Vastu for Marriage

An Institution which gives a start to new life, achievements in the form of love, support, and identity is marriage. Our Ancient scriptures have defined marriage as a pious relation and have allotted separate duties for both the partners. Let us talk about some facts and requirements for marriage in a vastu way. The Almighty created man and woman to love each other and lead a peaceful life full of enjoyment. Vastu Shastra principles can do wonders for love and affection between all family members. By following certain rules Vastu Shastra will ignite romance and deep feelings. It can help make relationship more enjoyable and fruitful. Vastu is a magnetic sort of energy and this energy is important for healthy relation to sustain in a living place. For example when we are in a park or riverside. Room for unmarried girls:Delay and problems in marriage for marriageable girls is a big tension for the parents. One should check the room allotted for the girl, the placement should not be in the southwestern areas of the house. The south western areas give stability in the house and do not let the girl easily go for marriage. The best areas are northwestern parts of the house; if this place is not available then the extreme western sides are good.Room for unmarried boys: The best places for the boy should be extreme southern and extreme western sides of the house. If the boy to be married is the eldest and the head of the family then the extreme southwestern sides is the best suited.Reasons for delay in marriage:Underground water tanks placed in the southwestern sides of the structures is a big cause in delays for the marriage. Elevations which have lower and lighter southwest are another cause for the delay and obstruction in the association for marriage. Especially girls who are not getting married should take care not to use the southwest corner of the house as a bedroom, in a more minute way the door of their room should not be given in the south western corner of the room.Reasons for divorce and clashes: Peace in marriage is a prerequisite for happy married life. Check the placement of your bedroom, if placed in the southeastern corners of the house get ready for the chances of clashes. These clashes can lead to the divorces and separation. Southeastern direction has a fire element dominating which causes irritation and anger. Kitchen in the house if not vaastu friendly also cause disagreements in the couple. It is just to manage the fire element in the house, if used properly fire polishes the gold and cooks the food too. But the ill managed fire element gives problems.Conception problems: If there is no corner for North East, means North & East directions are in parallel, the couple in the house can have conception problems. In this case one must create the identity of the northeast corner this means they should highlight it. The main door should open inside towards the left. This opening lets the energy come in very freely. Doors opening towards the right or outside are not considered good. Another point is when you open the main door make sure there is no other door in front of it this. Following some Vastu tips help to develop an unbreakable bond with between partners. For the people who wish to succeed in love life, it is very important to follow the right rules of Vastu Principles. Bringing freshness and vitality in personal relationships is essential. Love can be easily improved by reorganizing certain places in the house and altering the placements of things, as per Vastu. Read and follow the tips for the most useful Vastu advice to brighten up your love life and enjoy the ocean of the unflinching love of your partner.

Vastu Tips for Marriage

The south-west corner of the house is the best place for the master bedroom, for maintaining peace in love life.

The bed room in a south-east corner always brings bad luck and spoils the intimacy of couples. The very bad heat or fire energy creates tension and restlessness in the mind. Our research shows the divorced couple slept in this corner.

The bed rooms in the north-east corner are unsuitable for any newlywed couples. The couples who sleep here often are childless as per our research.

Though metal beds are in vogue and much in fashion, A according to Vasthu Shastra, wooden beds should be used.

The bed should position in the south-west corner of the bed room for better results.

A bed positioned in the northern and eastern zone of the bedroom would cause mental stress and financial instability.

The bed shall not be placed in front of the bed room door or opposite any door of the attached toilet or balcony.

While sleeping, make sure that your head points towards the side and legs towards north side, for a blissful personal life.

The door of the attached toilet must be kept closed always and the toilet seat cover should be kept down, when not in use.

Also, there should not be any single identity in the couple room, such as duck and butterfly. Avoid any thing that causes stress in the bedrooom.

Never sleep under the beam. It causes unnecessary pressure and also is detrimental in terms of health.

Don't sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. This can create stress in your nervous system. In a room that has sharp corners, you will never be able to experience peace, unless you soften them by placing plants in front. Also, move your bed away from direct alignment with them.

If you want to have a bookshelf in your bedroom, west or southwest corner is the best place, as per the Vastu guidelines for a bedroom.

The bedroom door should open at least ninety degrees, to fully allow positive opportunities to flow to you. This is because the door of your bedroom is symbolic of the opportunities life presents you. A door that cannot open fully will limit the support and prospects life has to offer you

The first thing that you see when you enter your bedroom should give you the feeling of peacefulness and serenity. Such feelings can be enhanced by a photograph, inspiring quote, painting, sculpture or even flowers. Locate these things at such a place that the moment you enter your bedroom, your gaze falls on them.

A painting of Lord Krishna as child is advised in the bedroom for a happy and enjoyable relationship between husband and wife.

Light green, light rose or blue shading is to be favored for Painting the dividers of the bed space to give the room a mitigating impact.

Wearing red shading brings back the lost love in your life and animates the longing also.

Mess or undesirable and unused things in the bed room and pantries are to kept away from for a decent night rest. For a decent and solid relationship, extraordinary consideration ought to be paid to expel the messiness, as they confine the stream of adoration.

Mirrors are an entirely ought to be kept in the room, obvious to beds or mirroring the bed from any side. The mirrors can be put in the south and west dividers without confronting the beds.

PC and TV are not prudent to be in the room. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have TV and PC in room, cover them with a material while resting in the night.

Depictions that symbolize demise, squabbles, viciousness or any negative part of life are not reasonable in the bed room also in wherever of the house.

Rubbing among couples and relatives is effectively begun with the sustenance arranged. Position of kitchen is critical for any house to have solid love and friendship. The idiom is and Get in to the stomach to get in to the heart.

The best place for the kitchen is south-east corner or north-west corner of the house.

The kitchen in the north-east causes ill will between the relatives particularly among a couple.

The kitchen in the south-west corner makes parcel of undesirable costs and debilitates the soundness of the women.

The sink and the stove are to be kept a separation from one another. While the gas stove speaks to Agni (fire), the sink remains for water. On the off chance that Agni component and water component are wrongly put, relations in a family are influenced.

Sharp protests, for example, blade and scissors ought to be secured. The equivalent is pertinent to pickles too. Straightforwardly set blade and scissors or pickles makes acridity in relations.

Couples yearning for kids ought to never rest in an upper east room. The solid attractive energies go about as a boundary. Likewise, ensure that the room does not have any sharp hues or questions. The situation of water tank likewise goes about as an obstruction in origination. A water tank put in the southwest heading is totally disallowed.

Cash ought to be kept in a locker in the south-west corner of the bed room. Along these lines you would have the capacity to accomplish money related soundness.

Ensure that the underground water tank isn't in the south-west course.

Vastu Shastra rejects keeping an aquarium in the room. It is trusted that in the event that they live there, they will pull in material misfortune.

Vastu for Marriage Hall

The pattern of praising marriage in marriage corridors is rising step by step, in spite of the fact that it require part of back still individuals are investing on one energy marriage sumptuously. We may discover numerous marriage lobbies adjacent us and some of the time we see that because of a few or other reason few marriage corridors don't thrive well. For smooth working of marriage corridor build this planned place with vastu standards for better and dynamic future.

Marriage corridors ought to have legitimate segment built appropriate way. Vastu tells how marriage corridors should position each segment at place:

Stage in the marriage lobby ought to be situated preferably in West so Couple sitting on it faces East.

Passageway is perfect in East or North bearing.

Plot of the marriage corridor ought to be fit as a fiddle for example square or square shape while maintain a strategic distance from round or oval shape meal lobby only for enrichment.

Electrical types of gear including move floor, music framework and considerably transformer must be situated in South-east.

Cooking course of action should likewise be in South-east as it were.

Stopping ought to be developed in North-west or South-east.

Game plan for sustenance and tidbits ought to be coordinated towards North-west or North.

Sitting plan for visitors must be in South-west or it could be in North.

Mandap for marriage must be orchestrated in North-east being the Ishaan corner and holy place while fire must be consume in South-east corner.

Toilets in marriage corridor must be made in North-west or West.

Room of proprietor ought to ideally be built in South-west.

Stairs in the lobby could be put in South, West or South-west according to Vastu.

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