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Palmistry is an old conventional Indian Science of perusing Hands. Read the beneath article on palmistry (Hand Reading). Beforehand we are presenting with Palmistry perusing administrations to our customers, a few palmists are working for our site. They are doing administrations to our customers. What ever they are anticipating to our customers, continually we are watching their execution, in the event that we got any grumbling on their administrations, we will transform them quickly.

Watch this underneath picture :

Stomach muscle: Life line

Compact disc: Headline

GH: Fate line
IJ: Sun line
KL: Health line
MN: Mars line
Operation: Marriage line
QR: Wrist line

Mystery of Hand Reading:

At the point when once we watch hand uncovers his life. A few people are fortunate and prosperous in light of their past life's good fortune. Whatever adventure they attempt it would given huge outcome. Because of misfortune a few people free everything. The lines in the hand are to a great extent in charge of the advancement or ruine property or destitution.


The lines on the palm of a man indicate present, past and future happenings. That is Palmistry.


It gives great advantage throughout everyday life. In some cases we feel glad now and again distress and mis-happenings numerous up and downs. The lines would offered source to dispose of these circumstances. By divine beings blessing palmistry. We receive rewards through this science.


In the hand there are line, places for the planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. These Planets involve their places on the palm. They are great in a few hands and a few hands are bad. Stamps on the hands likewise work for the great or awful. These imprints are great life run easily and gainfully mounts additionally to we taken for this reason. There are solutions for the great life. Precedent: for a decent horoscope:

HALAYOGA: When the palm is flawless blemishes and Saturn put furrow check, life line and fortune line is great. This is Halayoga. The local is arrive master, cows, farming, houses procures a ton of cash.

Solution for A BAD HOROSCOPE:

*A: Money line contacts the heart line with numerous bends, his life is awful till 55th year. He needs to confront numerous troubles.

Cure is Angaraka Stotram with Manyu Suktam is played out the local feel upbeat.

For Ladies: The woman apprehensive debility. She will most likely be unable to lead the family life ??? For this she needs to perform Kamala Beejas, Maha Lakshmi, Mahamantra Japam. On Thursday she needs to revere plantain natural product tree, Sri Subrahmanya Aradhana. On each Masa Siva Ratri she needs to do Rudrabhishekam, Aditya Stotram ??? All these troubles would over come.

*B: If lunar mount is powerless and terrible star check is there and furthermore life line is awful ??? stake to the life may suffocate in the water.

For this cure is Sangu wreath to Lakshmi in the sanctuary Sasidhara Beeja Mantrajapa and furthermore Maha Mrutyunjaya Japa ??? Ganga Maha Mantra might be finished.

Note: Horoscope malefic circumstance cure through palmistry. You need to sent

1. the two hands with clear photo. (shading)
2. you need to make reference to the issue
3. Present Age
4. Regardless of whether Male or Female subtle elements

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