Vastu for Overhead Water Tank and Solar Panels

Vastu Shastra for Overhead water Tank | Roof top tank | Solar Panel Fitting Placement: The heaviness of water makes the place overwhelming wherever it is set. Hence the heaviest course i.e., Southwest is alluring for putting away water on the rooftop. Varuna ??? the directional master of West ??? rules the secretive universe of remote oceans and seas. The overhead water tank is best situated towards the west of southwest. Presently a days overhead tanks are very regular in the greater part of the houses.

In the prior years, the women used to convey water in pots for residential purposes on their head. In towns, even now we can see the women conveying 2 pots on the head and one pot at the left side and bring drinking water from a long separation. Because of populace development and progress, women have diminished their outside developments and have begun to store water inside their homes. They get water either from the drag well or panchayat or region tap water. They develop both underground structures and overhead tanks for better utility and comfort. The development of overhead tanks are vital as that of the underground structures.

In a large portion of the houses, we discover blame in the area of the over head tanks. Individuals build the overhead tanks unpredictably and they endure a while later. The overhead tank ought to be developed at the Southwest corner of the building or houses. The RCC, Syntex or PVC tanks ought to be introduced at the Southwest corner as it were. In the event that there is a room at corner, the overhead tank can be built South or West, contingent on the space accessible. Alternate corners Agni, Vayu (Northwest) and Esana (Northeast) ought not be utilized for keeping overhead tanks. In the event that the over head tank is to be situated on porch, the Southwest corner ought to be chosen first and after that no one but we can develop overhead tanks in different corners.

Generally the Southwest load will be lesser than alternate sides and more unfriendly outcomes will strike the family. We ought not build the overhead tank at the Northeast corner, for any reason. This will influence the kids' improvement, women wellbeing and monetary status of the family. As the underground tanks are to be developed at the Northeast corner, we ought not build the overhead tank at the Northeast corner as this is more destructive to the occupants. On the off chance that we build the overhead tank at the SW corner, it isn't important to develop any structure at different headings in the porch.

It would be ideal if you take note of that Overhead tanks must be secured with top to counteract reproducing of Dengue mosquito.

In this picture the water tank was worked towards Southwest corner, there is a hole around the water tank, this is great. The dais or dais (here, the dais implies a strong sitting spot) (for more data you may visit this connection for dais , in this connection the dais or dais, all are strong, with the exception of just a single. These strong developments are great at ground floor not at patio, you may build these dais at porch, yet it ought not be the strong one, i.e., in center there is a hole of this structure. Strong development may not be right here, but rather the floor may harm simply because of weight. see the picture - 5 of this connection, the dais isn't strong, it would be ideal if you build the dais at south and west dividers at best floor this way). As to boards the thick green demonstrates beginning of sun powered boards and light green shows consummation of sunlight based boards, grouping of weight is at thick green side and less weight gone to light green sides. The middle red stamp indicates you can put the sun powered boards within this line, maximize endeavor to originate from this line, this line covers 65 % of the south side, the staying 35% of the place empty at north side. keep up half to 65% if achievable, no issue. Try not to cross 65% place from south point. On the off chance that you require over 65% place from south, at that point contact vaastu master he will adjust the things with some more alterations.

Different parts of Overhead tank in Terrace:

Water tank is towards North course, this isn't the right situation at patio. In the event that inhabitants has more than twofold the North side open space of their development then it may not hurt occupants, else it might offer agonies to the occupants.

East bearing water stockpiling tank, this isn't the correct decision of arrangement. In the event that there is more than twofold the East open space in the house than the plinth zone then it may not hurt of course. Better to move this East found water tank towards West.

Upper east corner situation of water stockpiling tank, this is unfavorable position for water tank. At any expense don't put the water tank here. Upper east is so sensitive, it can't uncovered any weight, so don't put water stockpiling tank now. Somebody may unwittingly may even stacked it at this crossroads, their life may wind up deplorable, in light of capacity limit, keeping littler one may not enormously hurt the occupants, keeping substantial weight may offers agonies to the inhabitants. On the off chance that the water stockpiling tank is inescapable, at that point just complete one remedy, develop one heavier structure towards Southwest corner, which may avoid the abhorrent impacts of wrong situation of the water stockpiling tank which was set at Northeast intersection. Contextual investigation: A specialist who has 75 years age living and practice in a town in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, the water tank was actually kept at Northeast corner, when he moved it towards Southwest, he feels unwind following 4 months.

Extraordinary compared to other arrangement of the water stockpiling tank at patio. This is the correct West course region and the water streams towards East and different parts of the house. The weight is stacked towards West bearing. Especially this bearing is likewise called as Varuna situation. Old Vastu writing likewise said that keeping water stockpiling tank towards West is great.

This is additionally extraordinary compared to other situation for water stockpiling tank. This is South course and reasonable for water stockpiling. The best practice is keeping the water stockpiling tank towards Southwest is favorable.

Presently we will go to the correct arrangement of water stockpiling tank.

This is the correct and ideal strategy for setting the water stockpiling tank at porch, Southwest is the correct load bearing situation. From this heading water will stream to the various bearing which is favorable. Purposely or accidentally if water tank was put towards Southeast or Northwest, at that point one little room might be developed towards Southwest corner of a similar porch and appropriately guarantee that the stature of the room ought to be more than the tallness of the water tank. Overwhelming wastage articles may likewise be kept in that room. One may develop the racks in that space to put the weights and it parallels the counter position of water stockpiling tank in the porch region.

Water tank towards Brahmasthan :

Presently water tank progressed toward becoming stands or put at Brahmasthan or focus of the porch, rather than keeping at this place, better to move it towards West or South or better arrangement is Southwest corner by leaving little adjusted piece of that Southwest corner.

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