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Punjab is an Indian state situated in the north-western piece of the nation. The state was once part of bigger Punjab, that was later isolated into two and turned out to be a piece of India and Pakistan. It is twelfth biggest territory of India as far as zone and covers 50,362 km2. Neighboring states incorporate Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu And Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Punjab is well known for its occupants regularly known as 'Sikhs'. These individuals have their own eminent culture, conventions, dresses, celebrations moral qualities and religion. They are likewise well known for their dauntlessness and morals. Punjab was regularly known as 'Place that is known for Five Rivers' that incorporate Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab, Bias, and Jhelum. Shockingly, just Sutlej, Ravi, and Beas are presently in Indian Punjab. Whatever remains of two are in Pakistan. Chandigarh is the joint capital of the two states, Punjab and Haryana.

The territory of Punjab was once home to the eminent 'Indus Valley Civilization'. Later on, numerous different domains and developments controlled the territory like Vedic human progress, Gandhara, Mauryas, Kushans, and so on. In 330 BCE 'Alexander the Great' caught the region as he was driving his powers towards the west. Area of Punjab has extraordinary vital significance and fills in as a door to rest of India. This is the reason it was passing zone of numerous armed forces and was under steady assaults of Turks, Greeks, Muslims, Mongols, and Afghans. Around fourteenth and fifteenth hundreds of years, the territory went under the rule of Muslim realm known as 'Mughal Empire' after Muslim lord 'Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar' caught Delhi after the skirmish of Panipat. Sikhism additionally started to begin in the territory and was beginning stage of Sikh impact in the district. As the Mughal domain declined, Sikhs position in the zone showed signs of improvement. The territory at that point went under the standard of Sikh domain (1801-1849) and incorporated the Parts of Kashmir, Punjab, and Khyber. Be that as it may, unfortunately, it was past the point of no return and British previously had their decent footing in the entire sub-landmass. After a few fights and encounters, the territory went under the control of British and got its autonomy in 1947.

Punjab's commanding area is ripe, wealthy in soil and wealthy in quality. Likewise, the land is well known for its waterways, Farmers confront no issue of water as there is a lot of water accessible. In addition, better methodology connected by the administration like giving assets, burrowing waterways, and so forth has helped enormously. A few sections likewise incorporate slopes as the state is on strides of compelling Himalayas. The geology additionally includes Thar desert towards the south. The state has no woodlands or wildernesses, the vast majority of the domain incorporates fields, prolific grounds, shrubberies, and bushes.

The economy of Punjab is for the most part horticulture based. Exploiting rich soil and a lot of water, number of corps, vegetables and organic products are developed in the state. The significant harvest developed in the state is wheat. Different harvests incorporate cotton, rice, maize, grain, and sugarcane. As the mechanical area of Punjab isn't greatly created, minor modern products are delivered in the state like articles of clothing, bikes, logical instruments, materials, sports merchandise, and so on.

The socioeconomics of Punjab is made up by the quantity of individuals of various moral gatherings and religions. Be that as it may, the most overwhelming religion is Sikhism. Around 57.96% individuals pursue Sikh confidence. Sikh Gurdwaras can be found in each town, towns, and urban areas. Every one of it has its very own style, shape, and structure. Other minority religions incorporate Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism. Punjabi is the official and most generally talked dialect of Punjab. Different dialects incorporate Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu.

As specified before, Punjab is well known for is ethic, customs, music, culture, garments, moral qualities and religion. Individuals of Punjab, regularly known as 'Sikhs' are opportunity cherishing and wild. This is the reason they have a long history of fights, crusades and continually giving intense protection from remote individuals. Punjabi culture highlights Punjabi dialect, people music, food, modeler, and history.

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