bearings including South.

5. However much as could reasonably be expected utilize the East entryways. In the event that there is no any East entryways, at that point initially organize one East way to the royal residence.

6. Develop over-burden dais at Southwest segment of the royal residence. It oversees numerous things which winds up friendlier to the positive activities.

7. In the event that the Acropolis is still under the control of ruler at that point attempt to tidy up each shaggy towards Northeast, North and especially East heading.

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