Vastu Shastra Help to Prevent Thefts

Vastu Shastra to Prevent Theft, Dacoity, Robbery, Loot : Now every cell phone owner knows about thieves, so many Mobile operators now cheating their customers with false options. We are recharging our mobile phones, from that time the cell phone operator trying to drag that talk time with so many attractive methods, most of them are cheating ideas. This is official theft, licensed thieves, but some mobile operators are honest and doing service to the people. Some residents are facing the problem with thefts, some houses are being looted by dacoity etc.

What reasons makes a way to decoity of that home. The below are the reasons. We are updating all the info, please do have some patience. Thanks in advance.

The un official thefts happens due the erratic constructions in the house or Surrounding Vastu effects. Now we are discussing some of them at a glance. Here the house main entrance is towards Southeast East side. This direction of door is also a cause for thefts. This is also a reason.

Here the main entrance came towards Agneya i.e., Southeast corner, this may also be one reason for thefts.

When there is a big sloppy towards Southeast part of the whole house or each room then there is a chance for thefts or robbery, along with this, there are many other symptoms may seen with this character. But here our subject is theft only.

Some of the experiences told that even the Northwest-north increases also could create a chance for thefts. In our researches, there are some doors towards Southeast-east and Southeast or the projection towards Northwest is regularly utilizing by the residents and on the same way they are using the Southeast simultaneously. Due to the walks of Northwest and Southeast anti forces or negative forces enacting in the residence and may create a slight or high chances for thefts or loosing things. Please note that this projection is also giving another troubles that we are not discussing them here, because our subject here is Thefts and vastu shastra.

If we carefully observe the properties many facts will come out, if we spread this knowledge, people will aware of the facts and they this information may alarm them and they wake up and taken the appropriate actions for their future secured happy life, this is what I require through this website. Thanks a lot for many visitors who shared this website information to their friends. No advertisement is required when there is a stuff, this proves in this place. "Kaste Phali". When there is a genuine cause appears, there respect takes birth.

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