Vastu - (Bastu) - Techniques Of Indian Ancient Traditional System Of Dwelling and Resulting with Harmony

Vastu: In the cutting edge period this abode framework has intricately spread its branches around the world. Presently, the greater part of the inhabitants are intrigued to demonstrate their properties just with celebrated vastu advisors or assess their Houses according to Vastu Shastra tips. To talk reality, this customary abiding framework has risen to make the life of mankind most productive, with the assistance of Five Elements, i.e., Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky. We are giving some arrangement of rules and guidelines.

Through the socialized man has no brain to peep into its utilitarian angle, all through the ages, it joined the thought process to make the human living, a superior place of peace and Prosperity.

The past antiquated vastu science has been refreshed for the present age. Nothing rose in this universe, until today or will develop without or other than these five components those are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky. Among them the initial three are more fundamental to make a decent paradise, in the event that they are cluttered it will end up being a damnation.

Getting great outcomes according to Vasthu select a rectangular or square plot, and build the house as indicated by shastra standards. Better to approach one Vastu Consultant before choosing the plot, this is constantly exhorted strategy, take his proposals in choosing the plot and house development with a garden additionally, on the off chance that you require.

A few inhabitants are taking their very own choice in choosing the Plots/Flat/house/Factory/property with having least information regarding this matter. Their thinking is to dodge to pay for the specialist charge and later they experience the ill effects of such huge numbers of misfortunes or unsettling influences through their whimsical adjustments or changes or determination of the properties or developments and so forth.

The perceptions and amendments made were noted and finished up simply after inside and out examination and screening the circumstances. We ought not give any chance to destiny to wind up a trick, be a pioneer before your companions and relatives.

It might be through just your privilege and correct perfect time choices. On the off chance that we ascertain the vastu expert expense it will progress toward becoming beneath one percent of our properties. At that point for what reason would it be advisable for us to tally that one percent? Be an incredible identity, life is too short, use every single moment with the majority of the correct choices.

Our introduction to the world design isn't to remain as a trick before our neighbors nor relatives or companions. Indeed, even today the land individuals are additionally intrigued to work together when the Property with this regular science consistence if the property isn't consistence the majority of them are not inspired by thought. On the off chance that one pursued the constructional standards then their business will be consequently moved forward. On the off chance that one is searching for home enhancement or improvement, it is smarter to think regarding this matter Indian standards for anchored future advantages.

Here is a little frequency: One Karthika (Saree merchant) from Hyderabad (City Name changed to secure protection) having brimming with saree stocks, exceptionally important stuff. Her better half is running a processing plant (producing plastic materials). They wanted to build one dream home. (This issue originates from They bought a large portion of a section of land (a genuine truth) of land in Hyderabad (City Name changed) and built a delightful royal residence.

Prior to building their royal residence, spouse asked for Karthika better to approach one master specialist to demonstrate their property for good prompts. He impelled her to welcome one master from Delhi or Mumbai. She challenge his idea and called one pandit who asked just Rs.516/ - . Later that alleged extraordinary pandit visited the property, at that point he prescribed one Yantra for the principle entryway (Which costs about Rs.21,116/ - ) and one custom coconut to hang in front room which costs about Rs.3,116/ - , one gem Shree Yantra which costs about Rs.10,116/ - , Dosh Nivaran Yantra costs about Rs.9,999/ - , Nara Drishti yantra which costs about Rs.5,116/ - , the poor woman seen just his charge of Rs.516/ - and acknowledged the majority of his suggestions. He given one arrangement for their fantasy house which costs just Rs.999/ - . Development finished and poor couple joined into their fantasy venture with numerous new expectations. Trust it or not inside an exceptionally most limited period, they are getting rice and residential things from her sibling for day by day life. This couple lost everything. Truly, everything. She quit running Saree business and her significant other isn't going to manufacturing plant consistently and avoiding his banks. Beforehand this family was worked cash loaning business, their position came to beneath normal in the wake of joining into the house. No yantra worked, they are generally business yantras which never works, however his charge is just 516 Indian rupees. Inhabitants enticed by observing his expense. That incredible men of honor never educated all the yantras data achieving the site. A short time later just he uncovered the data and expressed that without these yantras they never come up in their organizations. They never purchase, they lost everything. Is he Genuine specialist. It would be ideal if you take note of that certifiable specialists exercises are simply extraordinary. They never wrong guide inhabitants. The expense is just 516 rupee, at long last what occupants lost, figure their yantras cash, their life, their without resting evenings, organizations, cash especially notoriety and peace. Reconsider before managing less expensive costs. 100% quality never accompany modest installments.

Here is their chosen plot and pandit suggestions.

There is a road center to this plot from Southeast, the Vastu Pandit believed that this Street Focus is great as it is hitting to the plot on Southeast-east corner, yet this road has begun from Southwest corner. In the event that one road is hitting from southwest part to any property, at that point the occupants position will be step by step downwards, they need to uncovered all agonies with or without known errors. A few people suspected that a road is hitting the property just at Southwest is called Southwest Street push, yet this sentiment isn't right, you may peruse More Articles on Street Focus here. Since pandit proposals for this House Plan are as under :

Watch the pandit suggestions to this plot. The sump is actually Northeast corner of the house. The sump (water stockpiling all around composed development). The entryway is actually Northeast North Street Focus to the house. Is this privilege ?. At long last crorepathis swung to bikshadipathis. Why this occurs, who is the primary driver for this mix-up or blame. Why occupants taken choice to demonstrated their property to one half information pandit, it might be a reason that they were live in a whimsical built property before begin this new pursuit. Generally how it is conceivable. The whole venture costs around 2.3 crore. Will we call it as a carelessness or misstep or destiny.

If you don't mind take note of some Important focuses before building the house.

The limit is imperative while we are going to figuring the standards to any property.

Here the pandit believed that sump is towards the Northeast corner to the house as it were. Be that as it may, is it absolutely wrong strategy, sump ought to dependably at the Northeast corner of our whole premises, not the Northeast corner of our living zone.

The pandit arranged the primary entryway towards the upper east north bearing, yet here, the fundamental door gone to northwest-north.

Every one of his suggestions are useless and against to the nature standards.

Presently the house has been remedied by the shastra insider facts. The sump has been moved towards a correct Northeast corner of the plot and the primary passageway has been moved towards Northeast corner of the plot. The present sump has been shut and secured with soil. The entryway additionally shut withthe divider. New door opens towards upper east north. With respect to center, developed one business enormous shop and the principle passageway of the shop is towards South. No connection for the shop and house, bifurcation finished.

That is the reason Indian older folks said a saying as "jackass ought not carry out canine's employment" .

For what reason would it be a good idea for us to left an opportunity to destiny? Approach one master Vaasthu specialist before purchasing a Plot/Flat/House/Factory or Any property. Prior to purchasing or developing properties, we ought not disregard our wellbeing. Cash is vital for living, however wellbeing is more than that. (This issue originates from Vaasthu Shastra tends to each circle of your general prosperity beginning from wellbeing, to connections and above all funds. Having an all around adjusted income and ventures is urgent to having a decent way of life and for by and large flourishing. All the time it's been noticed that expert in various professions may have issues with respect to deficiencies, obligations, and costs, regardless of a genuinely decent salary. Indeed, even individuals, however very rich because of familial property or privately-run company may encounter a vacuum in their lives. These issues could be credited to ill-advised house developments.

Any individual encountering obstructions in money related circumstances ought to affirm if their house is developed by the standards to guarantee an unhindered budgetary stream. This subject essentially centers around the bearings, for example, upper east, North-west, South-east and South-west. Every one of these headings is represented by any of Five Elements, that is fire, water, air, earth and space which frame the premise of old customary science.

Short Focus on this little chart on one Financial Property:

This subject can enhance your funds by considering the current structures in your home and see how a few structures could help in positive money related stream, while others could make obstructions and solutions for the last mentioned. Many are considering this science in the house/home or property, yet there is another framework is working and adjusting on a specific property. Imperceptible checking is likewise being kept running without your authorization on your prefetched vaasthu development.

Here one Indian needs to purchase this property, it is a business property, nearly bargain is settled and it must be concluded after finish of exchanges with lenders and companions. Later this endeavor came to us and discovered a few deformities in this whole property. The property is hitting by Southwest open space, in reality more open space is fitting for them in purpose of the idea of their business, if the property is open on the roadside, it gets all the more great business. This is normal for the business condition, trade is great and ad isn't a shrewdness. In any case, consider with vaasthu standards it was been legitimize, that property isn't fit for sound methods for business and later thought dropped.

Someone has taken this property, later it was on streets for resale following year and a half. What isn't right with this property. The whole Southwest was empty and there is Street Thrust hitting. Vision is great, the musing is incredible, yet ought not overlook Shastra standards in the event that we expect anchored monetary development. A similar property which is appeared from South end. Severely hitting from Southside, how this development will favor the property proprietor with solid money related help. The following is another perspective of this property.

Presently the property is exceptionally close and close look, the East and North is likewise lifted. Be that as it may, this is certainly not a greater issue while considering with West and South harms. All headings ought to be considered with high need if there should be an occurrence of buys, however it isn't so critical in the event of taking the equivalent for rents and that to for just brief period. The most vital point to be recollect is Northeast ought not be exasperates at any expense. Here Northeast likewise relatively aggravated. One ought not purchase the Northeast truncated properties. Those properties may not bolster the occupants when contrast and different properties which have great Northeast.

For each property ,we should check all bearings, arrive heights, environment, development style, sthe trength of the development, property age, stack exposing, position of entryways, windows, lofts and so forth. While in choosing properties we need to assess the things with the standards. Headings, helpful for money related thriving are the North and Northeast bearings. The North course is controlled by the ruler of Wealth, Kuber and the North-east heading is administered by the component water, or, in other words a sign of a man's money related status as indicated by Shastra. Different headings ought to likewise be checked to guarantee that they are in appropriate request to keep away from any negative impact identified with accounts, such seasons of we wanted to develop in organizations. Since north is the course of Lord, Kuber, a blockage toward this path, would suggest deterrents in the stream of riches and success into the house is blocked such bearing. Notwithstanding, if the square at that part may can't be expelled or there is no such opportunities to evacuate a section or whole wing at that point, putting a little water body at that part is additionally fills in as a decent cure, yet this likewise been laid just if the outside licenses to do as such, else it is best to assess with a specialist in this field.

Each body needs to grow monetarily, on the off chance that it is so this subject certainly causes them. North or Northeast is extraordinarily useful for guaranteeing monetary benefits. A solitary primary Door from the South ought to be dodged, if two entryways must be settled the blend ought to be north and east, east and south, east and west, north and south, however ought to be south to west, west to south. In the event of three entryways ,it is desirable over find the entryways on three sides other than south or west, similar to north, east and south or east, north and west, yet it ought not resemble South, west and east, or west, south and north like that.

At the point when Can We Expect Results After Corrections Done To The Properties To what extent it takes to get results after changes/modifications to the properties We finished remedies to our home, still, results are not unmistakable, when would we be able to expect results.

Where to stand and check the property:

The most effective method to check a property to think about vasthu consistence. First you need to remain outside of the property and needs to check the whole property. Later go into inside and watch the development, structure style, age, standard, framework, fascination, appearance, support lastly feeling. Go inside, go into all rooms just with the consent of the inhabitants. Try not to left anything in the house in your perceptions, discover every last corner. One may utilize compass all through the home in the event that they feel some burden with headings.

1. Entryways,
2. Windows.
3. Dividers
4. Ground surface levels.
5. Mejanine.
6. Water sump.
7. Septic Tank.
8. Compound dividers.
9. Limit territory passable points of confinement and any structures.
10. Out house.
11. Visitor House.
12. Swimming Pool.
13. Basements.
14. First floor.
15. Second floor.
16. Dais.
17. Trees and their positions.
18. Yards.
19. Estimations in the middle everything being equal.
20. Sitting positions.
21. Resting Positions.

Further, we need to enquire about their business or office or manufacturing plant and so forth. This is the main example data, for all intents and purposes in the event that we pursued with one Specialist, you may see that what precisely he is watching the property, what precisely he found the distinction in that property. Numerous new things will turn out in the event that you pursued with one master Vasthu pandit.

Vastu Shastra is a ground-breaking instrument which control us to have a quiet driving life when it was executed in our development premises. This is an Indian conventional study of development framework. Vastu is helpful for every single person independent of station, belief, religion, Nation, male or female, kids or older folks, understudies, representatives, businesspeople, plant proprietors or any valuable premises. This is a most important fortune of old Indian learning. "Vastu Shastra" implies abiding learning bit of a science and it is a hallowed science identified with planning and building houses. The established writing on this old science is huge and scattered. On the off chance that we deliberately followed in every single part of the development segment and the majority of our structures, carry only thriving into the family unit as well as getting unceasing peace, delight, love, satisfaction, ecstasy. Vastu Shastra is coordinated at fitting outside space with the inside space inside man. Vastu expects to reestablish the harmony between the home that is the microcosm and the universe that is the cosmos, bringing wellbeing, riches and satisfaction. Vaastubuildings have amicable energies. They advance strength, thriving, joy, and mental peace for the inhabitants, it can likewise be called as an antiquated spiritualist science for planning and building. Vaasthu encourages us to improve our lives and furthermore secure us from things turning out badly in future. We are consistently refreshing this site with numerous Vastu Tips for riches and bliss.

Vasthu is directional science that joins all the Nature five Elements and offsets them with our structures and nature, man and material. It makes pleasing air to live or work, by exploiting the advantages offered by the Panchabhoothas of the nature. The Panchabuthas implies the five fundamental and basic components of the nature (Natural Powers) Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Bhoomi (Earth) and Akash (Space). Nearly and everything on earth is worked from these components, Phanchabuthas. Vasthu is additionally founded on different regular energies, which are accessible uninhibitedly in air like (Energies from Nature) :

Sun powered Energy from Sun
Earth Energy (Bhumi Shakthi)
Electric Energy (Produces from Nature)
Warm Energy
Light Energy
Lunar Energy from Moon
Sky Energy
Attractive Energy
Wind Energy
Grandiose Energy

In the event that we uses such energies favors us with incredible joys, peace, cash and flourishing, bliss, fulfillment in our life.

The long time past Vastu standards are stating that the places of the rooms in a property must be set this way, yet now a days no body is intrigued on this past standards, any way we need to divulgence of those standards here :

The positions possessed by the divine beings in the Vastu Purusha Mandala, a few rules are given for zoning of site and dispersion or position of rooms in the House. A portion of these are:

Upper east - Prayer room (Has to enter every individual from the home)

East - Bathroom (Generally for Children)
Southeast - Kitchen (For women of the family)
South - Bedroom (Elder of the family)
Southwest - Armory (More weights , utilized or non utilized things kept place)
West - Dining Room (Sitting and eating place)
Northwest - Cowshed (Cows and different creatures)
North - Treasury (Money safe or Cash box)

Vastu and Relationships :

Connection, a few times it is great and a few times it is difficult to hear this word too. In past days our senior citizens have more relatives, regardless of whether they are conclusion blood relations or long separation relations, now a days we can't set out to keep up relations in view of speed way of life. It is our destiny. Relationship is the a standout amongst the most essential part of individual's life. At the point when individuals have satisfying connections throughout their life, they are rationally adjusted, (This issue is originated from have more spotlight and focus on their way of life, perform better at their work place and have more joyful existences. Great connections are a wellspring of direction and solace amid agitated occasions.

Vastu works a decent job in keeping up the relationship. Our Indian antiquated exploration of engineering which sets down principles for better connections, through appropriate development of homes and workplaces or different developments, (This issue is originated from however reach out to the development of urban areas, nations and even the planet. "Vastu" signifies "abode" and "Shastra" signifies "rules", henceforth vasthu shastra is an arrangement of principles that disclose to us how to constructour residences with the end goal to emphatically saddle energies from the five components of nature. The motivation behind this subject is to empower man to live in concordance with the earth and with delightful family and structure of their fantasy.

A house is definitely not an only a house to live. It is an expansion of our psychological space and impression of our identity. Similarly as our stylish taste impacts its structure, stylistic theme and support, correspondingly it too impacts our dispositions, considerations, bio-vitality, conduct, individual and public activity, acknowledgment, proficient achievement, actually, each piece of our life is profoundly entwined with our home. The exploration of vaasthu helps convert the astronomical energies into material advantages for the inhabitants of the vaastu based home. It causes us to live in concordance with nature. It changes over living spaces in a specific request that sets a condition between astronomical energies and the general population living in the working to guarantee physical, otherworldly and material prosperity. It makes a musicality and equalization in the working to guarantee a subjectively better life for the inhabitants. (This issue is originated from Vasthu can be adjusted to any developments or spots of their own to be built. The adjusting for the panchaboothas or five elementsof nature done by the best possible arrangement of furniture, water bodies, electrical and electronic contraptions, finding entryways and so forth, with the guide of vaastu, helps in the stream of enormous energies in a controlled way. (This issue is originated from This prompts bliss of the general population. The exploration of vasthu re-characterizes your life and gives you wellbeing, joy and flourishing, at last amicability throughout everyday life. By applying the old exploration of vastu to our lives, we can make a sound situation with amicable living and working conditions. Vaastu is an ageless and widespread framework, important to all individuals consistently. The standards of this science is relevant to any estimated place or space and can be utilized on any scale, notwithstanding for town arranging moreover. When we build up a house, be it a palatial living arrangement or a one room, we are making an individual universe, a place where we can feel protected and loose.

Antiquated sages of India set out a few standards for developing structures exploiting the nature, the panchabhoothas. Gravitational and attractive impacts and rotational impacts of sun, moon, earth and different planets on the life in earth with a view to bring equalization and congruity between man, nature and his structures and along these lines guaranteeing peace, flourishing and bliss. These standards, called vastu, basically vastu., were advanced more than a huge number of years out of understanding and foreknowledge of antiquated sages of India and are exceptionally significant for the prosperity of humankind. As indicated by shastras, in the event that we love, venerate and regard the rulers of these bearings, they will shower on us their endowments and advantages.

Nature is constantly extraordinary. It secures us on the off chance that we ensures nature. Panchabhutas or Panchaboothas or Five Elements are relatively regarded as Heavenly Elements in Hindu folklore. Regardless of whether it is valid or not we are getting such huge numbers of advantages from nature or Panchaboothas. Vedic science Vasthu is constructed and working in light of these panchaboothas or five components.

This picture is just for your understanding reason. Here you may watch the Panchaboothas. As per the Yogashastra, the universe is made out of two substances. One is: Akash and another is: Prana. Everything which has a shape or is the consequences of a mix advances out of the akash. It is the akash that turns into the air, fluids, solids, the human body, creatures, plants, and so forth. All that we can contact, every one of the structures we see, everything that ways out can be sourced to the akash. It is subtle to the point that we can't see it, for it is just obvious once it has taken form.The control by which it is changed into the universe is Prana. All that we get vitality or power develops out of prana.

In all types of life, from the most noteworthy to the least, the prana is available as a living power. Every one of the powers depend on prana, this is the physical activity, development, attraction, gravity, the nerve flows and the power of thought. Presence of enormous vitality in a human body is the amalgamation of these five components with the five pranas. ( What is prana : In Taitariya Upanishad it is said that, the entire presence depends on prana, is a piece of the prana and it closes in prana. Prana has a place with one of the five components of Maha panchaboothas or Panch maha boothas, i.e., Vayu, it exists in the human body in five more types..Prana, Apana, vyan, Udan and Saman. These five are connected with five fundamental components., Akash (Universe), Vayu (Air), Tej (Agni), Udak (Water) and Prithvi (Earch). The home, the vasthu which fills in as a shield for the human body, is dealt with by vastushastra on a similar fundamental rationale that applies to panch-pranas and the five essential components, fundamental standards and controls in Shiv Swarodaya Shastra to protect and illuminate the Godliness in human body are relevant to vastushastra moreover. The study of yoga keeps up a connection between's presence, reality and truth by the powerful stream of panch-prana. (This issue is originated from The standards of vastushastra usefully connected, endeavor to keep up offset with inestimable reality, to enlighten knowledge and to achieve peace by following flawless headings, immaculate attractive motion and ideal relationship of the fundamental five components. Five components have an unapproachable qualities in the vasthu shastra. It is the primary source and all depend on this rule. The nature is adjusted from it and we are changing over the nature standards to our living arrangements or different properties, at that point the astronomical power or vitality will decidedly stream. Such a significant number of researchers are as yet looking into regarding this matter and its effect on Human creatures.

Spiritualist mystery is a super science that deliberately endeavors to give rules to building houses those are condition benevolent, the residences which are free of ruinous radiation and the structures with inside environment in concordance with vast powers and helpful for grinding less stream of prana through sukshma nadis (minute nerves) and chakras (Prana chakras). The beneath picture is states that the equivalent grandiose vitality streams into the houses, positive capacity to one house and negative capacity to another house.

This picture is just for your understanding reason. Grandiose energies are all around the universe, developments are as indicated by the standards then vast power favor the property, if development is against the standards, at that point it might be rebuffed. Occupants figure the area vaastu before purchasing a home plot or development work began. On the off chance that area vaasthu is as indicated by the standards then inhabitants will be honored and their work will go smooth with no hindrances. In the wake of joining additionally they smell inspiration in their properties. It might be because of the vast vitality.

Dikchakra - Dikpalak :

Watch the underneath dikchakra in directional purview. Some body in a few regions or a few regions are following a few strategies for pointing the bearings. The beneath are some of them. This old workmanship and science containing standards and practices of developing structures which guarantees an amicable harmony among man and nature and accordingly bring all round bliss, wellbeing, riches and flourishing. Old sages of India set out a few standards for developing structures exploiting the nature, the pancha bhootas in particular Earth, Moon, Air, Fire and Water. Gravitational and attractive impacts and rotational impacts of Sun, Moon, Earth and different planets on the life in Earth with a view to bring parity and agreement between man, nature and his structures and along these lines guaranteeing peace, thriving and joy. These standards called Vaastu Shastra. The people of yore outlined the exercises of enormous powers with graphs and images.

The square speaks to the Earth. It delineates the four cardinal point to be specific East, West , North, South and their conjunctions in particular north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west. Introduction and space bearing are two indispensable parts of Vaastu. As indicated by Vaasthu the square is the perfect shape for a home, as the vitality field present in the square structure is the most adjusted and gainful. Nonetheless, it is perceived that not very many structures fit this perfect model, yet the square graph is as yet used to overlay any molded structure to outline space headings are influencing the building.

Here the bearings and conjunctions are being put into a few sections in the square. These forces (bearings) have their own domain and locale. So whole piece of our premises is excessively imperative and ought to be built by the standards. On the off chance that so the five components are honored the development and occupants making a mind-blowing most in these developments. Numerous precedents could be refered to demonstrate that vastu, whenever followed in building one's home, office or business put, one could be glad and prosperous. An inquiry emerges, can any one accomplish everything in life by living in a house worked by this subject standards, the appropriate response is incompletely, Yes.

One may accomplish the wellbeing and happiness,their childrengrow up throughout everyday life and training, prevail with regards to getting great advancement, if prisoner is in administration. Getting great cash on the off chance that he is good to go, accomplish power and position on the off chance that he is in legislative issues. At last one will happy with his development of vastu standards.

In this picture dikchakra the headings and conjunctions are being appeared with lines and stamps. Presently we find out about the parts of which shared to headings and conjunctions. The beneath picture will indicate rough of that circumstance. We appeared with a few hues for better get it.

In this picture the bearings and conjunctions are being put into a few sections in the circle. These forces (headings) have their own domain and purview. So whole piece of our premises is excessively vital and ought to be built by the standards. On the off chance that so the five components are honored the development and occupants making a mind-blowing most. Numerous precedents could be refered to demonstrate that vasthu, whenever followed in building one's home, office or business put, one could be cheerful and prosperous. An inquiry emerges would one be able to accomplish everything in life by living in a house worked by vaasthu, the appropriate response is no.

By the by, if plot is great according to vaastu and is worked by its standards, one may accomplish the wellbeing and bliss, their kids experience childhood throughout everyday life and training, prevail with regards to getting great advancement, if prisoner is in administration., great cash in the event that he is good to go, achieve power and position in legislative issues. At long last one will happy with his development of vastu standards.

In this picture the spots of rulers are being appeared with their names and their domain and ward. A few researchers have communicated their own thoughts on this diagrams. Out of that, some vital are being populated and put here. On the off chance that we take the upper east corner, master shiva possessed that corner, Lord Shiva likewise named as Eswar, some body says that it later swings to Esa, Eshan, Ishan like that. So for every single word has one history, all certainties will turn out in the event that we done a few looks into. Like that vaasthu shastra likewise got a concealed power, following vasthu standards are not underhanded. One chooses to build a property, it is smarter to do with least standards to have serene life.

God Direction Attribute Embodiment Placements
Brahma Center part Creator Balance & Creativity Central Room, Living Room, Hall, Sit out etc.
Indra East Renewal & Rebirth Fertility Wealth and Children Children Bedroom, Dining Room, Bathroom without toilet
Agni Southeast Potent internal energy health Kitchen, Fire place, electric equipments, Dining area
Yama South Law and Justice Life and Death Bedroom, Bathroom with elevated flooring, Storage
Nirruthi Southwest Nocturnal Deity Fame Income Longevity Bedroom, Officer Cabin, Storage, Heavy vehicle parking.
Varuna West God of rain Fate Bedroom, Living room,
Vayu Northwest Lord of Wind Social Life & Business, Moving readied stocks Dining room, guest room, kitchen, bathroom, Girls bedroom
Kubera North Lord of Precious Stones and Money Wealth Career Study, Library, Dressing Room, Placement of Money
Shiv North-east Immortal Elixir Knowledge Pooja room, Meditation room, Passage doors.

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