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Vasthu Shastra for Compound Wall | Boundary Wall | Barrier: In a few spots it is called with numerous names like Compound Wall, Boundary Wall, Prahari, Prahar, Retaining divider, Masonry Wall, Goda, fencing divider, bank and so on individuals have wrong thought or suppositions that if the compound divider is made before the development of house it will cause burden or trouble for development work and may bring the circumstance for the offer of the plot. Following vastu procedures like build the limit divider before beginning of the home development, this strategy is the favorable after technique to have fast development. It is common practice to develop compound divider after the development of fundamental working in numerous zones, however this may not be the correct way or technique. Entryways to the compound divider is the most critical viewpoint in vastu shastra, that one ought not overlook. For the most part individuals are doing botches at exterior arrangements for their properties. Again rehashing this data that the doors to the limit divider is excessively basic and conclusive factor in Vastu Shastra. Kindly bear in mind this data. On the off chance that one bombed in arrangement of primary passageway door to the compound divider whole framework may crumple. So better to initially watch the compound divider entryways situation and the primary passage entryways position of the home, there after watch different things in the property. These two are widely compelling elements in getting vastu results.

On the off chance that your plot is inclining towards South or West or Southwest and there is no current neighboring developments then initially get your plot leveled by the standards of vaastu shastra and manufacture a compound divider before beginning development of the fundamental building. The compound divider ought not be adjusted at the Northeast corner however it can make an intense point here. It might securely be worked in an adjusted shape in the Southwest corner however most extreme endeavor to adjusting ought to be maintained a strategic distance from in the Northwest and Southeast corners. Keep the stature of compound divider in the East and North more lower than when contrast and the limit divider towards West and South bearings.

One may pick building ventured compound dividers with tallness expanding in ventures from East to West and North to South so most extreme stature of compound divider will be towards at the Southwest corner and least/bring down levels at Northeast corner. In the event that means harmonize with the specific area, it will be known as a decent vasthu. It likewise looks pleasant from stylish perspective. One may choose for lesser thickness of compound divider towards North and East bearings with more noteworthy thickness towards South and West headings.

Some vastu specialists opinioned that the compound divider ought to have just 4 corners, it ought not have 5 corners. Is it revise. Prior to closing this announcement, first we should check where is the fifth corner broadened. On the off chance that that augmentation ought to be towards either Northern Northeast or Eastern Northeast then it doesn't hurt the occupants. On the off chance that the fifth corner is towards Southeast, Northwest or Southwest then it isn't right.

On the other hand, utilize substantial building materials like stone rocks in South and West while utilize light materials e.g. honeycomb block structure in North and East parts that to you may believe that there is no different parts to keep them as a result of absence of the gave space. A compound divider acts like a boundary for a wide range of powers whether great or awful. On the off chance that you are not confronting the protection issue, some says that if go for some light fencing in the North and East bearings might be the best., however our reasonable proposal is stones or blocks development is great at anyplace or any course. More thickness towards South, Southwest and West bearings and light or more slender towards East, Northeast and North parts.

Abstain from building strong compound divider towards Northeast, East and North. These headings are the section purposes of advantage sun based and attractive radiations. On the off chance that your plot is North confronting and street is inclining from West to East, there is no need of building an extremely thicker limit divider in the Northern heading. It is additionally valid if your plot is East confronting and the street is inclining from South to North. In both the above cases, the North or East opening will turn out to be more with extra street width. Then again, if incline is from East to West or from North to South, it is smarter to build a decent compound divider, what ever you are wanting to develop, its in every case better to approach one master vastu advisor and demonstrate your property to him and take his proposals, its smart thought. Plan for building a decent looking and excellent compositional isolating segment divider with a length and tallness more noteworthy than its thickness. This workmanship fence ought not be cumbersome at anyplace.

For wellbeing reasons, dependably build a blockade in the North and East bearings where compound divider isn't suggested by anyone. You can go for a flame broil work, which looks excellent and alleviating to the eyes. It isn't viewed as great to put substantial earthen window boxes on the compound divider, particularly towards North and East bearings.

You may check this compound divider, in this compound divider the Northeast has cut while building, (the dabs line demonstrates the Northeast cut), at any cost the Northeast place ought not be cut, it must be superbly built with no cut or truncation. This is the essential point while building the compound divider. Mindful of this reality and recollect forget.

Here Kindly watch, the compound divider at (Northeast) corner (Northeast) has raise/broadened, if this was arranged at your property or house, it shows more fascination, high advancement, enhancing information, adequate cash, name and notoriety, fulfilled life, additional energies and so forth. Youngsters instruction will be more moved forward. Simple Foreign Trips, great pay, peace, great wellbeing and riches.

Continuously begin exhuming work for establishment purposes from Northeast. Begin work prefer as such like from Northeast, continue towards Northwest and again from Northeast continue towards Southeast, and from Southeast towards Southwest. Southwest ought to be the last point to be uncovered and this corner is the principal point to establish the framework stone for development purposes. (It would be ideal if you take note of that we are not talking about the establishment stone or Sankustapana or Shankusthapana). Following this method may accelerate your building development and will be finished effectively with no hindrances or dissatisfactions.

Question : ???Dear Sir, My open plot is confronting WEST and I might want to build the compound wall,my question is for development compound divider should I require perform pooja with my life accomplice, would you be able to recommend what is best date for development of compound divider and delving bore in month of June 2014 - Ganesh - (City and state not known) - India.

Reply by our Team : Nowadays people are for the most part building the compound divider to defend their properties, its our destiny. This may not be a sign or side effect or an indication of developing the house. Be that as it may, before going to begin the fresh out of the box new house development, its the best framework or strategy to build the limit divider. Limit divider dependably secure the place or site or home from terrible or poor neighborhood vastu. No compelling reason to begin the pooja on the off chance that you are not wanting to begin the house subsequent to finishing this divider. In any case, it would be ideal if you take note of that if the compound divider is building in continuation of the house work, at that point its better to do Pooja karyakrama, for some other extra factors or reasons at that point no compelling reason to do pooja.

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