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Vastu for Sites, Piece of Land, Vacant Areas, Ground: For our cheerful living reason and our youngsters anchored future, everyone should get one Home/site/plot.

By and large, these locales might be purchased for our fantasy home development or for venture reason. Because of occupants budgetary position, numerous occupants may purchase just a single plot in their life time.

So its in every case better to execute the act of Vastu Shastra direction before purchasing the plot or site for house development. We ought to be careful and watchful in the choice of the plots/destinations.

This section bargains and interstitial in detail with the shape or size of the Plots or destinations and their amazing outcomes on the inhabitants.

This connection clarifies the destinations which are good or contrariness with vastu standards, we attempted our level best to distribute the vastu learning in this connection.

We ought not overlook that our fantasy Houses are to be worked there and we will live there for a considerable length of time together with our cherishing relatives, on the off chance that we missed after Vaastu shastra standards, at that point we may miss something.

There is a precept in Tamil and Telugu that says, "The development of a house and festivity of a marriage will give a considerable measure of experience that one always remembers in his life. It is to be comprehended that RAJA YOGA or Luck of the house, starts with the determination of Plots/Sites. A decent chose plot makes the house development a simple undertaking and the entire work will be finished in time. In the event that we choose a plot on the exhortation of a Vaastu master, the real part of work is finished.

Vastu News: Andhra Pradesh was isolated into two areas, one is known as Telangana and another is called as Seemandhra (Rayalaseema and Kostha Andhra), anyway this state name stays same and known as Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana First Chief Minister is Sri. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) and Andhra Pradesh First Chief Minister is Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu.

The blessed factor is that no meandering charges for mobile phones in the two states. On the off chance that Telangana client might be visited Seemandhra zone he may make utilization of the cell phone without meandering charges. In the event that Seemandhra individual visits Telangana, he may utilize his cell phone without meandering charges. As a result of the Government Policy, on account of the Government.

Presently getting to the heart of the matter, the states of Telangana and Seemandhra are currently more intrigued for the talk, a couple of vastu pandits are stating that Seemandhra has expanded/reached out towards Northeast and Telangana loses Northeast. Give us a chance to check the two positions in future inside 5 to 10 years.

,p>Which state will pick up and which state will be all the more great. Is vastu works for the states additionally?, does these the two states have obstructions or compound dividers.

Is vastu chips away at shapes on the Maps moreover? for the most part, vastu requires limits or boundary, how about we look at what will happen inside a long haul say in regards to 5 to 10 years of the period.

The truth of the matter is that vastu dependably requires boundary or strolls or minutes. On the off chance that a state turns out to be more created and more extravagant and more sparkle then the controller or Chief Minister living arrangement and authoritative workplaces and other service chamber body individuals properties ought to be worked by vastu shastra, at that point there are incredible any expectations of energy to their regarded states. This is the valid.

A decent Vaasthu plot brings the work, the administrator or Engineer, and the normal back, at the proper time and a confirmation of early culmination. This additionally gets good FORTUNES to the tenants of the house/building, unquestionably.

One could see (in their general vicinity), numerous plots with half developments. Further, now and again, works are deferred for a considerable length of time together or years together. The reasons might be extraordinary, out of them the OWNER has adequate cash, the development works won't moving according to the desire.

Wastage of cash additionally ends up unavoidable in the development of houses because of FAULTY or BAD PLOTS. Consequently, the choice of PLOT/SITE is more CRUCIAL however it will be a simple undertaking if the occupant pursues straightforward vastu rules. Presently we are talking about a few locales:

Square Plots
Rectangular Shape
Circle Shaped Plots
Oval Shaped Plots
Triangular Plots
Point Shaped
Pentagon Shape
Hexagon Shape
Heptagon Shape
Octagon Shape
Nonagon Shape
Decagon Shape
Undecagon Shape
Dodecagon Shape
Gomukhi or Cow confronted Plots
Sher Mukhi or Singh Mukhar or Vyagramukhi
Sun and Moon
Truck Shaped
Twofold Cart Shape
T Shaped Plots
Switch T Shaped
Semi Circle Shaped
Bow Shaped
Mridanga Shaped Plots
Hand fan compose Plots
Star Shaped
Kakmukhi (Crow formed) Plots
Pathra Beeda or Damarukh Plots
Vardhaka or Virudham Plots
Quadrangular Shape
Pie Shape
Elliptic Shaped.

Square Plots:

On the off chance that the four sides are equivalent like a square, it is known as a square plot. These plots are called as CHADUSTAKONA PLOTS. This is most appropriate for any development. These plots have most extreme attractive and Cosmic Energy. These plots bring satisfaction, wealth, and wellbeing to the inhabitants.

This site/plot is in the square shape if the occupant wishes to purchase this plot, the solid counsel is quickly to counsel one encountered Vaastu specialist to have a decent arrangement appropriate to this plot for future enhancement. On the off chance that a few occupants believed that they know all Vastu methods and taking risks in the existence then they move for the enlistment of such plots. By and large, this sort of destinations offers fortunes to the occupants, entryways ought to be set in the opportune place as indicated by Vaastu shastra. On the off chance that entryways are not accurately set at perfect place then the plot may not gives satisfaction and prosperous to the inhabitants.

By and large, square plots or locales are great in giving outcomes, yet ought not overlook the principle and most critical point is that it will give the great outcomes just on the off chance that it is 90?? generally the outcomes may fluctuate, for further outcomes on degrees of the plot, see Vastu Directions connect here.


These plots are called 'AYUDHA' plots. This conveys more fortunes and wealth to the tenants. Be that as it may, the length ought to be in the best possible proportion of 2:1 to width.

Some writing says that if the length is more than double the width, at that point plots are not propitious, as there will be unevenness of Cosmic Energy in the plot, yet as far as we can tell, we seen loads of properties which advance with more cash, luckiness, name and so on when it crosses the 2:1 proportion. No compelling reason to trust our words, one may likewise watch the framework where the property has great vastu and crossed 2:1 proportion is conveying the light to the inhabitants or not.

In Delhi, for instance, Karol Bagh zone, there are loads of properties either business or private, running colossal organizations and end up more extravagant. We by and by watched numerous properties in Karol Bagh territory Hardyan Singh Marg, Gali Number 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 . . . 55 . . . 65 and so on. Road number 3, 8 and so on.

This is the rectangular molded house/plot. Length is more than the width. As of now we talked about 2:1 proportion. On the off chance that the peruser can't comprehend about this rationale then they may please peruse in the above para. Entryway situation is most essential to this house/plot. On the off chance that the primary passage isn't property set at right place as indicated by Vaastu shastra, at that point the occupants may confront inconveniences, they may dependably be searching for others help. On the off chance that you discovered this plot isn't consummately 90?? at that point better to counsel one encountered Vastu expert before purchasing the plot.

This is the correct thought and ideal method for choosing the plot with the assistance of Vastu Expert. Numerous occupants currently choosing the plots by knowing half learning Vasthu lastly getting into inconveniences, knowing the data is extraordinary and useful information is simply unique.

Rectangular shape destinations are great locales, no stresses by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, the passageway ought to accord vastu standards, we should check the surroundings vastu before purchasing the destinations. It is an imperative angle in Vaastu Shastra.

The South heading of this site must be involved by others, if not plant trees there to limit the antagonism from South bearing. Occupants are contributing their well deserved cash on properties so it is in every case best to have one best master vastu specialist exhort before taking choices.

Experts charge is extremely littler than what inhabitants contribute on their properties. The unparalleled issue is the occupants are looking the vastu pandit expense in barring the property cost. On the off chance that the inhabitant included this counsel dashes into the property cost, at that point all will set out to take vastu consultancies. It's basic and simple method to leave a few sentiments.

The insightful and savvy individuals dependably have the consultancy before purchasing the properties. Two things we ought not overlook before purchasing the property. 1. Vastu Consultation. 2. After this vastu procedure counsel one lawful consultant NOTE before purchasing the property, check every lawful issue before marking the reports. This is additionally most essential for future security.

There are some different plots which might be designated "oval" ones, here the estimations are excessively shift or the length is heavier than the width and fairly the corners may not be the unequal contiguous sides.

When we examined the engineering of the structures the direct design is the best out of many. The urban communities that pursued direct design and rectangular parts, straight streets, picket wall and rectangular structures are the best in all nations in this whole World. USA and Canada pursued direct engineering.

As said by some vastu individuals, rectangular plots are not terrible. At the point when in our investigation we found rectangular homes brings more good fortune. The most vital point is that inhabitants should check altogether around 90?? of the plot, if its not 90?? then it is obligatory they should demonstrate that property to the master and needs to take the choice. Good Luck.

The land which has numerous characteristics in various zones, states, nations. We are acclimated with living in one territory, we might be called it as connection or love on that zone or individuals who cherished there. Now and then we never abandon a few territories, in light of connections or fondness on that zone or neighbors. Someone vex with couple of territories and they wish to move from that point. Anyway, peace is a definitive predetermination to have the existence with fulfillment.

We have partitioned the destinations into four classifications.

1. First Grade/Quality Sites (The most fantastic destinations)

2. Second Grade/Quality Sites. (Great Sites)

3. Third Grade/Quality Sites. (Normal Sites)

4. Fourth Grade/Quality Sites. (Not great locales or Bad destinations)

In this page, we intended to talk about on every last accessible site, perhaps some are not live or not accessible in our general public, but rather we are examining them here. From that point occupants may choose to purchase or not to purchase.

We are distributing the vastu content issue here, it might locate the great properties in various areas, yet it is unequivocally prescribed that one should approach a specialist vastu expert and afterward just take the choice to purchase or not to purchase.

Which site regards have :

For the most part, occupants have a major uncertainty that Which Site is Good for them. According to crystal gazing someone intrigued to have East and North confronting properties, someone might be occupied with South and West properties.

Indeed, even numerous celestial prophets are stating in the wake of checking the Astro graph and chooses to purchase just East or North confronting homes/plots. We have examined about the locales and Directions and Residents Horoscopes.

Presently getting to the meaningful part, all bearings are great (with the exception of a few conditions on Southwest, Southeast, Northwest). In the event that you are especially searching for a Plot/Site at that point look for a decent site with vastu standards. On the off chance that the site/plot isn't great as per vastu standards at that point don't get it even your horoscope says that course plot/site is great.

Square Sites/Plots :

Prior we talked about the destinations. The square plot/site is great. Square site implies a plot/site which every one of the headings are equivalent and at an edge of 90 degrees is viewed as the propitious site/plot.

Old writing likewise expresses that the wonderful Vastu Purusha which is a soul and as a human body might be best suits or fits in this square plots and the majority of his body parts are flawless fits and that site prompts all-round progress and success and leads great strength of occupants.

Truly we don't have involvement with a few plots distributed beneath, as of late we watched one house in Hyderabad which is just about a precious stone in style, development and looks.

We will be more joyful in the event that we get the total encounters of occupants in that property with the goal that we will prescribe others on the off chance that they feel more good in that property.

Square Plot/Site :

This is 90 degrees plot, there is just South and West dividers appeared for perusers understanding reason. The corner that is Southwest is 90 degrees. We may watch such 90?? locales in numerous parts of our living zones. For the most part, 90?? plots are giving great outcomes, if there is any mix-up as far as setting the Main Door, this 90?? may not be cold-bloodedly rebuffing the inhabitants. In the event that the site is 120?? then issues may emerge. In our site, we will talk about every such component of the numerous basic degrees accessible plots. Presently check the underneath picture.

All corners are 90 degrees.

This plot/site is having 90 degrees in all corners/edges. Each and all corner appears with corner fringe and 90 degrees. Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast all corners are 90 degrees site. No expansions or no discouragements on any corner. This is superbly called as a square plot. For the most part, this plot/site prompts all around wellbeing and riches.

Rectangular Plots/Sites :

For the most part, the plots/locales in which the contrary sides or different sides might be equivalent and the corners or points are 90 degrees are additionally viewed as the promising properties.

In rectangular plots/destinations there is two composes, one is East-West rectangular and North-South rectangular plots/locales. The perfect extent of the site of length and broadness is 1:2. In some rectangular plots there is a differ in extent, or extremely tight rectangular plots are not said to be the great ones. Much the same as they might resemble a prepare bogie or extended passageways.

There are male rectangular destinations and female rectangular locales are there. In the event that the East-West length is more than North-South this could be called as Male destinations/male rectangular locales/plots.

So when you might want to choose the rectangular shape property, at that point take care to see that the length has a North-South spread and the expansiveness has an East-West spread.

At the end of the day, the East and West headings ought to be longer than the North and South Directions. Male locales or rectangular destinations implies the East-West estimation is more than the estimation of North-South bearings.

See these North-South bearings estimations are more than the East-West headings, this is called as the female site or female rectangular site. We may plainly watch the distinction between the estimations everything being equal.

Presently observe the another rectangular site :

This rectangular site/plot estimations, East-West estimations are more than North-South estimations. This is called as Male site. This is favorable site/plot.

Roundabout Sites/Plots :

Round shared or Circular destinations/plots are not favorable for private purposes. One ought not develop the house in this round shared plot. If it's not too much trouble take note of that in a few regions the developments are not giving awful outcomes however the round shape is there, it is on account of there may not be built compound divider. On the off chance that compound divider developed to this site, at that point great or terrible outcomes begins. At the point when there is a compound divider, at that point this site isn't at all reasonable for the private means.

Presently watch the compound divider and site :

Presently watch the round molded compound divider, this property isn't useful for private developments. Roundabout or round molded developments might be useful for business properties or developments, gave if the development is additionally round formed, at that point it might be favorable. Round formed plots or round molded developments are not favorable as there is lost Northeast corner. Most recent adages and present day Vastu Experts are additionally feeling the equivalent. We can discover such round formed developments like playing stadiums, Parliament House and so forth. Here we ought to watch a certain something, is the development is likewise round molded or square or rectangular formed then great outcomes might be normal. On the off chance that the development is likewise round molded then development of riches and learning watched. At any cost rectangular or round molded ought not be built here.

Oval Shape Plots/Sites :

These oval formed properties might be useful for religious structures. We have not discover such precisely oval molded properties in our explores. Through just books we believed that such properties may unsafe and brings misfortunes. Any way house development in this oval formed compound premises isn't at all great.

Triangular Sites/Plots :

This is triangular plots, there are some more triangular plots, check underneath. Rectangular shape towards North heading. Development in this plot may prompts a large number, fire mishaps, question, criticize to the occupants, especially misfortunes and offspring lost, loss of successors, devotees and so forth. By and large this property draws in negative energies on the site or inhabitants. Symmetrical Triangular and non Equilateral triangular shapes are additionally there.

Another directional Triangular Site/Plot:

Watch the distinction from the over one. This is likewise a triangular shape plot, however pointer is towards East. Much the same as there is another two more triangular molded plots. Or on the other hand we may not treat the head and tail of such triangular properties here. Each of the three corners might be head or tail.

Another Triangular Shape :

This Triangular plot head is pointing towards South course.

Or then again we may not treat the head and tail of such triangular properties here. Each of the three corners might be head or tail.

Another triangular plot:

This is likewise one Triangular molded plot, faces towards West side. Or then again we may not treat the head and tail of such triangular properties here. Each of the three corners might be head or tail.

Point Shape :

This point molded plot is referred to or called as precise Shaped site. In light of the street which this property has and may give blended outcomes to the inhabitants. Estimations are additionally viewed as while assessing the consequences of this site. If it's not too much trouble take note of that for any plot or site or house we should check the site shape, house plinth shape, street development, drive way and so on then just we need to assess the outcomes. At any rate the state of the site is additionally excessively vital.

Pentagon Shaped :

This is pentagon Shape property. This will have 5 sides. On the off chance that this property is in India, that might be unique, however it is in USA nation. Vastu in USA has a few restrictions that numerous vastu specialists knows.

Hexagonal Plot:

This plot/site is called as Hexagonal site/plot. Once in a while we can discover such kind of plots. Six corners and all corner sizes are equivalent. Some says this plot may renders great outcomes, however as we heard that this plot isn't giving great outcomes, yet we didn't have any encounters with such plots or locales. If it's not too much trouble take note of this is the subject which demonstrates the plots and their shape names and it is to know data. This is having 6 sides.

Heptagon Shaped:

This is Heptagon formed, 7 sides plot.

Octagonal Shape:

This plot is likewise having six shapes or corners, or, in other words Octagonal shape plot/site. This is add up to 8 sides property.

Nonagon Shape :
This is nonagon Shape, it has add up to 9 sides.
Decagon Shape:
This is decagon Shape, it has add up to 10 sides.
Undecagon Shape :
This is Undecagon Shape, it has add up to 11 sides.
Dodecagon Shape:
Undecagon ShapeThis is Dodecagon Shape, it has add up to 12 sides.

Gomukhi or Cow confronted Plots :

General colloquialisms said that this plots are useful for private houses. Be that as it may, it isn't useful for business edifices or developments. It is said to be the front bit is tight and raise shape is expansive. Here the street is towards North. At that point it is said to be Gomukhi plot or site. On the off chance that the street is came towards South then it is said to be Shermukhi. Give we a chance to will examine underneath. Or on the other hand the front shape is more extensive than the back shape. See beneath. Some says this is Visambag/VishamBhag plots and not appropriate for any development.

Sher Mukhi or Singh Mukhar or Vyagramukhi:

This state of land is called Shermukhi or Singh Mukhi or Shermukhakar or vyagramukhi plots/destinations or Lion molded plot or site. Plots which are wide in front and thin in back or posterior called as Sher mukhi. Idioms said that these plots are useful for business purposes and not reasonable for private houses. This is only inverse to the Gowmukhi destinations/plots, that you may contrast and the above picture. Some says this is additionally called as Tabla Plot, it is by all accounts the shape resembles that style. ,/

There is a drawn out open difference or contention with the linkage of Trapezium formed with Gomukhi, some body says its just for Shermukhi, major opiniend that this trapezium molded has a place with dairy animals shape or gomukhi. (Require your master sentiment here, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us)

Sun and Moon Plots:

In a few places the plots might be two composes, one section is light and another part is heavier. The site is corner to corner isolated similarly into two sections, one section is said to be Northeast and another part is said to be Southwest part. The Northeast part is Sun bit and Southwest part is Moon parcel. The Sun partition is lower and sparkles and Moon part divide is dim and heavier. By and large these properties are not seen. In any case, much the same as these plots we can discover the destinations which have raised towards Southwest and melancholy towards Northeast sides. This site is anything but a commonplace in the public arena, numerous individuals does not think about this Sun and Moon site. Rarely this word is utilized.

Truck Shaped Plots :

This is called as truck formed plot/site. Or, in other words great outcomes to the inhabitants. We have a few encounters with this sort of properties, yet those are not sharp one as appeared in this picture. The following is the plot. or, in other words plot.

Twofold Cart Plot/Site:

This is twofold truck formed plot, or saved plot. This isn't propitious plot. Some body says that turn around "H" molded plot.

"T" Shaped Property:

This is "T" molded plot or site. This isn't propitious plot. Inhabitants may not expect great outcomes from this property or House.

Invert "T" Shape Plots:

This is hold "T" formed site or plot. Which dependably gives agonizing outcomes to the occupants. A few times this property may favor with unimaginable great outcomes to the occupants lastly made them as a looser with negative outcomes.

Semi Circle Shaped Plot :

This is semi circle or half circle arrive/site/plot.

Bow Shaped Plot:

Bow molded plot/site. This site may not grow great connection with others.

Mridanga Shaped Plot or Site:

This is mridanga molded plot.

Hand fan Shaped:

This is appears to be hand fan molded style. As of now we talked about the heading of the site or plot, if the tile is looking towards a course, we can without much of a stretch foresee the consequences of a site. On the off chance that this tile came towards down this might be called as a banner molded land. Some may make the inquiry that they are intrigued to purchase a plot like hand fan formed, will we settle that they are hunting down this equivalent graph molded property, no, there are loads of other style in this just a single hand fan molded property. Presently check the underneath picture.

Watch this Image :

Some body made inquiry that, sir, our own is a hand fan plot, where to put the kitchen, room and so on, to answer their inquiry, we ought to require some more data, check the picture herewith, plot is hand fan molded, where is the tail and head and which course is the head and so forth, its essential to clarify, at that point just others will get it. What number of molded or styles now. Presently we are talking about just directional plots, on the off chance that we check the skewed properties, at that point they may likewise loaded up with another eight or ??

Star Shaped Property :

This is Star formed property. These are exceptionally uncommon properties. Be that as it may, some place some property proprietors are intrigued to manufacture the properties like this shape.

Kakmukhi (Crow formed) Plots:

This is said to be Kakmukhi Shaped plot. This might be likewise called as Crow molded plot. Some body have their sentiment that, this property is great and inhabitants will be more prosperous. However, the state of the tile and heading is excessively critical, making it impossible to choose the outcomes. In India diverse states of properties may not be famous, but rather in USA these sort of properties are extremely normal.

Damarukh or Pathra Beeda Shape :

These locales are called as Damarukh or Pathra beeda destinations. Wide sides are equivalent and protracted sides are bended as appeared in the picture.

Container or Vardhaka Shape:

This is called as Vardhaka or Virudham or Capsule formed property.


Its a two sets of parallel sides and a straightforward quadrilateral parallelogram, according to Euclidean Geometry. It has measure up to length and has inverse viewpoint facings. We may found these sorts of structures or plots in a few zones. In view of the heading, the outcomes might be differ. A few times its extremely troublesome, even to the specialists to comprehend the correct structure which are to be characterized as Parallelogram properties. At any rate the occupants ought to be exceptionally watchful before beginning the development. Occupants needs to welcome just specialists in this field and acquire the correct assessment for upbeat and tranquil future. Numerous specialists go over this ruler structures and caution landowners to have the range thought.

Pie Shaped Sites

This is pie molded plot. By and large in India we may not seen these sort of destinations, but rather in western nations these kind of locales might be accessible close to the cul-de-sak regions. The vast majority of the occasions these kinds of locales may not be great. In a few conditions, in light of bearings and estimations a few times these may get. Most likely these locales are not favorable.

Trapezoid Shaped Sites

This is a Trapezoid formed plot. None of the lenghts of sides are same. We have seen these sort of locales, however in western nations, these kind of destinations might be normal. The greater part of the occasions these kinds of locales may not be great. In a few conditions, in view of bearings and estimations once in a while these might give great outcomes. In the event that an inhabitant likes to purchase Trapezoid molded site then without master vastu expert don't get them.

Expect remedies to the connection and more substance may likewise distribute, inside a brief timeframe we wanted to do some more augmentations here. We go over with numerous unpredictable formed properties, we will refresh with the most recent data soon in this/your most loved Vastu Shastra Website. If it's not too much trouble take note of that the square or the rectangular destinations are the propitious when contrast and numerous different locales.

All in all, we may effectively be comprehended that in Square molded plots Panchabhoothas involved in impeccable proportion, and it ends up stable when set or developed on the ground. It might effectively offers a counter power against seismic powers. Unpredictable shape developments or properties may result in uneven appropriation of powers in this manner prompting harm the property.

So we ask the general population, before going to purchase the land or property, better to approach one best vastu shastra master expert close-by you, he will direct you with best proposals in the wake of visiting the property.

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