Vastu Shastra for staff quaters

Corporates and organizations of numerous types are coming to understand that it is to their advantages to give appropriate offices and better condition to the workers. This is clearly an advantage for the organizations over the long haul.

Critical focuses to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Staff or laborers quarters:

Passageway Direction of staff quarters

Area of the staff quarters

Offices like swimming pool, Gymnasium and transportation to work environment

Interior Placements of Furniture and Equipment in Staff Quarters

Area of Toilet and Shower Room

Comforts and Recreational offices to the Staff or specialists

Action Room or network corridor

Staff Pantry or Kitchen

Interior and Exterior Colors Selection

Area of the staff quarters

The Entrance of each quarter

Area of a water body

Area of Septic tank

Amusement zone

Area of Electric Room

More Details

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