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Vastu for Cooking Vastu Tips for CookingAccording to Vastu Shastra, kitchen is the fundamental foundation all things considered and its area is considered of most extreme significance in Vastu. Wrong arrangement of kitchen and particularly gas stove gets difficulties family while the main arrangement Vastu give is to change the situation of gas stove. Vastu prescribes to position kitchen and gas stove fitting way with the goal that the nourishment arranged impact prisoners in viable path rather prompting entanglements If we see other route around, wrong kitchen prompt issues among ladies individuals and furthermore make different issues, for example, kitchen in South-west which is inverse end purpose of South-east (place of kitchen) disposes of the passageway of male part in family. Vastu held conspicuous hugeness for readiness of nourishment at perfect place and course in kitchen, since wrong situation wipes out the positive effects from sustenance.

Here are recorded negative impacts of making nourishment in misguided course.

Perfect arrangement for kitchen is South-east while if position of gas stove ought to be towards confronting East. In the event that the situation of kitchen is in South-west, it has been seen that there is a shortage of male offspring in family.

Getting ready nourishment in misguided course prompts issues among men, for example, diligent fever, diabetes and hypertension and so forth.

Ladies are most powerless against confusions if kitchen is set in misguided course as it prompts knee or leg issue, back torment, stress and stomach issue, for example, acid reflux and so on.

Setting gas stove (fire component) and water source (water component) together symbolizes conflicts and continuous fights at home among relatives. So it is important to keep gas stove and water at separation.

Vastu suggests hindering the section between the passage and position of cooking with some glass, wood or window ornament so females don't need to continue issues like knee torment or back torment.

An elective heading for the arrangement of kitchen is North-west zone and gas stove position ought to be Eastwards.

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