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Presumably, our nation, India is the origin for best vastu master (In India Vastu authority is called as Vastu Guru/Vastu Pandit/Shilpi/Silpi/Siddanthi/shastra/sastri/Vidvan/Vidwan/Stapathi/Sthapatya/Achari/Teacher/Wala/Shastri/Adviser/Vastu Acharya and so on).

This is a mysterious science/powerful experience, similar to Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and so on. Here understanding of the watched wonders is adapted by the conditions of the occupant.

A Vastu Consultant ought to have the capacity to pick up the certainty of the occupants to the degree that they end up one unit regarding searching for the best for the inhabitants. Towards this end, both the inhabitants and the Vastu Guru ought to have the capacity to confide in one another and keep the exchange spotless and clear and effective, with this both will be succeeded.

Vastu Guru in this field ought not search for chances of procuring from the inhabitants. Similarly, occupants/individuals who look for real consultancy ought not expect such administrations go unrewarded with the expectation of complimentary guidance would in the long run wind up shoddy exhortation which does not assist the need with having dear fellowship of Guru and the inhabitants.

Inhabitants who are in a situation to look for broad guidance ought to be in a situation to pay the charge of the Pandit with the goal that he doesn't feel sleighed. While in the visit a despondent Guru is a terrible sign to the inhabitants. This is rudimentary.

Despite the expense segment of the relations between the Pandit and the occupants the proclamations of the Good Vastu Specialist ought to be morally right and fitting, here proper does not mean bargain. It implies that Vastu Pandit considers the current situation with the inhabitants and makes suggestions in like manner regardless of the charge part.

In this way both the gatherings ought to be spotless and genuine in their exchanges. We should see that the ace continually communicating or giving asseverate real reports or assessments against the defects.

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