Vastu for Griha Pravesh


Depiction and rules for every one of the procedures ideal from the choice of site to development of the building, and of introduction of different rooms in bearings, tallness of the rooms, places of the entryways and so forth is found in Vastu Shastra. In reality the content that guides us to plan and develop a town, sanctuary, private house, steers shed, or some other building outfitted with every important courtesy for the solace and utility of humanity is given the name Vaastu Shastra which has been supernaturally depicted in Indian culture and scriptures.Vastu for Griha Pravesh Griha Pravesh (i.e. first section into the recently assembled house) is likewise as imperative part of Vaastu-Shastra.

After the house is finished in all regards, living in that house is begun at some favorable minute decided on celestial contemplations. The main section in the house at the favorable minute is called Graha Pravesh function. For any recently fabricated house warming is viewed as an all encompassing event. This custom is done as such as to ward off shrewdness powers from entering new home. Indeed, even after land securing, a supplication (puja) is performed which is called as Bhumi Poojan, and later house warming function is called as Vaastu-shanti


At the point when the house is prepared to be involved, a muhurta is chosen for grihya pravesha which comprises essentially of Ganesha puja (Ganapati), The mandala is attracted to conjure the divine beings and nine planets, which go about as observers to the service. The contributions as flame (Agni) which should pass on to the divine beings. The family conveys the havan kunda into each room. The different restorative fixings in the smoke from the havan clean and refine the air inside

The house is surrounded with string multiple times from the east, which is the most propitious heading. Both these mean the erection of defensive obstructions around the house to fend off malevolence impacts, and are done to the backup of the Rakshoghna Mantra and the Pavamana Mantra.A pit delved in the southeast corner of the limit of the house with sides of the pit strengthened with cowdung glue and the pit is revered. A block box containing corn, greenery, and blooms is brought down into the pit, which is then topped off. Since corn symbolizes fruitfulness, this is accepted to guarantee thriving Holy water sprinkled around the house is to ward off insidiousness spirits With this, grihya pravesha is finished.

The Grihyasutras give nitty gritty guidelines about the sort of land that ought to be decided for developing a house or sanctuary, the heading it should confront and the services to be performed at each stage. The Matsya Purana expounds which stages amid development are essential, such as establishing the framework, and raising the main entryway, and clarifies that grihya pravesha puja ought to be performed at these stages. This service is still performed in the conventional way. After Ganesha puja, the container of water is set on a stack of corn, the general image of ripeness.

Three sorts of Graha Pravesh have been specified in the sacred writings

1. Apoorva - First section to live in house recently built on a recently chosen land is called Apoorva (new) Graha Pravesh.

2. Sapoorva-Entry into an officially existing house to live in it subsequent to voyaging abroad or movement somewhere else, is called Sapoorva graha pravesh

3. Dwandwah-Entry into a house to live in it after reproduction/redesign of the house harmed by flame, surge waters, power, wind and so forth is named as Dwandwah (or old) Graha Pravesh.

Sacred texts have depicted the methodology of Graha Pravesh at favorable time (muhurat) and immaculateness (defectless) of Panchang. For Apoorva Graha Pravesh immaculate favorable time ought to be clung forward and backward Graha Pravesh in a remade house or after relocation the virtue of Panchang ought to be given thought.

On the off chance that the entryways of a house are not fitted with shades, or the rooftop isn't secured, or the God, Vaastu have not been venerated and offered penances, and if the ministers and so forth have not been offered devour, first section into such house (Graha Pravesh) ought not be proficient till the above things are finished, generally living in that house will be brimming with inconveniences and torments. In this way living in a house ought to be begun simply in the wake of offering penances and revering Vaastu according to method given in sacred texts.


Section into a house worked of grass and leaves and so forth might be performed on any promising day. In houses worked with blocks, stone, mud, concrete and so on the primary passage is favorable when the sun is Uttarayan. Quite far Graha Pravesh ought to be refined in the day just, it will be promising. Ordinarily, it very well may be done at any favorable minute in the day or night. Master (Jupiter) or Shukra (Venus) being set (imperceptible) i.e. Tara does not make a difference if there should arise an occurrence of Graha Pravesh in an old redesigned house.

For the service of offering sustenance to a tyke out of the blue (Anna Prashan), wearing new garments, day by day voyages, first section into an old redesigned house and passage of a lady of the hour in the house, imperceptibility (setting) of Jupiter (Guru) and Venus (Shukra) i.e. Tara ought not be considered, just the immaculateness and propitiousness of the Panchang ought to be considered in such cases. Favorable months for Graha Pravesh and the aftereffects of the equivalent are as given underneath -

Month Results

Magh - Gain of riches

Falgun - Gain of youngsters and riches

Baishakh - Growth of riches and success

Jeshtha - Gain of child and dairy cattle.

Other than these, the long stretches of Kartik and Margshirsh give medium outcomes. Graha Pravesh in the long periods of Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin Paush is ominous and causes misfortune, inconveniences and agonies, and dread of adversaries. The tithies (dates) 4/9/14 and 30 (Amavas - no moon night) ought to be kept away from and Graha Pravesh ought not be done on Tuesdays.

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