Vastu Shastra for Ups and Downs, Land Elevations and Depressions, Sloppy Lands, Undulating Floor Levels

Vaastu Shastra for Ups, Downs (Elevated | melancholy | Declivity | Height | Slope | Altitude ): The incline of the land influences the life, exercises and accomplishments of the proprietor. As indicated by vastu shastra, locales inclining towards East and north are favorable and give all-round thriving and wellbeing. Land inclining towards South and West is profoundly foreboding.

"Descending incline" or Steep Slope, towards East gives development and success, slant towards North gives Wealth, slant towards West gives loss of riches and slant towards South may give demise, medical issues, monetary misfortunes, cash emergency, and demolition.

Land incline towards the North brings riches, flourishing and achievement, slant towards north-east builds information, all-round thriving, and wellbeing. Rise in South and West are alluring.

If it's not too much trouble sit tight for atleast 5/10 seconds to stack this activity picture here. In this picture the dark shading speaks to overwhelming weights or substantive load, dim speaks to lightweight, light dim speaks to light weight or exceptionally lesser weights and white shading speaks to no weight or no weight and so forth, this document arranged for clients/guests understanding the reason. In the first place, the occasion/liveliness will be appeared with Southwest ( Nairuthi ) course to Northeast ( Ishan ) directional corner, which expresses that more weights towards Southwest is great and lesser weights towards Northeast is propitious.

On a similar path accompanying West heading, more weights towards West is great and lesser weights towards East is favorable.

At last South to North directional minute. More weights towards South heading brings great wellbeing and cash and lesser weights towards North offers cheers in the family. It would be ideal if you take note of that this sort of framework may not work dependably in the business shops. Moreover, now and again the invert is working great as far as Shops with South bearing.

In vastu shastra arrive is separated into eight classes relying upon the rises and melancholies in various ways and edges. The following is the graph demonstrates that the 8 bearings the land rise and discouragement procedures and its outcomes.


( Slope Up )


(Slope Down)

West East Good Children, Good Education, Fame, and prosperity
East West Unhappiness from children, Setbacks in Education, Financial losses, Defame.
North South Severe ill-health and Monetary problems
South North Prosperity and Good health
North-East South-West If North-east is highest totally drains out health, wealth, happiness. Owner, wife or eldest son becomes weak financially and physically.
South-east North-west If elevation in the south-east is more than North-west and North-east and less than south-west, financial strength is indicated
North-west South-east Thefts, Enmity, ill-health
South-West North-East All-round prosperity and Good health, Success, Education, Intelligence, Knowledge, Good Happenings

For business vastu, arrive which has incline towards North, East, North-east, and South-east, is viewed as propitious. Southwest land ought to be the most elevated and Northeast the least. North-west ought to be higher than Northeast and lower than Southeast for business vastu.

Some place arrive inclining towards Southeast might be appropriate for lodging, eatery, pastry kitchen, heater and different undertakings managing fire components like electrical apparatuses, generators, and inverters. The land which has slants towards the inside bit of the plot or has despondencies in the center is viewed as extremely unpropitious for a development whether business or private.

The Sanskrit words: A business or private site is likewise classified as Gaja Prishtha, Koorma Prishtha, Daitya Pristha and Naga Prishtha arrive based on rises and slants in various ways of the plot.

Gaja Prishtha: arrive lifted in south, West, South-west, and north-west and slanting towards north-east is called Gaja Prishtha. Gaja Prishtha arrive is exceptionally promising and gives wellbeing, thriving and great life span.

Koorma Prishtha: arrive which is lifted in the focal bit and has slants in each of the four bearings is called Koorma Prishtha arrive. In Hindu Mythology, Koorma or tortoise is an exceptionally promising image. A tortoise is a creature which can survive both ashore and water, has a long life and has an intense shield given commonly. Koorma Prishtha arrive extremely benefits and gives satisfaction and success.

Daithya Prishtha: Land hoisted in North-east, East and south-east and discouraged west way is called daitya prishtha. As the name recommends this sort of land has foreboding outcomes like loss of riches and despondency and is hurtful for children of the proprietor of the house.

Naga Prishtha: Land which is longer in East-west, higher in north and south and discouraged in the middle is called Naga Prishtha bhoomi. Naga Prishtha vastu is the reason for substantial misfortunes, mental pressure, passing, and hostility. This is destructive to the spouse and offspring of the proprietor.

It is anything but difficult to correct any unpropitious heights or despondencies in the plot of land. If there should be an occurrence of any rises in North, North-East, and East, the dirt can be exchanged toward the West, South-west or south of the Plot. Any pits or despondencies in the inside or Southwest ought to be topped off quickly upon the buy of land.

Devout Vastu shastra is a faithfully concocted by incredible sages which we should need to moreover research to fit for this most recent development improvements. This science is only a perfect power. It mends numerous occupants from their endless issues.

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