Vastu for Plants and Trees

Vastu for Plants and Trees A plant gives a charming domain as well as a loosening up view and subsequently they have a unique position in Vastu shastra. Numerous shastra like GARUN PURAN, RUP MANDAL and a lot more expresses the significance of plants and tree in our life. A solid plant impact us physically as well as sincerely as well. One ought to be cautious while planning your garden, Vastu have a few recommendations you can execute in your life to make it simple and prosperous.

Plants and Trees Locations and Importance

The Vastu give the area of plants and trees according to their appearance and property. The given outline demonstrates the area of plants and trees the house is limited by the dull limit and rest is outside territory.


Best to make plant

Best for little plants

Outside Area of house

Not for ordinary garden


One goes into the house compound through the Main Gate. Typically if space is accessible, individuals jump at the chance to have a little garden in the front and also at the back of the Site. Vastu Shastra sets down rules on all parts of house structuring, including the planting of promising trees and plants around the house. As Vastu is a science, there is intelligent, logical clarification for each rule. As a Vastu Specialist, I have endeavored to clarify these rules sanely and deductively, with the goal that you can choose what you need to pursue or don't.


A portion of the favorable trees as per Vastu, that are useful for the prisoners are portrayed underneath alongside their helpfulness:


It is otherwise called the Aswatha tree. Researchers have discovered that oxygen is created in expansive sums by the leaves of this tree and it is found in high focus under the branches, likely because of the thick foliage. Consequently it is viewed as exceptionally beneficial to circumambulate this tree toward the beginning of the day. It is restricted from being cut. Notwithstanding, it isn't reasonable almost a house, since it has far spreading roots which can influence the establishment of the building.


This tree has extraordinary therapeutic esteem and its concentrate is utilized in pesticides. Its twigs are utilized to brush teeth and neem oil is utilized in physiotherapy. Since neem leaves are unpleasant, a blend of neem leaves, delicate green mango and jaggery is eaten on Ugadi or the New Year in South India, as a representative motion, that one is set up to confront the sweet, harsh and severe encounters of the coming year with poise. Accordingly, this is a decent tree to have in a house garden.Azadirachta indica, ordinarily known as neem, nimtree or Indian lilac, is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of two animal types in the sort Azadirachta, and is local to the Indian subcontinent, i.e. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.


Most parts of the mango tree have therapeutic esteem. It's leaves are utilized as a pesticide, and its twigs are utilized for brushing teeth. Its leaves are utilized for puja purposes. It is viewed as extremely propitious if the dead are incinerated utilizing mama ngo tree kindling. At that point obviously, mango natural product is the ruler among foods grown from the ground delicious. The crude mangoes are utilized for making pickles and as a vegetable. Mango trees likewise have a long life and can get by for 400-500 years. Clearly, this is likewise an extremely helpful tree to have in your garden.


Like the 'mango tree, the jack-natural product tree likewise creates exceptionally scrumptious, regular, organic product in extensive numbers. The yellow delicious bits inside the jackfruit are utilized to make distinctive kinds of desserts and halvas. The crude organic product parts are cut into strips and made into delectable jackfruit chips, a claim to fame of Kerala. The Jack-natural product's seeds are additionally nutritious and are utilized like a vegetable in South India. The wonderful yellow hued wood from this tree is utilized to make furniture, entryways, windows and so forth. Its leaves are viewed as propitious and are utilized for puja. Along these lines, it is helpful and can be planted in your garden.


The delicate saplings of the banana tree are utilized for decbananaorating entryways of houses, pandals and so on, amid capacities and celebrations as they are images o f thriving and riches. Pretty much all aspects of the plant has a type of monetary or restorative utilize. Banana organic product is the best hotspot for moment vitality and are wealthy in potassium. Crude bananas are cooked and eaten like a vegetable. The skin of the natural product is utilized in coloring. A ton of diseases can be treated with inventions produced using the roots, stem, blossoms, and leaves of the tree. So this is an unquestionable requirement have in your garden.


All aspects of this tree is valuable. The delicate coconut water is an extremely coconuthealthy, cool, low fat beverage. The coconut tissue is utilized in South Indian cooking in vast sums and gives it an unmistakable flavor. The oil removed from coconut is utilized in cooking and in addition a hair oil. Coir is an exceptionally valuable result which is utilized in making mats, floor coverings and so forth. The leaves of the coconut tree are weaved and utilized as material for cabins by poor people. Its dry leaves are additionally utilized as kindling. Because of its helpfulness it is viewed as a hallowed tree. Henceforth it is considered an absolute necessity, in your garden.


Shoe wood is extremely costly as it is utilized to make lovely painstaking work, and its oil is exceptionally fragrant. Sandalwood glue when connected on the brow, cools the head. The sandalwood is utilized to make incence sticks. It is exceptionally uncommon to discover sandalwood trees and consequently there have been such a large number of occasions of looters chopping down trees amidst the night, whenever found in any house compound. On the off chance that you like this fragrant tre, it is a smart thought to attempt and grow one-yet you may need to anchor it!


Littler shrubsmay be planted on the East or North sides, yet no trees ought to be planted in the North-East corner as they hinder the helpful morning sun beams.

Tall treeslike Coconut can be planted in the South-West, West sides yet ought to ought not be excessively near a working as they hinder the daylight totally. A tree ought to be planted with the end goal that it's shadow ought not fall on the house, in any event between 9.A.M to 3P.M.

Substantial trees like Peepal, Banyan ought not be found too close to the house as their underlying foundations can harm the establishment and compound divider. Additionally, the expansive trees ingest a large portion of the daylight, which means these positive beams won't be gotten by the building.

Great trees that can be planted in a house compound are valuable trees like coconut, neem, betel, sandalwood, lemon, pineapple, bilva, almond, jackfruit, pomegranate, mango, amla, and katha.

Abstain from blooming trees in gardensReason They shed leaves amid the mid year.

Trees with insectsworms, bumble bees, honey bee, owls, snakes, ought to be maintained a strategic distance from for clear reasons. On the off chance that a tree must be expelled on the grounds that it is unfavorable or for different reasons, the day preceding cutting the tree, one should express lament to the tree, and it must be expelled from its establishing. Another tree ought to be planted in its place inside the following three months. This is a method for monitoring nature.



Ocimum tenuiflorum (equivalent word Ocimum sanctum), usually known as sacred basil, tulasi (now and then spelled thulasi) or tulsi, is a sweet-smelling perpetual plant in the family Lamiaceae.It is otherwise called heavenly Basil and it is in every case great to grow a Tulasi plant on one's property. Tulasi ought to be situated on the North, North-East, or East sides of the house, or before the house. Tulasi is utilized widely in Ayurvedic prescriptions. It refines the blood and enhances the stomach related framework. It is accepted to be helpful in treating numerous kinds of illnesses. Its most likely consequently, that it is viewed as a holy plant and utilized in day by day revere.


general, plants with sweet smelling blossoms like jasmine, red lotus, blue lotus and so forth are great in the house compound as they give out a lovely fragrance, and can likewise be utilized in day by day revere. Blossoms like the Jasmine are stringed together and utilized as an improvement on the hair by Indian women. In addition, as these blooms are delivered round the year, they are constantly accessible.

Prickly PLANTS

Prickly plants ought not be planted close to the house. Prickly plant ought not be planted by any stretch of the imagination. Prickly plants other than roses have a negative vitality. In a perfect world every single prickly plant ought to be pulled up and crushed. The reason could be that the thistles can hurt you when you brush past them.


Climbers and creepers is a gathering of plants or vines which require support or some likeness thereof in your garden.Creepers or different plants ought not be developed utilizing the building or compound divider as a help as their clingers will gradually sneak into minor splits in the dividers and steadily extend them as they develop, causing harm and seeepage of water through the dividers. Creepers should just be developed in a garden, and they ought to have their very own free backings. A creeper like a cash plant can be developed inside the house yet ought not be developed outside, utilizing a tree for help.

Window boxes

Window boxes ought not be kept on the compound divider in the North, East or North-East as they will obstruct the helpful morning daylight coFlower Plotsming in from these bearings. Window boxes and embellishing plants can be set on the ground in these ways, yet they ought not become taller than 3 feet.


Gardens ought to be in the East or the North. A little water-fall of three to four feet or a water body can be developed in the East or the North leaving the North-East corner. On the off chance that there is a swimming pool in the garden, it ought to be in the North or North-East heading, with the goal that the general population utilizing the pool profit by the sun beams and furthermore, the water will get cleaned by the U.V beams of the Sunlight.

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