Vastu Purusha Mandala, Vasthu Bhagawan

Vastu Purusha Mandala : In the early time of creation an evil spirit by name Andhakasur was irritating all creation. Ruler Shiva battled with him amid which time a drop of Lord Shiva's sweat fell on earth and an immense make sense of happened to the equivalent and debilitating to involve paradise and earth, appear which even Devas (divinities) got panic and begged the maker Brahma, Brahma recommended technique for tossing this animal face on words following which all Devas joined together and toss him down, this animal fell on earth with

head on Northeast side
feet on Southwest side
both the hands on the Northwest and Southeast side and face downwards
All the Devas sat on the animal with the end goal that he may not rise.

In this manner the animal lit up by such world of Devas is initiated by the maker Brahma as Vastu Purush.

Vastu Purusha or purush or Vastu shastra Bhagavan fantasy in deed has been lit up by the world of such gods as Shiva, Indra, Agni, Vaayu, and so forth ??? Yet these were overwhelming weights on him, unfit to exposed, he supplicate the maker God Brahma to convey him from the distress of conveying every single such god together for no blame of his. Satisfied with the supplication the maker Brahma gave a shelter on the vastu Purush, subsequently quote" all animals require staying units, while developing houses and on house warming capacities while building/developing towns, towns, strongholds, even sanctuaries, water bodies, parks and so on, individuals will adore you, such individuals who characterize, this directive will endure neediness, blocks in each action of their life untold torments which may prompting possible passing even. Other than all the Devas sitting on you and all the eight sides will play out their apportioned assignments joyfully and individuals will in this manner be upbeat in life as well".

As per the above rule divinities dwelling are
Upper east side Eshwar or Esa
East side Adithya or Sun
Southeast side Agni or God of flame
South side Yama or God of Death
Southwest side Niruthi or Mighty Demon
West side Varun or God of Water
Northwest side Vaayu God of Air
North side Kuber God of Wealth

Development of any undertaking might be house, product house, open utility building or any business property and so on, be, for example, to regard the exercises of these gods, there will be congruity of human exercises with those of the directing gods thus one gets and concealed help in quick execution of a similar prompting cheerful life. Such is Vastu legend.

Exercises on the eight bearings of a development to be in congruity with the exercises of directing divinities.

In the NE side supplication, love, and such heavenly exercises.

east side exercises satisfying to sun God who is the master of Zodiac leader of the family's work.

In the Southeast exercises identifying with use of flame, vitality, and so forth, for example, cooking, boilers, electric switch sheets and so on.

in the South side managed by Yama, God of Death??? laying down with head towards south, having a raised stage, putting substantial articles and so on of the venture on this side in the development and so forth.

Southwest side ordnance and such hardware which offer security to the development or undertaking.

West side having the exploration of flourishing, for example, Granary (not underground), Cattle shed, stopping zone for the vehicles and so forth.

Northwest side exploration of opportunity.

North side indication of success, keeping low level, putting away concealed riches properly, for example, jewellry, costly materials, hard money and so forth.

These exercises, position and so on are satisfying to the managing divinities in the particular headings and subsequently they shower their endowments on the living arrangement.

While development or structure of any undertaking might be home, open utility building or any business property and so forth, be, for example, to regard the exercises of these gods, there will be congruity of human exercises with those of the managing gods thus one gets inconspicuous help in fast execution of a similar prompting upbeat life. Such is Vaastu legend. In the blink of an eye we take in more on Vasthu Purusha Mandala, Yantra, Mantra, Direction.

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