South Facing Vastu Home Plan, South facing House Vastu Plans for Two bedroom Hall

South Facing House and Homes Plans are very critical to plan as per vastu rules as we have a very fewer options for main door planning as compared to other directions. One small error and all the positivity is lost. If incase south facing home is the only option available, then lets plan the south facing home accordingly. If you wish to get the south facing house plan vastu designed by us, let us know we will plan it accordingly for you. In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, the orientation of your home plays a crucial role in determining the flow of energy within the living space. South-facing homes, often perceived with caution in Vastu, can be transformed into harmonious abodes with the right principles and adjustments. Vastu tips tailored for those dwelling in south-facing homes, aiming to create a positive and balanced living environment.

Tips for South Facing House As Per Vastu

Living in a south-facing home doesn't have to be a challenge when approached with the principles of Vastu. By aligning your living space with these ancient guidelines, you can create a home that radiates positive energy, fostering a sense of well-being and balance for you and your family. Embrace the wisdom of Vastu to transform your south-facing house into a sanctuary of positivity and harmony.

Entrance and Main Door for South Facing House Vastu:

The entrance is the gateway for energy to enter your home. For south-facing homes, ensure that the main door is well-maintained and opens freely in the positive area markup. Consider using auspicious colors like green (not in southwest) or brown to enhance positive energy flow. Placing a threshold at the entrance can also help contain the positive energy within the home.

Living Room Placement for South Facing House Vastu:

Position the living room towards the northeast or northwest section of the house. This placement is believed to promote positive social interactions and family bonding. Avoid placing heavy furniture in the center of the room to maintain an open and free flow of energy.

Bedroom Placement for South Facing Home Vastu:

This is considered the most stable and secure position, promoting a sense of safety and tranquility. Avoid placing mirrors or reflective surfaces directly facing the bed, as they are believed to disturb the peaceful energy.

Kitchen Location for South Facing Home Vastu:

Place the kitchen in the southeast corner of the home, as it is associated with the fire element. This positioning is believed to enhance the digestive fire and promote overall well-being. Ensure that the cook faces east while preparing meals to align with the favorable flow of energy.

Colors and Décor for South Facing House Vastu:

Incorporate warm and earthy tones in the décor of a south-facing home. Shades of red, orange, and yellow can help balance the coolness associated with this orientation. Introduce artwork or decorations that symbolize strength, stability, and positivity to enhance the overall energy of the space.

Ventilation and Natural Light for South Facing Home Vastu:

Ensure proper ventilation in all rooms to allow the free flow of fresh air. Use curtains or blinds that allow natural light to enter, as adequate sunlight is believed to bring positive energy into the home. However, be mindful of excessive heat, and use appropriate window coverings to balance the energy.

Plants and Greenery for South Facing House Vastu:

Introduce indoor plants in the southeast and avoid plants in southwest corners to harness the positive effects of the earth element.

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