Vastu Tips for Cash Box, Currency Chest, Tijori

Vastu Shastra Tips for Cash Box, Safe, Jewelry, Tijori, Strong Box, Chest, Almirah, Gold Ornaments :

Not by any stretch of the imagination for only one, anyway for everyone Money compartment is fundamental, all the more as of late moral focuses have a tendency to vanish, simply money is really involving inside our life, we're not by any stretch of the imagination hunting down extra necessities, we need simply money. We can buy any sort of point alongside money, nonetheless, every one of us can't buy a couple of focuses these days, for example, every one of us can't buy mothers revere. It's a fabulous present through the Lord with the end goal to every one of us. ( Matter is from We should profit for the living, in any case, we should not by any stretch of the imagination dwell for the cash, if we presently have the limit and additionally control, perform exertion, after that money may immediately arrive. Try not to continue and in addition search for money, it will probably be alongside you should you pick exertion. At this moment we're discussing a couple of elements upon money issues. Tiny elements. (Tijori inside Hindi vocabulary - ensure you help every one of us to make this site prosperously, is really this specific term "Tijori" is really appropriate inside Hindi as to Moneybox) (Safety Location with respect to keeping up Jewelry or even Valuable Decorations ) (some says it as "Deed Box").

1. On the off chance that you are confronting issues with obligations, at that point complete a certain something, burrow one sump at Northeast corner at your compound.
2. Uplift/raise the South side and conceivable develop bucket or dais at South course and Southwest bearing sides.
3. North side lower (despondency) can various twofold the salary. Additional salary or pain free income streams well with North melancholy.
4. Upper east (North Eshan) corner road center tend you a lot of cash. Strive for this road center street properties.
5. Money chest might be put towards Southwest part at your home or else you may search for a specialist proposal. For more data visit the house interface at landing page upper right side. There select the proper connection for your necessity.
6. Gems or Gold Ornaments are best to keep at Southwest bit of the house, in India, we can spare them in Bank lockers, however in outside All Country Flags NRI's are keeping decorations in houses just, don't keep adornments at Northwest or Southeast especially don't keep at Northeast corners. The best appropriate bearing is Southwest corner, if not accessible to keep at this heading, the second best alternative is South or West bearings. We have a few cases in different terrains with respect to this Jewelry security, a few occupants set the Jewelry at Shoebox, yes its actual. It happened simply because of criminals may not expect that the occupants may keep at these areas like the trimmings at Shoe Box. Is it right, a few occupants are keeping trimmings in air-coolers, a few inhabitants keeping quickly of the passage which no one idea of such areas.
7. The money chest constantly set at Southwest corner of the Southwest room in a house. So it increases colossal Northeast (Eshan) corner center, and cash never go out effortlessly. For your comprehension here is an image, it would be ideal if you watch the focal point of Northeast (Eshan) corner to money chest.

Where should we keep Tijori in our home/Shop | in which heading Tijori must be kept in shop : The chest box ought to be kept at Southwest and it ought to look towards North, this is flawless framework, if its impractical to keep towards North confronting then next best position is East confronting bearing which is kept at Southwest. These over two headings are 100% right. In shops like East confronting shop or North confronting shop, some of the time it may not be conceivable to keep the Safe box towards Southwest confronting either North or East headings. Be that as it may, its feasible for South confronting shops and West Facing Shops. On the off chance that your shop is towards North confronting then you may check this North Facing Shops connect for more data where you need to sit and where you need to keep Tijori and so on. On the off chance that you have chosen the Northwest heading for sitting then you may keep the Cashbox towards Southwest of your sitting spot, that implies Chest box came just towards whole Northwest in the shop, as a rule, Northwest chest box isn't great, this standard isn't material for North Facing Shops in light of the fact that by and large where proprietor stays there he needs to keep the money box with him, for North confronting shops for simple availability many shop proprietors are sitting towards Northwest.

In a Factory or Industry, you may keep money box towards Southwest or West or South headings.

In the above Picture, it was unmistakably watched the fundamental procedure in streaming money into the money box, along these lines you can do practicals. The Vastu Expert proposals will continually get cheers life. In the event that money box is having an unmistakable path from Northeast (Eshan) corner, at that point one may appreciate the money full in your money box and bank adjusts.

Someone raising questions what is the best bearing with respect to money box hanging to Southwest divider or setting the money box at Southwest floor?.

Straightforward first check the money box tallness and weight, on the off chance that it is above ordinary, at that point put it at Southwest floor, in the event that it isn't excessively weight or stature then you may hang to the divider. Keep in mind weights putting at floor level at Southwest part is in every case great. Hanging isn't prudent. In the event that retailer did not have adequate space and especially requiring to hang the Almira or money box or retire at that point hang to the divider. We are not questioning and we never go to your home, on the off chance that it tumbled down, and don't reprimand us. Herewith we are giving a few pictures to your kind understanding reason.

In this picture, the Almirah's (Money Box, Iron Safe) put towards Southwest corner, this occupant purchased two Almirah and kept them at Southwest corner. Great. Both are set on floor as it were. Here now we are talking about some critical rationale. The two Almira are in great position. For your understanding reason, one Almira is set apart with a white fix. This white fix Almira is North Almira and the other one is South Almirah. On the off chance that the surroundings Vastu isn't great towards South course, at that point put your (Cash, Rupees, Dollars) at North Almirah, if South is great according to Vaastu shastra then place your cash in South Almirah. South means, the south course after your home, if there is any Apartment at South bearing, at that point keep cash in South Almira.

There are bunches of tips and strategies in Vastu Shastra, we need to discover it and intelligent think requires to get the correct key. Here one inhabitant put the Almirah towards Southwest bearing in his home, don't keep your eyes on the rear, that is a little Windows behind the iron safe almirah, this window is said to not be right yet from outside it was completely shut with a solid structure. This iron almirah is looked towards East course. This situation is additionally great.

Presently we are examining some different techniques, these days the rooms are little in size and we need to alter everything in all ways. On the off chance that there may not be any space towards the southwest part, especially at the floor, at that point we need to balance the Almirah at Southwest corner divider. Watch this picture. This is additionally one steel Almirah, one occupant set this Almirah towards Southwest corner, it doesn't remain on the floor, just hanged to the divider. Is there any wrong in this framework. No, yet it is smarter to put the Almira on the floor is great. Now and again it's impractical to keep on the Floor, at that point this strategy is protected.

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