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Vaastu Shastra Tips for Guest Room | Guest House :

This is the correct minute to uncover a portion of our involvement with one customer in Goa. In the year 2005 he called us for House plot confirmation and house designs perception, regardless of whether it is Vastu agreeable or not. Further, he unmistakably and purposely expressed that no visitor ought to go to the new Home, this is mandatory, if the visitor has arrived he/she ought to withdraw the home inside minutes. It unmistakably indicates how he upset with visitors, except if why he asked such condition. He indicated one Vastu House Plan, which was set up by one vastu advisor in Mumbai. By seeing that Vastu Pandit plan, we made surprising adjustments to that East Facing House Plan. Various occasions he got some information about is there is any plausibility to look at the visitors inside breaths according to Vastu Shastra. We the vastu specialists ought to listen what our benefactors ask for us.

In earlier days we regard our Guest as God that is our standard practice culture, these days someone regard the Guest as GHOST, why? it occurs, in view of our bustling timetables and due of our bustling exercises and city life. In any case, the situation is diverse in towns, still villagers regarded Guests as Gods, in a few portions in India villagers regard Guests as Daivaroop. We have numerous colleagues in towns, the majority of the villagers requesting to have nourishment or remain with them for whole day or night, even they don't know our identity and what we are doing, when we are passing villagers, if our auto get agitated a portion of the villagers are settling it or offering sustenance or asked to (This issue from remain with them. Still it is proceeding and proceeded in future as well. That is Villagers. India is an extraordinary place that is known for regards and culture. A large portion of the villagers searching for the visitors as looking in Ashram/Mutt. All States in India has incredible culture to serve visitors as god. Just in urban communities its most exceedingly bad, we can't accuse city individuals, in view of their mechanical life.

At any rate in each House we are intending to construct the visitor house or Guest Room. The rich individuals will develop the Guest House though we can do just the Guest Room, its most extreme enough in nowadays. Presently we are going into visitor room, kindly don't aggravate the visitor, he is taking rest at his room... sHHHHHH.

1. At any cost the visitor room ought not develop at Southwest heading of the house. Since it is intended for the proprietor (Head of the Family) as it were. In the event that the visitor room was wanted to Southwest then whole framework may transforms, it might be negative for the occupants.

2. You can Plans the Guest Room at Northwest heading. It's optimal and appropriate place for the visitor room. By and large visitor implies he is visiting and setting off to his goal after some time or days dependent on his works or connection with the relatives. When visitor visited your property at that point don't hurt him at any expense. On the off chance that you don't care for his stay at your home, at that point don't talk much and do your works constantly, he or she may (This issue from comprehend the circumstance and leaving your property, other than that don't hurt regardless. Now and then visitors may take risks to go into your property matters on the off chance that you don't prefer to take an interest at that point redirect the issue that's it in a nutshell. Try not to hurt him by asking "who are you to make such inquiries" and so forth. Northwest part is a normal or occasional swaying minutes might be regular at Northwest part. Movement or minute is normal through this part, visitor ought not remain long time at our homes, this isn't beneficial for us and him additionally, so he needs to visit and needs to left the property. In this situation Northwest part is reasonable to design as a visitor room.

3. Kindly give the washroom at Guest room just, on the grounds that at poor occasions he/she ought not come outside, if so our protection may misfortune, that is all, this point isn't has a place with Vastu Shastra.That to he or she likewise expects security to utilize the latrine, so better to design can at his room as it were.

4. You can put (Plan) the Guest room at West course likewise, however before do this please have one thought with one encountered top vastu advisor, else you may have a few inconveniences.

5. You can plan to build the Guest room at South course additionally however before do this please have one thought with one encountered and master Vastu Specialist, it's in every case better to have recommendation with experienced individual. He may manage in the wake of watching your Property.

6. You can place or plan the Guest room at Southeast (Agneya) corner likewise, nothing incorrectly starting here of bearing. Southeast corner room is additionally reasonable for the visitor.

7. The visitor room ought to have right entryway as indicated by Vastu Shastra. That implies Northeast entryway towards East bearing or Northeast entryway towards North heading, this room ought to have great ventilation and windows. (This issue from You may design bed towards at Northwest part in this Northwest room. This would be better, so he or she may leaves right on time than anticipated. Lesser time stay implies wellbeing relations, substantial days stays may not give great relations in future. On the off chance that you feels that he or she may needs to remain with you for some more days then you may plan to move the bed from Northwest to Southwest, that is it.

8. On the off chance that the visitor room is arranged at Northwest (Vayavya) corner or Southeast (Agneya) corner then you may design the can at Southwest (Nairuthi) corner likewise, its better to have one guidance with best experienced Vastu Pandit just before sorting out the arrangement. The best can places for Northwest visitor room is Northwest or Southwest or even at Southeast (if the entryway came towards Northeast-east). For Southeast corner visitor room then you may design at Southeast as the latrine.

9. In the event that the visitor room is arranged at Vayavya corner at that point give enormous window at Northeast corner towards North heading or atleast give a window at West course. On the off chance that your property is East confronting then West bearing window is additionally great to design.

10. On the off chance that the visitor room is arranged at Southeast (agneya) corner then you need to give a window at South bearing, or East Directions, nothing genuine is watched on the off chance that you give window at Southwest course, since as of now this Southeast corner visitor room crossed the center purpose of the house South heading, (this issue is from so the window on the off chance that you give at Southwest course couldn't be the genuine one.

11. As normal the western chest at latrine might be put looking towards North or South as appeared in the connection.

12. Keep necessary drinking water around evening time when visitor is there. Generally don't put drinking water there. On the off chance that visitor is there he or she may not turn out around evening time when requires to drink water, in light of bashful or some different means its impractical to turn out. So better to put drinking water around evening time.

13. Change the quilts when visitor possess the room, orchestrate cleanser, new brush, toothpaste and so forth at toilets.

14. Keep a few scones or some namkeen or firm things in his room when he involved the room. This is all great strategy and valuable for visitor on the off chance that he is so eager during the evening.

15. You may likewise organize the Northeast room as visitor room, however this is an official choice as it were.

16. North and East rooms additionally fitting for the visitor rooms.

Visitor House :

In the event that you have great and extensive territory to assembled the house then at any cost the visitor house ought not be arranged at Northeast corner at your compound/limit premises. This is terrible arranging.

Plan for the visitor house at Northwest, this is the best thought. If it's not too much trouble take note of that there ought to be hole in the middle of Northwest corner and the visitor house. Here likewise one essential thing not to overlook is the hole between the primary house ought to be lower than the hole between visitor house and Northwest corner. Only to comprehend reason on the off chance that you give 15 feet from primary house to visitor house so you ought to in any event go out to Northwest corner. It implies more space after the visitor house. Both visitor house and primary house west dividers ought to be in same line, at any cost the visitor house west divider ought not move towards East. On the off chance that so the principle house may have Northwest-north center, that would not be right to fundamental house.

You may have porch to this house on the off chance that you wish, however the house with patio ought not cross the fundamental house Northeast North point.

Southwest isn't the perfect place for the visitor house, this corner is the best for storeroom.

Southeast is additionally second best for the visitor house. Here likewise you may needs to pursue the above strategy as lesser space between primary house to visitor house than the space from visitor house to Southeast corner. For instance, 15 feet or 5 meters from fundamental House to the visitor house at that point leave somewhere around 20 feet or 7 meters from visitor house to Southeast corner.

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