Vaastu Shastra Pooja Room

Vaastu Shastra Pooja Room:In this picture one dais or a stage was developed at East heading territory, this stage is utilizing to keep God Idols on it for supplications. For the most part this may not be the great, as the stage was developed towards East heading. On the off chance that this is extremely lesser weight and littler one then no issue, for instance, in the event that it was just 8 inches tallness and 24 inches length and 12 inches width then no issue, on the off chance that it was 2 feet stature and involved heaps of place then issue emerges. The issues in the sense is the place is the pooja room, in which area it was built and so forth must be meant assessment. We comprehend inhabitant issues, on the off chance that if occupants requires to keep God symbols just towards East, at that point they may utilize the wooden open stage which is exceptionally lesser in weight and open to see the underneath of that stage, its simply like a stool compose or little seat and so forth. In such case, God will look towards West bearing and inhabitants will looking towards East course. No issue by any stretch of the imagination. If it's not too much trouble take note of that ought to be check in which area Pooja room was came, this would be tally. On the off chance that Pooja room came towards Southwest then it won't give rich outcomes.

Here the dais developed towards West heading. Presently Lord Shiva, set towards West side, in the above picture dais built towards East side, here the dais developed towards West heading, so we can joyfully build the dais at West confronting or West course at pooja room, here god confront is towards Eastern bearing and occupants confront is towards West bearing while at the same time doing pooja, this is said to be great position, we ought not overlook a certain something, where is this raised stage room, if this room is towards Northeast confronting house vastu, on the other hand its not prescribed to have the profoundly raised structure stage towards West as well. Since for the whole house this room came towards Northeast just, however the raised stage towards West might be great, at any rate we ought to be watchful once we manage Vastu Shastra intelligent standards. Without rationale there is nothing has a place with Science. When we approach outstanding amongst other vastu advisor he will direct you the rest, just the issue is discovering him is the greatest test now. He ought to have all characteristics, similar to perception limit, goals capacities, persistence, genuine, diligent work, knowledge, well disposed methodology and so on.

In this picture the dais is a free one, its not contacting the East divider, now you may watch the above pictures and this picture, in above pictures the raised development contacted the divider, yet here it was not contacted the divider. Contacting the divider towards West might be great, contacting the divider towards East isn't great, so following of the principal picture technique is may not be great. Here the dais is being made with wood(FYI, it may not be unmistakably appeared with wood, but rather please regard it as wood), not built with mud, blocks, concrete, it is likewise satisfactory, it doesn't make weight issues in any case. It is anything but a strong one as developed with mud, bond or blocks. So no weight is coming towards East course, choosing the Wooden stool or seat compose is prescribed, you may keep it towards West or East bearings, no issues by any stretch of the imagination. A few occupants may not has enthusiasm to keep God Idols on the wooden stool, in such case, they select Mandahasam, which you may unmistakably see in next connection, tap the beneath take in more catch interface which appears with right bolt underneath.

( Here is a Story on Ganga and Shiva and our folklore):- Gangotri is a town and a Nagar Panchayat in Uttarkashi region in the province of Uttarakhand, India. It is a Hindu explorer town on the banks of the stream Bhagirathi. It is on the Greater Himalayan Range, at a tallness of 3,042 m. The beautiful journey in the hinterlands of the Himalayas is the most consecrated spot where Ganga , the surge of life, contacted earth for the principal time.According to folklore, Goddess Ganga ??? the little girl of paradise, showed herself as a stream to vindicate the wrongdoings of King Bhagirath's antecedents, following his extreme compensation of a few centuries. Master Shiva got her into his tangled locks to limit the tremendous effect of her fall. She came to be called Bhagirathi at her incredible source.

Legendary Relation

As indicated by Hindu folklore, Goddess Ganga ??? the little girl of paradise, appeared as a stream to exonerate the wrongdoings of King Bhagirath's ancestors, following his extreme compensation of a few centuries. Master Shiva got Ganga into his tangled locks to limit the effect of her fall. As per this legend, King Sagar, in the wake of killing the evil presences on earth chose to organize in Ashwamegh Yagya as a declaration of his matchless quality. The steed which was to be gone up against a continuous voyage around the earth was to be joined by the King's 60,000 children destined to Queen Sumati and one child Asmanjas conceived of the second ruler Kesani. Indra, incomparable leader of the divine beings expected that he may be denied of his heavenly position of authority if the 'Yagya' (love with flame) succeeded and after that took away the pony and attached it to the ashram of Sage Kapil, who was then in profound contemplation. The children of the King Sagar hunt down the steed lastly thought that it was tied close to the thinking sage. Sixty thousand furious children of King Sagar raged the ashram of sage Kapil. When he opened his eyes, 60,000 children had died by the scourge of sage Kapil. Bhagirath, fantastic child of King Sagar, is accepted to have reflected to cut down the Ganga to purify the fiery remains of his predecessors and free their spirits, allowing them salvation or Moksha. The Bhagirathi 'Shila' is situated close to the sanctuary of Ganga where the blessed Ganga initially plummeted on earth from paradise.

Uttarkashi ( 99 km) ??? A critical journey focus, arranged at a height of 1,150 mts. above ocean level on the bank of stream Bhagirathi. A portion of the critical sanctuaries worth visiting are ??? Vishwanath sanctuary, Ekadash Rudra sanctuary, Gyaneshwar sanctuary and Kuteti Devi Temple. Adjacent is the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Consistently, amid the 'Magh Mela' ( January 14 ), individuals visit Uttarkashi to take a heavenly plunge in Bhagirathi alongside the picture of their town god

Kedar Tal ( 18 km) ??? A captivating lake, 4425 mts. above ocean level against the awe inspiring setting of forceful Thalaiyasagar crest. Available through an unpleasant mountain trail, it is the base camp for trekking to encompassing pinnacles. The trek to Kedartal needs a neighborhood control.

Gaumukh ( 18 km)- The nose of the Gangotri Glacier and the wellspring of the Bhagirathi waterway. Pioneers trek upto the sacrosanct spot by walking or on horses to take a blessed dunk in the super cold water.)

Is it OK to Place washroom inverse to Pooja Room, yet the Bathroom entryway isn't inverse to Pooja Room... if it's not too much trouble give a few recommendations - BhagyaLakshmi - Bangalore city - Karnataka - India.

Vastu shastra says numerous things for people glad existence with concordance. On the off chance that inhabitants has more open homes then they can without much of a stretch pursue the whole standards of vastu shastra. Presently a days each body recognizes that there is an absence of room and individuals are living in little Home/Flats. With the accessible zone of room we need to suit everything. According to your inquiry it is anything but an issue. You may proceed with the equivalent. In the event that there is conceivable at that point change this arrangement of Toilet precisely inverse to Pooja room. As you previously told that can entryway isn't actually inverse to the pooja room, at that point no compelling reason to stress.

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