Vastu for Marriage Hall

The pattern of commending marriage in marriage corridors is rising step by step, in spite of the fact that it requires part of fund , still individuals are investing on one energy marriage sumptuously. We may discover numerous marriage lobbies around us and now and then we see that because of a few or other reason few gathering/wedding corridors don't succeed well and some do just Great business. For smooth working of marriage corridor build this planned place with Vastu standards for better and dynamic future. Marriage corridors ought to have legitimate area built appropriate way to guarantee more upbeat clients and better business and more benefits and Goodwill.

Marriage corridors ought to have legitimate area built appropriate way. Vastu tells how marriage corridors should position each area at place:

Stage in the marriage lobby ought to be situated in a perfect world in West with the goal that Couple sitting on it faces East.

Passage is perfect in East or North bearing.

Plot of the marriage lobby ought to be fit as a fiddle for example square or square shape while evade round or oval shape meal corridor only for improvement.

Electrical supplies including move floor, music framework and much transformer must be situated in South-east.

Cooking course of action should likewise be in South-east as it were.

Stopping ought to be built in North-west or South-east.

Course of action for sustenance and bites ought to be coordinated towards North-west or North.

Sitting course of action for visitors must be in South-west or it could be in North.

Mandap for marriage must be masterminded in North-east being the Ishaan corner and hallowed place while fire must be consume in South-east corner.

Toilets in marriage corridor must be made in North-west or West.

Room of proprietor ought to ideally be developed in South-west.

Stairs in the corridor could be put in South, West or South-west according to Vastu.

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