Vastu Shastra Tips for Overhead Tanks

The Over head tanks ought to dependably be involved the southwest corner, on the grounds that over head tanks signifies "weights", so in Vastu Shastra weights dependably ought to possess West, South and Southwest headings as it were. We ought not keep the weights at North, East, Northeast bearings.

1. Best place for overhead tank is Southwest segment over the house or Factory or any Property.
2. The following best place for Overhead Tank is West heading, if the plot is male site.
3. On the off chance that the Plots is female site then South bearing is likewise great to put Overhead tank.
4. At any expense don't put the Overhead tank at Northeast corner of the house.
5. Try not to put towards East heading.
6. Try not to put the overhead tank towards North bearing.
7. Try not to put the weighted overhead tank at Brahmasthan.

In this image we concentrate just on Over head tanks, we are not talking about on trees or some other materials. So watch the over head tanks at Nairuthi (Southwest) corner at our home.

We ought not keep the over head tanks at Eshan corner, this is absolutely wrong advance

We ought not keep the tanks at Vayavya (Northwest) corners.

Max we need to take care not to keep the over head tanks at Agneya (Southeast) corners.

In any case it is smarter to approach one master Vastu Consultant adjacent you and take his direction.

It would be ideal if you take note of that Overhead tanks must be secured with cover to counteract rearing of Dengue mosquito.

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